WoW TCG: Scourgewar Preview Event This Weekend

WoW TCG players, set your timers because the countdown has begun for the World of Warcraft TCG: Scourgewar Sneak Preview Events at various locations around the world through November 20-21. The Scourgewar Expansion will be officially at stores on November 24. Check out at the bottom of this page your location to find out where these events take place at.

The prizes for the tournament winners are: Scourgewar Playmat, Series 2 Priest Class Deck Box, and a cool Kilix the Unraveler Extended Art Card.

IgroMir 2009: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm PvP Panel

Yesterday, a WoW Developers Panel was held at the IgroMir 2009 event in Russia.  Those who missed the Blizzcon 2009 live stream back in August have now a briefing on the plans Blizzard has for PvP in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. More details of the Guild Advancement feature was discussed to give you an idea how guilds can strengthen their raiding experience together following common goals that benefit everyone. Check out the official IgroMir 2009 Coverage page over at Blizzard’s website.

Developer panel. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
November 19 2009

Last week at the premier Russian games event IgroMir, J. Allen Brack, production director of World of Warcraft, presented the recently announced expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm to the Russian audience. He spoke about three features that WoW players are especially looking forward to: rated battlegrounds, Tol Barad, and guild advancement.

Rated Battlegrounds
Battleground and Arena gameplay are different and currently completely separate. Some players enjoy battlegrounds more but they cannot gain Arena points in battlegrounds and thus they cannot receive Arena rewards. Rated battlegrounds will be an alternative way to get Arena points. Each week, there will be a featured battleground, helping concentrate queues and keeping the rated battleground experience exciting and different from week to week.

If you win a game in a rated battleground you will gain rating, however your mileage may vary depending on the BG. Each victory in a rated BG will also give you Arena points. However, a loss will not affect your rating, nor your total number of Arena points.

If you have Arena points, you should spend them on something epic! Among the possible rewards, the most exciting will be the return of the classic honor titles like Grand Marshal or Knight Lieutenant. Players will also be able to earn epic ground mounts and vanity items such as tabards and pets in addition to helping their guild acquire levels and achievements.

Tol Barad
Tol Barad is a brand new battleground which will have features similar to those found in both Wintergrasp and the Isle of Quel

Patch 3.3 Files Available For Download

Patch 3.3 is upon us and Blizzard prepares to enable the Blizzard downloader to spread files in the background. Make sure to enable background downloading using the Launcher.

Blizzard Quote:
The next major content patch is coming and in order to smooth the way, we will shortly enable background downloading of most of the data for this patch. Players who use the Launcher and have background downloading enabled will automatically start receiving the data. The download speed is overall faster than before, so you may want to adjust your background download settings. You can adjust these settings in the Launcher, by visiting the options page. If you want the fastest possible download, check the “Don’t throttle background download” option. However, note that this choosing that option can affect the performance of other programs running at the same time.

Legendary Weapon Preview: Shadowmourne

Blizzard got a new preview available highlighting the legendary weapon Shadowmourne, and they got a crafty lore to kick. Learn the origins of Shadowmourne, and what it is made of. We may have been given hints on how to craft it, and when it’s going to become available.

Blizzard Quote:
As the Lich King continues his dark work inside the halls of Icecrown Citadel, the warriors and smiths of the Ashen Verdict scramble to forge a weapon capable of defeating the Scourge. To aid the Verdict in its cause, you’ll need to follow in Arthas’s footsteps, gambling with your very soul to gather the materials that will create the legendary axe Shadowmourne.

Find out more about the quest to build Shadowmourne, available in the upcoming Fall of the Lich King content update, in our new preview of the legendary weapon Shadowmourne.

WoW Patch 3.3.0 Access Progression Plan

Patch 3.3.0 is very near to release, but don’t count on Ensidia and other top guilds rushing to kill Arthas the Lich King on the first week of patch release. Blizzard has just informed the access progression plan that separates each section of Icecrown Citadel. Basically the first section will be opened when patch 3.3.0 is installed up to the Saurfang encounter, but guilds won’t be able to get past into the next section. The next section will be opened at a later time, and the same over and over for the next section up.

Further more, Heroic mode won’t be unlocked until you defeat the Lich King. That means heroic mode won’t be available for many months. All this separation of sections and making them available over a undetermined period of time in a sense will help guilds experience and savor each section, get to polish their skills, get to know the encounter enough to have it on farm-mode, and help you gear up your members in advance for when the next section becomes available.

Now if we extrapolate the sheer amount of weeks and months before all these sections become available and Heroic mode gets unlocked, we have a pretty picture of how far along is World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and it’s not anywhere close.

Icecrown Citadel testing has been progressing very well over the last few weeks, and this has been a huge help to the encounter design team. We want to thank everyone who has logged onto the PTR and tried the encounters there.

As we’re now getting closer to the release of 3.3.0, we wanted to talk about our plans for access progression within Icecrown Citadel. Icecrown Citadel is going to be broken up into four distinct sections: The Lower Spire, Plagueworks, Crimson Hall, and Frostwing Halls. We plan on releasing these four sections of Icecrown Citadel over time and not all immediately when patch 3.3.0 goes live. At this point we can’t give precise dates for these release dates as they are determined by when patch 3.3.0 goes live. Once dates are known with more certainty, I’ll update the community so they can plan appropriately.

