Where They Least Expect It | Patch 7.3

Illidan Stormrage: The Legion’s fanatical crusade leaves them spread thin. As they focus their defenses on Argus, we are free to tear into their forces on other worlds. Travel through an Invasion Point on Argus and show the Legion that there is no hiding from death.



Travel through an Invasion Point and complete an Invasion Point scenario.

Where They Least Expect It


Long Overdue | Patch 7.3

Grand Artificer Romuul: I have learned much. High Inquisitor Raalgar has moved to a base near the Legion citadel across the mountains. This is where he keeps the Fel Heart of Argus, the source of his immortality, and it is powered by wells leading directly to the core of Argus.

He is preparing to attack so you will strike first. Mark the location of the wells and I will rain holy fire upon them with the Vindicaar’s guns. With that connection to the fel on Argus broken, Raalgar can be killed and the Fel Heart retrieved.



Mark the Argus Heartwells for the Vindicaar’s guns, kill the Legion garrison, and retrieve the Fel Heart of Argus from High Inquisitor Raalgar.

Long Overdue


Foiling the Legion’s Jailbreak | Patch 7.3

Grand Artificer Romuul: High Inquisitor Raalgar has some connection to the fel here on Argus that makes him unkillable. Long ago, the naaru imprisoned him on the Arcatraz.

When the forces of Kael’thas Sunstrider attacked the citadel, we were forced to flee on the Exodar.

Some Legion prisoners escaped the Arcatraz when last the Legion invaded Azeroth, but Raalgar did not. Stop them from freeing him and I will study the source of his immortality so it can be broken.

I can get you close. The rest is up to you.



Find High Inquisitor Raalgar before the Legion frees him.

Foiling the Legion's Jailbreak


Imprisoned Inquisitor | Patch 7.3

Captain Fareeya: This report states that the Legion seeks to free an imprisoned Legion inquisitor called Raalgar, a demon from here on Argus who cannot be killed because of a secret magic he alone possesses.

Because of his immortality, he is held in the Arcatraz in Tempest Keep.

The Light Mother told us of that naaru stronghold, but I’ve never set eyes upon it myself, (name). Turalyon mentioned the Vindicaar has some connection to Tempest Keep. Perhaps your ship’s engineer knows more.



Travel to the Vindicaar and ask Grand Artificer Romuul about High Inquisitor Raalgar.

Imprisoned Inquisitor


Intercepting the Legion’s Plans | Patch 7.3

Captain Fareeya: Our scout Skara writes in the missive that she learned of a major Legion initiative. She was after two encoded orders held by Legion troops near us to get the details and this must be when she was killed. The Legion splits their messages into encoded parts so that we cannot read them.

Skara also writes that her partner Brae, a codebreaker, was slain trying to reach our lines with a code book that we will need to translate the Legion’s orders. It is vital you find the orders and that code book!



Search the battlefield for Legion troops and kill them to get their Enigmatic Legion Orders. Retrieve the Army of the Light Code Book to decipher the orders.

Intercepting the Legion's Plans


Woah, Nelly! | Patch 7.3

Lead Rider Jerek: (name), you have my thanks. My Wranglers should be able to take it from here. If I can ask one more favor, would you pass a message to Chieftan Hatuun? Tell him the forest is secure once again. I’m sure he will reward you for all of your effort.

I’ll loan you one of my fastest Cragscalers for the trip. Make sure to look both ways before crossing that path outside this forest, there’s a giant Legion Obliterator that patrols there. Good luck!



Return to Chieftain Hatuun in Krokuun.

Woah, Nelly


Duskcloak Problem | Patch 7.3

Lead Rider Jerek: Here in this forest, species of talbuk and panthara still roam. However, the balance has been disrupted and now the panthara risk hunting the talbuk to extinction. To ensure their survival, we must decrease the number of panthara. Do not let their suffering linger. A swift death is the most merciful.



Kill 10 panthara within the Petrified Forest.

Duskcloak Problem