Competitive Devotion

Hexlord Raal: Okay, I know this situation is serious but she gave you the power of her loa? Sounds to me like Loti is more big on recruiting than on dealing with this blood troll threat.

Inside the temple behind me there be three guardians. When I walked in dere the things tried to kill me. Me!

Someone has corrupted our own guardians.

Here, I gonna lend you the voice of my own loa, Pa’ku, the pterrordax. Use it to crush these corruptions.


Slay the 3 Corrupted Guardians of Zanchul.

  • Guardian of the Tombs
  • Guardian of the Rites
  • Guardian of the Dead


Pterrortorial Dispute

Wardruid Loti: Da courtyard of Zanchul be overrun by pterrordaxes driven mad by some dark ritual. Power be coalescing here and it be hard to tell who or what be causin’ it.

I need to track down da source. In the meantime, you take this, da power of Gonk, and call his allies to help you in battle. Slay these pterrordaxes driven mad by dark rituals.

When done, tell Raal to get his flock under control.


Slay 6 Bloodraged Pterrordaxes.


Offensively Defensive

Hexlord Raal: Let me guess, Loti had ya killin’ any trolls dat smelled of blood magic ya? Well that is barely a half measure.

See, blood magic be da old ways, and our people only be givin’ in to its allure since the walls fell on our northern border.

Come, we gonna go for a little ride and patrol the border to Nazmir. Dat where all dese bad ideas be comin’ from.


Patrol the skies with Hexlord Raal.


Forbidden Practices

Wardruid Loti: Ya come at a good time, (Name). I have need of a weapon such as yourself.

Yazma’s spies say there be blood cultists in our ranks. King Rastakhan has charged me with tracking down any trolls guilty of practicin’ blood magics and purging them.

Take this totem, route out those with the stench of blood magic, and cleanse them from this holy place.

When done, tell dat lazy Hexlord Raal to get off his perch an’ help keep dis place secure.



Find and slay 9 Crimson Cultists in the Terrace of the Chosen.

The Zanchuli Council

Yazma: You there, Speaker of the Horde. My spies have told me of dark heresies being practiced in our sacred temple of Zanchul. The King sent Loti and Raal to deal with the situation but those two bickering Council members are soft on their own followers. We need someone more… ruthlessly neutral. Go meet Wardruid Loti down at the Zocalo and she can tell you the rest.


Speak with Wardruid Loti in the Zocalo.



Earn the trust of King Rastakhan and the Zanchuli Council.

King Rastakhan is an ancient ruler who is not quick to trust new allies. We must earn his trust if we are to earn his fleet. Zuldazar is the seat of power for the Zandalar empire and a good plae to start in winning over these potential allies.


Speak with Princess Talanji.


Stranger in a Strange Land (Lightforged)

Ambassador Moorgard: Welcome to Stormwind, Lightforged draenei. King Anduin Wrynn invites you to explore our fair city. Say, you look like the devout sort. We have a lovely cathedral that will no doubt be of interest! Ah, but that can wait. An emissary of the Lightforged is standing by to tell you of adventures that await beyond the city walls. Have a pleasant stay, (Name). Oh, and please excuse the occasional mess. I fear many of our citizens lack the discipline that you Army of the Light soldiers are so famous for!


Find the Hero’s Call board in Stormwind City.

Stranger in a Strange Land


For the Alliance (Lightforged Draenei)

Captain Fareeya: We are soldiers. Through millennia of struggle, the Light has shown us the true path. And in turn, we have been reborn as instruments of its power. You are Lightforged. You must stand as a beacon of hope against the darkness. But for those who would threaten this world… or attack our allies… you will embody the Light’s wrath.


Captain Fareeya: The Army of the Light was founded with one purpose: to defeat the Legion. Though we have achieved that goal, a new duty lies before us. Azeroth is a world beset by enemies. Use your training to battle the darkness and uphold the ideals of the Alliance. Go to Stormwind. Seek the king’s ambassador at the embassy, then set out to spread the Light’s justice across the land. Pheta thones gamera, (Name).


Meet Ambassador Moorgard at the Stormwind Embassy.

For the Alliance


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