Sideshow Diablo III Overthrown Nearing Final Stages

I had a few words with Sideshow Collectibles President and CEO Greg Anzalone and Production Manager Brant Bridges tonight and there are good news for those hardcore Diablo III fans that are into collectibles.  The Diablo III OVERTHROWN diorama is nearing its final stages. We will show you the photos once the painted version is ready.  New products based on the Blizzard games are not out of the question, but nothing as soon as we wish.

Below is an image of the unpainted Diablo III diorama.

What’s the Sideshow Collectibles background?

Greg: Sideshow was born from the belief that we could create more interesting, more detailed, more highly collectible limited edition figures, for a global audience.  Our belief has been proven true, but we continue to be surprised by the global appeal of our products.

Medievaldragon: Are there plans to introduce more dioramas based on the Starcraft II, Diablo III and World of Warcraft licenses?

Brant: Yes, we are hoping to do more Blizzard products.  Nothing in the immediate future, but we do have some ambitions.

Medievaldragon: What is the status on the Diablo III OVERTHROWN diorama (Barbarian) The final painted version hasn’t been unveiled yet.

Brant: You’ll see screenshots of the painted OVERTHROWN diorama soon. It’s KILLER.

Medievaldragon: Are you eventually developing a polystone diorama for each of the five Diablo III classes?  i.e. the Witch Doctor and the Wizard?

Brant: It’s possible, but not definite.

Medievaldragon: How was that first approach between Sideshow and Blizzard Entertainment?  The first product was the exclusive Tychus Findlay Terran Marine diorama—already painted by the time Blizzard officially announced StarCraft II, which means you were already on this at least a year earlier.

Greg: Our guys are Blizzard fans and play WoW more than they should because they’re dragging their sorry asses to work in the morning with a videogame hangover.  So it was only natural that we explore other potential products.

Blizzcon 2009: World of Warcraft Panels Announced

The Blizzcon website now displays details of the panels to be held in the Anaheim Convention Center. Not all panels seem to be available at this time.  Nethaera said some panels might be added as Blizzcon nears in reference to the lack of a World of Warcraft Lore Panel.  Speculation-mode on:  Sounds like we have a new Expansion in the horizon.

Blizzard Quote:

Class Discussion
Always a crowd favorite, the class-discussion panel gives insight into the intricate workings of class design and balance, from conception to continuing development. If you

WoW: Arthas Makes # 23 NY Times Bestselling Fiction Hardcover List 5-03-09

Very, very surprising.  Last week, we reported straight from the publisher Simon & Schuster, Inc. that World of Warcraft: ARTHAS by Christie Golden had reached # 16 in the New York Times Bestselling Fiction Hardcover List—barely in 4 days after its launch.  On the week ending May 2, ARTHAS has gotten into the List again at # 23 position. You can check it out here.

The Lich King continues to take over the world.

Achievements: I Smell A Giant Rat

As commented previously, my latest obsession in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is to collect vanity pets.  I mostly had some pets from quests, the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals exclusive mini-Tyrael pet, and the three Collector’s Edition pets.  In less than 3 weeks, I boast 58 pets, which means it can be done with certain level of ease, if you are interested.  Some of these vanity pets are rewards from Seasonal World Events, while others are only acquired through Fishing.

I trained fishing from 1-450 in approximately 3-4 days exclusively to fish this baby … the Giant Sewer Rat.  Sadly, I have been fishing him for 6 days.  The first day wasted 8 hours straight if not longer, followed by countless hours of trial and error.

There were several fishing skill enhancements that I attempted.  All around the Dalaran Sewer: The Underbelly, you can find green-glowing crystal potions on the ground.  They respawn in 5-10 minutes, so you can keep looking around in corners, behind crates, and such.  Some spawn underwater, on the docks, even on boats.  There are three spawning spots in the Black Market area within the Underbelly. Check there for Underbelly Elixir.  These have three random effects: transforms you into a wasp, allows you to see other players and NPCs with mage armor sets, or … the most important—transforms you into a Hungry Tuskarr.  The Hungry Tuskarr form grants you a 10 minutes buff that increases your fishing skill by 50.

On a Sunday, go to the Fishing Extravaganza—even if the contest ends, you can still turn in fish to quest NPCs. While fishing during this Sunday-only event, what you are looking for to fish is a Keefer’s Angelfish (rare) and a Dezian Queenfish.

Once you grab these two rare fishes, go back to Booty Bay.  The NPCs have blue question marks on their heads.  You will find Fishbot 5000 near the giant shark hanging from a tall hook near the Booty Bay Bank and the Inn.  Talk to Fishbot 5000 to turn in the rare fish to obtain a Lucky Fishing Hat which grants you +5 Fishing skill.  The Dezian Queenfish will give you a very neat enchant item: High Test Eternium Fishing Line.  It enchants your Fishing Pole permanently with +5 Fishing skill.

