Return to the Vindicaar | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: That pit lord won’t trouble our new allies any longer.

(Turalyon’s brow furrows.)

Until another takes its place, at least. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in our endless war against the Legion, it’s to savor victories as you find them.

Come, let us take a moment to regroup back at your vessel. Alleria and I have been waiting a long time for a reunion with our son.



Return to the Vindicaar.

Return to the Vindicaar


A Strike at the Heart | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: These pits have long been a blight upon the lives of our new allies. The demons hunt them down and torture the poor souls for sport.

(Turalyon shakes his head with disgust, fixing his gaze upon the beast before him.)

It is time to make them pay for their cruelty and restore hope to this Light-forsaken place.

We strike on your mark, (name).



Slay Aggonar.

A Strike at the Heart


Prisoners No More | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: Hatuun’s people have endured arduous times. Their numbers dwindle as those ripped from beyond the walls of their sanctuary become servants to the annihilan lords in the pits just beyond, sentenced to a life of labor, torture and ultimately, death.

Seek out these captives, release them from their bonds, and show our allies we stand as one against the Burning Legion.



Rescue 10 Darkfallen Slaves from the Annihilan Pits.

Prisoners No More


Threat Reduction | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: In time, Hatuun and his people will set aside their bitterness and become valuable allies. But their trust must be earned.

He says their village is beset by a demon called Aggonar and his cruel kin.

We need these fiends out of the way before we can seek out Alleria and the others.

The chieftain lent us his horn. Use it to call down his people’s vengeance upon the demon lieutenants while I carve a path to Aggonar’s lair.



Slay Kar’aaz, Xeth’tal, and magraloth in the Annihilan Pits.

Threat Reduction


Rendezvous | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: There is much to be done before this nightmare can end, but we need to regroup before we draw more attention from the Legion.

I managed to retain a signal crystal during the crash used to call transport beacons from the Xenedar.

With luck, we should be able to use it to establish a link between here and your forces as well.



Use the Signal Crystal to call down a Lightforged Beacon from the Vindicaar.


Signs of Resistance | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: Our forces sustained heavy losses defending the Xenedar, (name). We require allies.

The Army of the Light was known to take in survivors of the Legion’s crusade to bolster their ranks. We must do the same.

I sense the presence of the Legion slaves you freed nearby. I suspect that they have carved out a resistance against their masters.

I would appreciate your company, (name).



Search for signs of resistance.

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