Scars of the Past | Patch 7.3

Image of Grand Artificer Romuul: The Army of the Light’s warframes have won countless battles on Argus. Despite their power, not all who descend into the fray return. My modifications to this frame should give us the edge we need, but several critical components are still missing. There are remains of battles past in Nath’raxas that we can still scavenge. If you can find the pieces I need, the Legion will feel our fury yet.



Recover an Invocation Array, Vindicator Plating, and a Judgement Core.

  • Vindicator Plating
  • Invocation Array
  • Judgment Core

Scars of the Past


Dire News | Patch 7.3

Magni Bronzebeard: Azeroth was right in sendin’ us here, . We have to stop whatever it is Sargeras is plannin’, or we may not have a home left to save when this is all over.

Ye should go back to Turalyon and let him know what ye’ve seen. I’ll stay here and see if I can’t glean anything else that might help us.



Return to Turalyon on the Vindicaar.

Dire News


Visions of Torment | Patch 7.3

Magni Bronzebeard: I’ve been hearin’ whispers ever since we got to Argus. They’re just like Azeroth’s, only… they ain’t hers. I’m convinced that Argus has a titan of its own that’s reachin’ out to us! The broken have a relic stowed away that’s darn near holy to ’em. Hatuun says they hear whispers from it… I think it might have some sort o’ link to Argus itself! It’s just in this chamber. Let’s see what we can learn.



Activate the Sacred Stone to witness Argus’ vision with Magni.

Visions of Torment


An Offering of Light | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: This is all that remains.

(Glancing down as the faintly glowing energy swirls in the palm of his hand.)

One final gift of the Light.

For one to wield such power… We must ensure this does not fall into the hands of our enemies.

Take this, champion. It is time to truly fight with the power of the Light watching over you.



Deliver the Essence of Light to the Netherlight Crucible.

An Offering of Light


The Vindicaar Matrix Core | Patch 7.3

Grand Artificer Romuul: Much has happened on Argus that concerns me but none moreso than Xera’s fate. I wonder sometimes if we are doing the right thing?

But we must carry on. I can rig the Matrix Core that powers the Vindicaar to allow you to call on the power of our guns when you have need of them on the planet.

Go to the Matrix Core in the room at the heart of our ship. Once linked, whatever powers the core has installed now and in the future will be at your disposal.



Link Light’s Judgment into the Vindicaar Matrix Core.

The Vindicaar Matrix Core


Light’s Return | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: Xe’ra has been saved! We have won an important victory here.

The Light Mother should be back on the Vindicaar. No doubt she will want to speak with you. There is so much to explain…

Romuul should be able to teleport us back to the ship now. Let me know when you are ready.



Speak with Turalyon to return to the Vindicaar.

Light's Return


The Light Mother | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: We must know for sure whether the Light Mother survived, .

Xe’ra was weakened by sending her heart to Azeroth, but she is the prime naaru. She is the Light, and she cannot fade.

Let’s head into the Xenedar and look for her. Light willing, she will return to guide us once more.



Finx Xe’ra within the Xenedar.

The Light Mother