PTR 3.3 Icecrown Citadel – Oct 21-22 Test Schedule

Blizzard invites all PTR players to login on Wednesday and Thursday to help test the Icecrown Citadel 10 and 25-player dungeons.  US players will test Festergut and European players will test Rotface on Wednesday.  Both US and Europe players will test the Icecrown Gunship battle on Thursday.

The PTR 3.3 build 10623 was released and you can download it by launching the public test client.

Blizzard Quote:
We are scheduling raid tests in Icecrown Citadel for October 21-22.

The schedule is as follows:

October 21 at 7PM EDT / 4PM PDT – Festergut
October 22 at 7PM EDT / 4PM PDT – Icecrown Gunship Battle

October 21 at 19:30 CEST – Rotface
October 22 at 19:30 CEST – Icecrown Gunship Battle

Only normal difficulties will be tested, although 10 and 25 player raids will be available.

The Icecrown Citadel raid test schedule will be very flexible, and can change at a moment’s notice due to build status, bugs, and server issues. Remember that this is the test server, so things can, do, and will break from time to time. Check this forum for the latest Icecrown Citadel raid testing schedule information in the weeks to come.

Blizzard on The negative impact of buying gold

Blizzard has posted a new page addressing the players who engage or are considering gold farming and power leveling services.  In this page they reveal some of the investigations they have performed that tie these activities with hacked accounts.  Those who wish to learn how the Blizzard Authenticator works as a second layer of protection for your WoW account should read our recent step-by-step article.

Blizzard Quote:
Through our normal support processes and the assistance of players, we also find that many accounts that have been shared with power-leveling services are then hacked into months later, and all of the items on the account are stripped and sold off. Basically, players have paid money to these companies, sometimes large amounts, and they’re then targeted by these same companies down the road. We come across stories every week of the aftereffects of players using these services, and some players now have to deal with long-term repercussions—in addition to consequences such as possible account suspension or closure, in many cases the companies they paid use their personal information to perpetrate identity theft and credit card fraud. These are long-lasting effects on players’ personal lives that can take years to recover from.

Cataclysm Dev Chat on Twitter this October 22

During our visit to the Blizzard campus in Irvine, prior to Blizzcon, the community managers told us at the fansites summit there were plans to do live Q&A with the Cataclysm developers on Twitter.  The plans have come to fruition. Now you have the opportunity to pitch your questions at the developers to find out more details of this new and exciting expansion: gameplay, lore, pvp, dungeons & raid, character customization, Path of the Titans, and more. Create a Twitter account, and visit on October 22.

Blizzard Quote:
Developer Chat on Twitter

Join us this Thursday, October 22, at 3:00 PM PDT on Twitter for a developer chat with World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Horde # 1

Because you demanded it!  An exciting new series focusing on The Horde from the World of Warcraft MMORPG begins here.  The orc Malgar is content to hunt alone with his wolf Remnes.  When a band of raiding Kolkar Clan centaurs lay waste to a small orc farm, he has no choice but to return to the violent life he left behind.  Aided by a new ally known as Ironhoof, Malgar succeeds in defending the farm—but at a great cost.

This new series explores the harsher side of Kalimdor and the challenges facing the Horde, by Doug Wagner (THE RIDE) and Pop Mhan (BATGIRL, SPY BOY)!

On sale January 6, 32 pg., FC, $2.99 US
Written by Doug Wagner
Art and cover by Pop Mhan

World of Warcraft: Alliance # 26

A bold new direction!  Straight from the pages of WORLD OF WARCRAFT SPECIAL # 1, a new adventure set in the universe of the mega-popular MMORPG begins!  Human mage Karlain and his warrior son Mardigan never see eye-to-eye—and with good reason.  A murder, a mysterious quest for a powerful artifact, and some fist-pounding action kick off the first part of a new arc by Mike Costa (SECRET HISTORY OF THE AUTHORITY: HAWKSMO OR, GI JOE: COBRA) and Neil Googe (WILDCATS: WELCOME TO TRANQUILITY)!

ON sale January 20, 32 pg.  FC, $2.99 US
Written by Mike Costa
Art and cover by Neil Googe

Billy Postlethwait Crowned World of Warcraft TCG World Champion

Billy Postlethwait Earns Top Prize at Upper Deck’s 2009 World of Warcraft TCG and Miniatures World Championships Floridian takes home $50,000 in first-place money!

