CrossOver Games Support For DirectX 10 Linux and Mac Soon

I rarely post news outside the Blizzard games scope, but I thought this one was very interesting to share with Mac and Linux Blizzard gamers. Codeweaver—developer of the CrossOver Games—announced their roadmap for 2009 highlighted by their support of DirectX 10 right out of the box.—Full Article.

We’ve just shipped a lot of those ‘under the hood’ improvements for games out in CrossOver Games 7.2. We’re really pushing Direct X 9 support pretty far along, and getting ready to move on Direct X 10.

In the next few months, we’ll be shipping CrossOver Linux 8.0, and CrossOver Mac 8.0. That revision of our flagship product will bring support for IE7, modern QuickBooks versions, Quicken 2009 (at a nice speed), Photoshop CS3, and many many other improvements, particularly around Microsoft Office and specifically Outlook. —via Slashdot Winners: World of Warcraft: Arthas Galley

The winners are now announced. Watch the video to find out who won the World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King galleys. This video shows you the box full of books that I will be shipping in upcoming days to all winners around the world—courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Inc and Blizzard Entertainment. You will be able to read this book nearly a month earlier.  Those who wish to purchase the book, it will be on bookstores on April 21.

PTR 3.1 Deadly Gladiator Priest PvP Set

Added the Deadly Gladiator Priest PvP Set obtainable from the Emblem of Conquest Quartermaster in PTR 3.1.  The most attractive piece of the Investiture and Rainment sets is the gloves—Equip: Reduces the cooldown of your Psychic Scream ability by 3 sec.  Both sets have a (2) pieces bonus: +50 Resilence rating; and the (4) Pieces bonus Reduces the duration of the Weakened Soul effect caused by your Power Word: Shield by 2 sec.

The Gladiator’s Investiture set offers:

1250 Armor
515 Stamina
224 Intellect
227 Spirit (plus 16 spirit socket bonus)
452 Spell Power (plus 7 spell power socket bonus)
271 Resilience (plus 6 resilence rating socket bonus and plus 50+ resilience with 2 set pieces)

Meta socket x 1
Red socket x 3
Blue socket x 2
Yellow socket x 2

The Gladiator’s Raiment set offers:

1250 Armor
515 Stamina (plus 15 Stamina socket bonus)
224 Intellect
452 Spell Power (plus 12 Spell Power socket bonus)
227 Critical Strike Rating
271 Resilience (plus 8 Resilience rating socket bonus)

Meta socket x 1
Red socket x 3
Blue socket x 2
Yellow socket x 2

World of Warcraft: Arthas Galley Winners

Thanks everyone for participating in this Blizzplanet’s giveaway.  The World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King galleys given away are a courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Inc and Blizzard Entertainment. The fortunate winners of this great novel are:

  • Gurtogg
  • Handclaw
  • Kenzuki
  • Xarthat
  • Lon-Ami
  • Kyosei
  • Neto
  • Rainska
  • Odethrissa

You still have a slight chance at getting one of these ARTHAS galleys at our sister site where I am giving away ten more. The giveaway ends tomorrow Monday, March 9th.  So get going and participate there too.

PTR 3.1 Ulduar: Kologarn

Do you remember our recent Ulduar Exploring PTR 3.1 Coverage video? You know how tall is the Prison of Yogg-Saron from the upper level where the broken crystal dome is … down to where the icy pool is. It is very high. Well, we teleported to the Antechamber of Ulduar, I was walking alongside some players to open the door that leads to that hub chamber … and my, oh my! A sight froze us as something that wasn’t there before covered the whole screen … watching at us with a threatening look.

Behold Kologarn … a massive bonafide … Titan? This is by far the tallest boss in World of Warcraft, except maybe for Kil’jaeden. Probably taller than that Scourge robot roaming Zul’Drak.

The most notorious thing about this boss is that his hands are tagged as separate objects: Left Arm and Right Arm.

The boss has a few abilities under his arsenal:

  • Stone Grip: You will see onscreen a message: Kologarn casts Stone Grip. You can also listen to a voice emote: “I will squeeze the life from you!”. After this emote, he grabs a random player in his left arm. This does over 3700 physical damage to the affected target every second. Keep a healer keeping this target alive at all times. All DPS must be diverted to his left hand to make him release the player before he kills his victim.
  • Overhead Smash: He does around 8000 melee damage and decreases armor by 25% for 30 sec. It would be good to have some +Armor potions/elixirs to compensate.
  • Shockwave: When he yells: “Oblivion!!!” he casts an instant AOE causing nature damage to everyone in the party. On plate it hit me for 9547 damage. If a hunter keeps nature buff up on everyone, this helps a lot. With nature buff, I got hit for 6867 damage (1768 resisted). Keep everyone at full health at all times. This can kill a few players that are at half-health.
  • Petrifying Breath: Inflicts between 18000 to 21000 nature damage every 1 sec and increases damage taken by 20% for 8 sec. Don’t stand in front of Kologarn to avoid his breath.
  • Focused Eye-beam: You will hear a voice emote: KOL’TARISH. Shortly after, Kologarn shoots an eye-beam at a random target [usually a healer]. This eye-beam has two streams at the beginning. That’s your queue to start running away. Once the two streams unite into a single beam, it will chase the player across the ground for approximately 5 seconds, then he stops casting and it vanishes. As you may watch in the video below, I was panicking each time it was casted on me.