Doing the Fishing Daily quests in Terokkar Forest and the Eventide in Dalaran help too.  The rewards from the Bag of Fishing Treasures have a random chance to drop a Glowing Worm that gives you + 100 fishing skill for 1 hour (cooldown) or a Sharpened Fish Hook that gives you + 100 fishing skill for 10 minutes.

Those are a few tips that are optional to aid in your quest to fish the Giant Sewer Rat. I have been fishing mostly with 450 + 192 fishing skill.  However, you don’t really need that much to fish the pet.  I fished it with 450 + 75 lure. I am not certain if some areas of the Underbelly has more chances to drop the pet or not. It did take me probably over 2000 fishing casts to get.  Once I found a spot where I saw another player get the achievement, I focused on that spot. And I got it too.  Probably less than 600 casts on that specific spot.

I would want to share it with others.  The perfect spot to catch this elusive pet is straight beneath the Cantrip & Crow Inn. Two people catching the pet from that spot is good-good on my book. Now … here we go, Mr. Pinchy.

WoW: Arthas CE Winner Delighted

Mikeztarp, One of our World of Warcraft: Arthas Collector’s Edition winners, just received his copy at home in France.  He is absolutely delighted and sent us a couple of photos to show off.

Wish to become one of our future Live Chat winners?  Attend our upcoming Live chat with Richard A. Knaak to discuss details of World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon. Stay tuned to upcoming Live Chat and Interview announcements where we will giveaway Blizzard licensed products.


2009 World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel Launches May 15

The Mountain Dew Game Fuel website has been updated with a countdown toward May 15 (9 days from now).  The slogan says: “Choose your side. Enter for a chance to win every 15 minutes”.  Additionally, the promotion says: “Every token is an entry for a chance to win cool stuff like this:”

Partners of this giveaway are Alienware, J!NX and Razer. Thus far among the prizes are keyboards, mice and headphone sets. There are rumors that a Game Fuel Pet Code might be part of the rewards, but that has not been officially confirmed.

World of Warcraft Minis: Spoils of War In Stores Now

Spoils of War, the follow-up set to the hit World of Warcraft Miniatures Game, is now is stores nationwide, and features 51 new figures to collect and battle, never-before-seen equipment cards to intensify gameplay, and new epics to chase like Cairne Bloodhoof!

Head over to to find out more about the game. You can also sign up to receive updates, including sneak preview pictures of the minis, details about gameplay, and downloadable demos.

Warcraft Legends Vol. 4 Exclusive Preview Scans

imageTOKYOPOP has provided us exclusive preview scans of the upcoming Warcraft Legends Vol. 4.  Beneath you can take a look at 10 pages from the story titled FATE by Richard A. Knaak.  In this story, Trag Highmountain is a Undead Tauren character from the Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy.  Trag continues his journey toward Icecrown Citadel to enact vengeance against Arthas the Lich King, and to claim back his soul, to free himself from the curse of undeath.

This storyline is full of excitement.  What will Trag’s fate be?  Will he become a raid boss in the upcoming Icecrown Citadel dungeon? Or will he be a Quest NPC within Icecrown Citadel vs the Lich KIng—a la Akama / Maiev vs. Illidan? What is this mysterious ancient weapon that might destroy the Lich King? So many questions risen from this manga.  We get to see moments before the Icemist Village was raided by the Anu’bar spiders.  The previous volume showed The Bones of Galakrond prior to its desecration by the Scourge’s digging. It’s so lovely how Metzen and Neilson and their creative team make all the mangas and novels tie-in directly with the MMO’s quests and content.  You can watch our recent video interview with Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson where they talk about all their work on the manga, comic book and novels.

We also posted a few weeks ago, preview scans of the Bloodsail Buccanneers story within Warcraft Legends Vol. 4, if you would like to check that out too.  Ahoy, Matey!



What World of Warcraft Music is Missing on CD?

Blizzard started a new poll asking for fan feedback. It is not openly implied, but it might be possible they are preparing a stand-alone soundtrack CD for sale or iTunes goodies. I recommend all our visitors to participate in the poll, regardless.  The World of Warcraft music is very rich and enjoyable.  Those who have the Collector’s Edtions know what I am talking about. Sometimes I listen to the soundtracks on a daily basis while working on the website, or doing other stuff other than gaming.

The Music of Blizzard Entertainment by EMINENCE is also a good product to listen to. Who knows, maybe this poll is about some interesting project.  It would be good to share your feelings on which music in-game you love the most that didn’t make it into the Collector’s Edition or the EMINENCE CDs. The poll has the following options:

  • Black Temple
  • Ulduar
  • Zul’Aman
  • Kharazhan
  • Sunwell
  • Other (Write In)
Blizzard Quote:
The World of Warcraft is full of music, but not all of it makes it onto the CDs. What music do you think is missing and what ones would you like to have most? If your favorite isn’t on the list, feel free to write it in!