Carlsbad, CA (October 15, 2009)—In a field rife with Mage, one player proved to be the king of casters: Darkmoon Faire Columbus winner Billy Postlethwait

J!NX Launches World of Warcraft Fall 2009 T-Shirts

J!NX has launched the All-New World of Warcraft Fall 2009 T-Shirt Line Up which include the following themes for both Men and Women sizes.

  • World of Warcraft Classically Trainer Raider (shows Onyxia, Ragnaros and C’Thun)
  • World of Warcraft Knights of the Ebon Blade
  • World of Warcraft Warlock Legendary Class
  • World of Warcraft Druid Legendary Class
  • World of Warcraft Three Worgen Moon (the popular three wolf moon T-shirt has been Worgenized, W00t?)

Get your favorite T-Shirt or make a gift to your family or friend. Click on the images to order or to watch a bigger and detailed image of the artwork.

World of Warcraft Classically Trained Raider T-Shirt

World of Warcraft Knights of the Ebon Blade T-Shirt

World of Warcraft Warlock Legendary Class T-Shirt

World of Warcraft Druid Legendary Class T-Shirt

World of Warcraft Three Worgen Moon T-Shirt

PTR 3.3 – Icecrown Citadel 10-Man Raid: Lord Marrowgar

Blizzard tested Lord Marrowgar on the PTR 3.3 servers on Thursday, October 15th.  This is the first boss in the Icecrown Citadel dungeon (10-players and 25-players versions available on normal or heroic-mode). It is a giant skeleton with a helmet. It’s not clear if this is a placeholder, as he looks like some of the trash mobs in family-size.

When you zone-in, you will see Tirion Fordring and Overlord Saurfang (Horde) or Muradin Bronzebeard (Alliance).

As soon as the event starts, Saurfang or Muradin will tell Tirion they will leave to get the Gunship above the Icecrown Citadel, and that he will await us when we get there.

You will see those skeletal constructs made off Draenei Lost Ones bones as the first wave of trash-mobs. They are known as The Damned. These hit for 2500-5500 physical damage, and occassionally hit for 11200 physical damage (critical).  As they die, they cast Shattered Bones which is an aoe that hits for 3300 – 6100 Physical damage to everyone within 15 yards.

The trash mobs located at the center, in front of the stairs to Lord Marrowgar, are incredibly crazy to handle: four Ancient Skeletal Soldiers, two Nerub’ar Broodkeepers and two Servant of the Throne (a total of eight trash mobs).

The two Servant of the Throne (Skeletal mages) must be shackled immediately by two priests. These cast frostbolts that hit by 12000 Frost damage. It’s preferrable to not do anything else but renew shackle on these, except for Heal-over-time spells.  Attack the Neru’bar Broodkeeper. These will randomly immobilize a target with a web. Players must immediately attack the webbed-player to release him, as they are unable to cast. This is critical as one of the webbed-players might be the one assigned to shackle the Servant of the Throne (skeletal mages).

Once both Nerub’ar Broodkeepers are dead, move to kill the four Ancient Skeletal Soldiers. The Servant of the Throne die last due to their massive amount of damage.

There are some skeletal giants roaming and patrolling the sides of the room. You might easily miss them behind the pillars, so be alert. They aggro from afar, and it is easy to aggro two groups.  A hunter will be very welcome to pull groups or single targets with misdirect.

Check out our four part article covering Lord Marrowgar’s abilities, narration by NPCs such as Highlord Tirion Fordring, Quests and Screenshots.

Jim Lee @ Big Apple Comic Con 2009 in New York City

The popular artist Jim Lee (Wildstorm Comics) will be in New York City attending the Big Apple Comic Con this weekend.  Do you wish to ask questions about the Starcraft comic book series or the World of Warcraft comic book? You have a shot at a response during his live Q&A on Saturday, October 17th at 2:00pm in Room A.

The Big Apple Comic Con is located at Pier 94— 711 12th Ave and W 55th Street in Manhattan, New York. (map here). Tickets may be found online here. One day tickets range between $25-30. Three-day ticket pass $45.


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