Woah, Nelly! | Patch 7.3

Lead Rider Jerek: (name), you have my thanks. My Wranglers should be able to take it from here. If I can ask one more favor, would you pass a message to Chieftan Hatuun? Tell him the forest is secure once again. I’m sure he will reward you for all of your effort.

I’ll loan you one of my fastest Cragscalers for the trip. Make sure to look both ways before crossing that path outside this forest, there’s a giant Legion Obliterator that patrols there. Good luck!



Return to Chieftain Hatuun in Krokuun.

Woah, Nelly


Duskcloak Problem | Patch 7.3

Lead Rider Jerek: Here in this forest, species of talbuk and panthara still roam. However, the balance has been disrupted and now the panthara risk hunting the talbuk to extinction. To ensure their survival, we must decrease the number of panthara. Do not let their suffering linger. A swift death is the most merciful.



Kill 10 panthara within the Petrified Forest.

Duskcloak Problem


Lord of the Spire | Patch 7.3

Lord Nath’raxas rules over this hold as thanks for his role in delivering Argus to the Legion many years ago.

Make no mistake, he is powerful, but he has also grown overconfident in his seat.

Take advantage of his hubris and make use of the warframe’s firepower while you can. We will storm the courtyard shortly!



Defeat Lord Nath’raxas.

Lord of the Spire


Dawn of Justice | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: Thanks to your efforts, our enemy is in disarray and their defenses inoperable. We must take the ground at the spire’s base and tighten the noose around their commander’s neck. You have more than earned the honor to take the warframe into battle. We will follow your lead once the way is clear.



Use the Lightforged Warframe to take control of the Court of the Avenger.

Dawn of Justice


A Touch of Fel | Patch 7.3

Image of Grand Artificer Romuul: Our warframe is almost operational! It just needs a good jolt to revitalize its systems. Warlocks in the pools below infuse pieces of Argus with fel energy to create living siege weapons. If you can extract one, we can use it to jumpstart the warframe’s Judgement Core!



Collect an Immaculate Felcore.

A Touch of Fel


Heralds of Apocalypse | Patch 7.3

Alleria Windrunner: We’ve been presented with a rare opportunity. Our scouts have spotted two shivarra priestesses in the western fel pools enhancing the Legion’s war effort. The inner circle of Sargeras’ chosen never leave the walls of Antorus. If we take them out, we might be able to sow fear among those closest to the Dark Titan.



Slay Lady Heretica and Mistress Apostriss.

Heralds of Apocalypse