    From observation, it does 2384 nature damage (615 resisted) per tick.  If staying still doesn’t kill you, a healer should be assigned to keep the tank healer alive at all costs. In theory, the tank healer can stand still spamming heals on the tank and off-tank when the eye-beam is set on the tank-healer. Here concentration aura could do well. The only issue is that right after the eye-beam he casts Oblivion (6,000-9547 damage) which could kill the tank-healer.

PTR 3.1 Build 9637 Ulduar Raid Schedule March 4-6

Daelo posted the new PTR 3.1 (build ) Ulduar Raid Testing Schedule. Start making arrangements with your guild, or schedule your testing time in advance. This will allow you to get a feeling of the event, but please submit your feedback and bug findings to the developers.

Blizzard Quote:

On the North American test realms:

Flame Leviathan (Normal, i.e. 10 Player Mode ONLY) – Tuesday Night, March 3 at 4PM PST (or after the PTR servers come back up) through tomorrow. We want a lot of testing on this, but take note that the Heroic version of this fight should NOT be tested at this time. Players should only form 10 player raids to test this. The Heroic/25 Player version is not properly tuned.
Ignis the Furnace Master – Wednesday night, March 4, starting at 7pm EST/4pm PST.
Hodir – Thursday night, March 5, starting at 7pm EST/4pm PST

On the European test realms

Flame Leviathan (Normal, i.e. 10 Player Mode ONLY) – Wednesday Morning, March 4 at 01:00 CET (or after the PTR servers come back up) through tomorrow. We want a lot of testing on this, but take note that the Heroic version of this fight should NOT be tested at this time. Players should only form 10 player raids to test this. The Heroic/25 Player version is not properly tuned.

Thorim – Thursday night, March 5, starting at 7pm CET.
Freya – Friday Night, March 6, starting at 7pm CET.

We should have General Vezax (EU), XT-002 Deconstructor (US), and Razorscale(EU) available for testing soon after this.

This schedule could change at a moment’s notice due to server, bug, or patch status. I’ll try to keep everyone informed as much as possible. Ulduar and the bosses to be tested will remain also open a variable length of time. How long they stay open depends upon a host of factors including designer availability, bug status, etc.

We also hope to have the zone open on off days for each respective realm for a longer period of time. We have a couple special versions of Patchwerk setup. One of them is called Patchwerk (DPS Test) and is essentially a massive training dummy for your raids. The other is Patchwerk (Tank Test), and he does not have a Hateful Strike, but his melee damage increases over time.

We’re very interested in seeing combat logs and parses for all raid testing on the PTR.

Quick Ulduar FAQ:

Q) Will there be testing available on Oceanic, Korean, or other time zones?
A) There will be some testing available. Flame Leviathan will be up for an extended time, for instance.

Q) Where’s all the trash?
A) We don’t have everything turned on for these tests, and this sometimes includes trash creatures before each boss encounter.

Q) Where’s the loot?
A) We don’t have this attached to bosses yet, but we’ll have loot hooked up soon.

Q) What about achievements?
A) These aren’t implemented yet.

PTR 3.1 Lifebloom Changes

Lifebloom seems to have been nerfed yet again in the new PTR 3.1 patch update released today. However, the developers don’t share the sentiment.  Lifebloomd heals as much as it currently does in life realms. Just it costs more mana. The logic behind this is that with the changes in mana regeneration, they had to balance the amount of lifeblooms a druid can pump out in comparison with the mana capacity of other healers once patch 3.1 is released.

If you think about it, if Lifebloom remained as it is, with no penalties, when priests and shamans are suffering from a lower mana regeneration, Druids would be less strained spamming lifeblooms and topping the healing meters.

In that sense, I would have to question whether this is necessarily a nerf, when most other classes will experience different issues with their mana regen lowered.

Blizzard Quote:
Recently, Blizzard Entertainment [finally] installed the massive bronze wolfrider statue at the center of the new headquarters in Irvine, California. The replicas were given to Blizzard employees a couple of years ago, and a very few were seen on eBay for auction. The OCRegister Blizzard Blog has eight exclusive photos showing the installation of the 12-feet tall statue.

This statue was developed by WETA Workshops, a New Zeland-based film special-effects company that has worked with Stephe Spielberg and Peter Jackson and have been involved in films such as Lord of the Rings, King Kong, I, Robot and X-Men 3—to name a few. Personally, I have a feeling WETA Workshops is knee-deep in the development of the World of Warcraft film. But that’s something that hasn’t been confirmed.

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