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Artifact Theory

Greetings everyone. With BlizzCon getting closer each day, we wanted to give you some World of Warcraft content while waiting for Legion’s beta. So I decided to start my little brain to search for some ideas on which Artifacts would be the more appropriate for each class.

Of course, during the Legion’s presentation at GamesCom a few of them have been already announced but not all of them. So starting today and every Friday I’ll give you my thoughts on which Artifacts players could get during their adventure on the Broken Shores.

Before that, I would like to thanks Nobbel (if you love Warcraft lore, you should check his videos. They are great!), for his suggestions about some of them, especially the warlocks which I’ll reveal in a few weeks. So enjoy and tell us what do you think about those theories!

WARNING, you are about to enter in the SPOILER ZONE. In this area, the events of the expansion will be put forward, a huge part of this article is based on quotes from developers during the presentation of Legion and with also some personal speculation. If you want to have the full surprise when the time comes, please wait outside 😀

  • Warrior Crest Warcraft


    It's difficult to imagine an even more powerful weapon than this one for Warriors. It's the only one known to have hurt the Black Titan Sargeras in his final form when he was in the Twisting Nether. The Axe of Cenarius was given to Broxigar the Red during the War of the Ancients by the demi-god Cenarius.

    The axe is currently in the hands of Broxigar's niece, Thura Saurfang, who is in Orgrimmar. Maybe she'll have a minor role during the events of Legion in the front lines, helping us to defend Azeroth from the Burning Legion before meeting a heroic death like her uncle.


    Axe of Cenarius

    The Axe of Cenarius in the hands of Broxigar the Red


    Before going through the weapons themselves, I wanted to give my view on the fate of one character: Varian Wrynn. It is highly possible that the current High King of the Alliance meets his end during the events of Legion, or even just before, as he'll be in Legion's cinematic.

    Will his role be so important that he'll die during that cinematic? Who knows, but one thing is sure: Anduin will have a lot of work to do if the High King died during the Burning Legion arrival.


    Will Varian die during the Legion cinematic?

    Now let's talk about the weapons. If Varian would die during Legion the Fury Warriors would maybe recover his weapon Shalamayne, which would have lost his "fusion power" and re-become the elvish blades Shalla'tor and Ellemayne, those were in possession of the two versions of Varian (remember that at some point Onyxia shatered Varian's soul into two entities -- as seen in World of Warcraft vol. 2 by Walter Simonson).

    Shalla'tor and Ellemayne



    During the presentation of Legion at GamesCom 2015, it was mentioned that the Artifact for Protection Warriors will be a blade and shield of an ancient Vrykul King forged from the scales of the dragon Neltharion before becoming Deathwing. Those weapons are known from the press kit as Icebreaker.


    Icebreaker Sword

    The Icebreaker Blade



    The Icebreaker Shield

  • Paladin Crest Warcraft


    "Confirmed" only by a picture during the presentation of Legion at GamesCom 2015, it should be the Hammer of the Lightbringer that Uther had when he was alive. According to some Lore websites, some Paladins of the Silver Hand took the hammer after his death but no one would feel "worthy" to be the new holder. Legion might be the time for a Holy Paladin to take this Artifact at Hope's Chapel. But it shouldn't be the only weapons at their disposal.

    The artwork of the Hammer of the Lightbringer

    Remember last year in a special Artcraft, the concept of Class Accessories was introduced and would be implemented in a future patch (and surprise, Legion is coming Soonℱ). Among them there was the Libram. History doesn't tell us what became of Uther's Libram, but maybe like the Hammer it is in the hands of the Silver's Hand.

    An idea of evolution of the Libram, similar to Artifacts?


    About the Paladins for this specialization, nothing was announced during the Legion's presentation or on the official website. In this case, it's possible that Blizzard open the doors of the other "schools" of the Light for Paladins, the Artifacts for both Holy & Retribution focusing on the Humans origins of the Light.

    For instance, the Sunwalkers, the equivalent of the Paladin Taurens, could be put forward on the scene due to the presence of a new tauren-like race that was confirmed in the trailer showed at GamesCom.
    Of course, since heroes would just come back from Draenor, maybe the door would be still open for us to get a sweet DraeneĂŻ shield like Y'rels one?

    Taurens & Draeneis

    From which side of the Light will the Paladins find happiness ?

    The last solution (and maybe the most plausible) would be from the side of the Blood Elves, after all they dispose of the most powerful source of Light on Azeroth: the Sunwell. Restored during the events of the Burning Crusade, thanks to the heart of the Naaru Mu'ru, it was also used during Wrath of the Lich King to purify Quel'Delar. It's from my point of view my preference for an Artifacts for the protector of the Light.


    The power of the Sunwell is known to all


    If you were on Draenor during the announcement, you already know that the Artifact for Retribution Paladins will be the Ashbringer, the weapon of legend that shattered Frostmourne at the battle  of Icecrown Citadel. For the moment, we just know that it will be on the Broken Shores. It is too soon to tell if it's a sign of the end of its current wielder, the High Lord of the Argent Crusade, Tirion Fordring.

    It is said that this sword, forged by Magni Bronzebeard, bestows the glory of the Light upon its wielder, empowering them to render enemies into ash.

    Ashbringer Models

    The different models for the Ashbringer

  • Hunter Crest Warcraft

    Beast Mastery

    A simple visual was available for this Artifact for those who control beasts, during the presentation of Legion we heard that the hunter poacher Hemet Nesingwary will be present in the area of Highmountain. It's possible that this gun will be related to him like Nesingwary 4000.

    A rifle decorated with moose defenses?


    Confimed on the official website, the Artifact for this specialization will be the arc Thas’dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners. For the moment we don't know how the hunters will get this arc but with the confirmed return of Alleria Windrunner for Legion it's possible that the arc is related to her.

    Legend has it that this elven family heirloom—once wielded by an infamous Ranger-General—can turn a mediocre archer into a master marksman
 and make a master truly peerless.
    Windrunner Legion Arc

    Improved version

    Windrunner Legion Arc

    Night Elves themed

    Windrunner Legion Arc

    Blood Elves themed


    During the arrival of Survival Hunters on the Broken Shores, they will have the mission to take back the Eagle Spear from the corpse of a powerful creature in the region of Highmountain. This weapon will be a spear, not an arc or a gun because Blizzard wants to make huge changes for this specialization.


    The different models of the Eagle Spear

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