Enter the Illidari: Shivarra | Demon Hunter Quests

Jace Darkweaver: Our Shivarra demonesses are waiting at the Black Temple. It’s a gamble bringing them here… they used to be part of the Burning Legion after all. But, they are some of the most powerful in Lord Illidan’s arsenal.

(Jace looks at you for a long moment.)

I have a feeling that the ultimate sacrifice is going to have to be made in order to summon them in.


Quest Objectives

Feed the powerful soul into the Legion Gateway Activator and then use it to summon in your Shivarra forces.

Enter the Illidari: Shivarra | Demon Hunter Quests


Eye on the Prize | Demon Hunter Quests

Allari the Souleater: This demon is useless. I’ve been using the Scythe of Souls to force it to tell me what its commander is planning. But, their leaders tell them nothing.

I have an idea…

There’s an Inquisitor demon just ahead. They’re horrific fel casters who see through their floating eyes and specialize in dark pacts. If you were to steal its power, Jace Darkweaver could use some of it in his ritual to spy on the Legion.

Better yet, you’ll gain its power by ripping it from its smoking corpse.


Quest Objectives

Kill Inquisitor Baleful and take his power.

Rewards: Eye Beam – Blasts all enemies directly in front of you for 76,563 Chaos damage. 45 sec cooldown. Instant. Needs around 60 Fury. (not in tooltip)


Eye on the Prize | Demon Hunter Quests


Enter the Illidari: Coilskar

Sevis Brightfflame: The next gateway’s down on the Molten Shore. Our Coilskar forces are waiting at the Black Temple on the other side.

Personally, I wouldn’t have chosen to bring our naga allies. But, their leader did swear fealty to Lord Illidan. I suppose we’ll see.

We’ll have to find a way to power the gateway’s activator. Like this last gateway, it runs on souls.

(Allari the Souleater grins as Sevis says this.)


Quest Objectives

Feed a soul into the Legion Gateway Activator and then use it to summon in your Coilskar forces.

Enter the Illidari: Coilskar


Set them Free | Demon Hunter Intro

Allari the Souleater: I am using the Scythe of Souls to interrogate these demons, but they do not know anything about the location of the Sargerite Keystone.

They just keep repeating their loyalty to some queen.

Cyana and Jace have moved ahead. Unfortunately, I think Cyana got herself captured trying to help some of our other demon hunters.

There is something not quite right with her…

Set them Free

Allari the Souleater: Cyana went down to the Molten Shore. She was going to help some of the demon hunters who came in through the gateway ahead of us. Instead, I think she got herself into trouble.

This doomguard revealed they’re being held prisoner by some new type of demon called a Jailer. The thing sucks the souls out of its victims. I doubt they can hold out much longer.


Quest Objectives

Several of your demon hunters are in trouble. Get the Soulwrought Key to set them free.

  • Soulwrought Key
  • Belath Dawnblade freed
  • Cyana Nightglaive freed
  • Izal Whitemoon freed
  • Mannethrel Darkstar freed

Set them Free | Demon Hunter Intro


Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue

Kayn Sunfury: Lord Illidan has placed you in charge. Now, we just need the rest of our Illidari attack force.

There are three Burning Legion gateways ahead. Activate them and our Illidari will pour through from the Black Temple.

Like most Legion constructs, the gateways are powered by souls. I think we have provided enough to activate this first one, don’t you? Let us bring in our Ashtongue forces.


Demon Hunter Intro Quests | Mardum

This page collects all the Demon Hunter quests starting at level 98 in Mardum and the Warden’s Isle (Azsuna). Watch the gameplay video of each quest objective.

Demon Hunter Intro Quests

Mardum - Demon Hunter Intro Quests
1. The Invasion Begins11. Hidden No More
2. Enter the Illidari: Ashtongue12. Stop the Bombardment
3. Set them Free13. Into the Foul Creche
4. Enter the Illidari: Coilskar14. The Imp Mother's Tome
5. Eye on the Prize15. Fel Secrets
6. Meeting with the Queen16. Their Numbers Are Legion
7. Enter the Illidari: Shivarra17. On Felbat Wings
8. Before We're Overrun18. The Keystone
9. Orders for your Captains19. Return to the Black Temple
10. Gime Sight Beyond Sight
Azsuna: Warden's Isle
1. Our Last Hope
2. Breaking Out8. Beam Me Up
3. Rise of the Illidari9. All the Way Up
4. Fel Infusion10. A New Direction
5. Stop Gul'dan!11. Between Us and Freedom
6. Grand Theft Felbat12. Illidari. We are Leaving.
7. Frozen in Time


Blood Elf Demon Hunter Character Customization

I just entered World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha. The Blood Elf demon hunter character customization offers additional options on top of the normal ones, such as: Blindfold, Horns, and Tattooes. At least 4 Blindfolds seem to be WIP at the moment using the same model. Check out my video below. (available in 720HD)

Blood Elf Demon Hunter Character Customization


BlizzCon 2015 – Our first impression of Mardum, the Demon Hunter starting area


Blizplanet Review of Demon Hunters

Greetings everyone, hailing from France, this is Lugia and like other friends from Blizzplanet (and beyond) I’m nearly recovering from the trip to Los Angeles for BlizzCon 2015 (I might do a Vblog about my whole experience of the convention we’ll see). But as you might know already from other websites, a part of World of Warcraft : Legion was playable during the two days, to be more precise only the first part of the Demon Hunters starting experience.


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