The first section that opens will include the Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, Icecrown Gunship Battle, and Deathbringer Saurfang encounters. Progress beyond that point will be prevented for several weeks. Then the Plagueworks will open with Rotface, Festergut, and Professor Putricide becoming available. After another period of time, the Crimson Hall will open and you can then fight the Blood Princes and Blood-Queen Lana’thel. The final Frostwing Halls unlock then occurs after that, making Valithria Dreamwalker, Sindragosa, and the Lich King available. We believe a staggered release of the content will allow players to experience Icecrown Citadel at a sustainable, measured, and ultimately more enjoyable pace.

There are other elements that gate access along the way. Players may not attempt any Heroic versions of 10 player encounters until they have defeated the Lich King in a 10 player raid. Similarly, players must defeat the Lich King in a 25 player raid before they can attempt a Heroic 25 player encounter. So players must master every normal difficulty encounter in Icecrown Citadel before attempting Heroic difficulty.

The Lich King may not be attempted until Professor Putricide, Blood-Queen Lana’thel, and Sindragosa are defeated. Furthermore, the Heroic difficulty of The Lich King encounter may not be attempted in any week unless the three aforementioned encounters have been defeated in Heroic difficulty that week.

The Ashen Verdict provides reinforcements and material for players to assault Icecrown Citadel, but this support is not endless. Raids will have a limited number of attempts total each week to defeat the four most difficult encounters in Icecrown Citadel: Professor Putricide, Blood-Queen Lana’thel, Sindragosa, and the Lich King. As these boss encounters are unlocked, the number of attempts available per week will increase. The initial number of attempts provided for defeating Professor Putricide is only five. When Blood-Queen Lana’thel unlocks, the amount of total attempts remaining will increase to 10. Then when Sindragosa and the Lich King unlock, 15 total attempts will be available to defeat all four bosses. After a raid has exhausted their attempts for the week, the Ashen Verdict must withdraw their support and the four most difficult bosses all despawn and become unavailable for the week. The limited attempt system is a feature of both Normal and Heroic difficulty.

There will be no explicit rewards for defeating the Lich King with a specific number of attempts remaining as there was with Trial of the Grand Crusader. There will also not be an achievement to complete Icecrown Citadel without being defeated by a boss encounter, or letting a raid member die. (i.e. A Tribute to Insanity).

In the weeks and months after all twelve encounters are unlocked, additional attempts against the final four boss encounters become available. This represents the Ashen Verdict growing more powerful and gaining a stronger foothold in Icecrown Citadel. To further help raids, Varian Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream will begin to provide assistance by inspiring the armies attacking Icecrown Citadel. This is represented as an additional zone wide spell effect applied to all players that will increase their hit points, damage dealt, and healing done. This effect will also increase in effectiveness over time. Players may opt out of the spell’s effect if they so wish.

PTR 3.3 – PUG with the Blues Round 3

The developers invite you for the third round of PUG with the Blues on the PTR to test the dungeon tool. They will be playing both factions and await you this Wednesday. This allows you a unique opportunity to interact with the developers, offer feedback or suggestions.

Blizzard Quote:
Since our first two tests went so well, we

World of Warcraft: Alliance # 27

Introducing Revil Kost, a priest of the Holy Light! Karlain and Revil combine forces to defend Sentinel Hill from a Defias Brotherhood attack. What are the mysterious Dark Riders hunting for in Westfall?

On sale February 17
Wildstorm Comics
32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Mike Costa
Art and cover by Neil Googe

New Mr. T Mohawk Grenade TV Commercial

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the availability of the Mohawk Grenade, and to do so unveiled a new TV Commercial with Mr. T — who curiously is wearing a J!NX Murloc Taco T-Shirt. Upper Deck and J!NX to lure people to World of Warcraft? A picture in my mind shows Paul Sams smiling with a shiny gold tooth. Now that’s marketing strategy at its best.

Blizzard Quote:
“You gotta choice, Jack. You can watch Mr. T’s new TV commercial

UDE Senior Director Debunks WoW TCG Demise Rumors

The Upper Deck Senior Director Scott Gaeta addressed fans at the official UDE forum to debunk rumors that the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG) is nearing its impending demise after the ScourgeWar set (On sale November 22, 2009).  The rumor caught momentum when the site claiming the demise said the buzz came from a reliable source.  No wonder, the Senior Director emerged to squash the bugger.

Gaeta revealed their team visited the Blizzard Entertainment offices in Irvine to discuss their 2011 plans for the WoW TCG, and as UDE informed a few weeks ago, they announced a schedule list for 2010.  The WoW TCG license is stronger than ever and to stay. The past weeks UDE has thrown the house through the window with spectacular WoW TCG Tournaments.  Precisely yesterday and today UDE held the 2009 Season 4 WoW TCG and Mini Realm Championship with up to $500,000 in prizes.

That looks pretty strong for a TCG line nearing its demise …


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