Secrets of Ulduar Compensation Day

Blizzard is giving all World of Warcraft subscribers a One-Day Exempt Compensation due to the exceeded maintenance schedule and afterward-downtime caused by instability. This compensation will be reflected in your WoW Account page in the official website.

Blizzard Quote:
World of Warcraft saw many new features and additions added to the game with the launch of our latest content patch, Secrets of Ulduar. While we anticipated extended downtime for this patch, the actual downtime exceeded our expectations and after the realms came online players have experienced long petition wait times. At this time, many of the issues that caused these problems have been addressed and resolved.

In light of these circumstances, all European and Russian accounts that are active and in good standing will receive one free day of play time. This day of compensation should be applied and viewable in your account management page ( within the next 7 days. We thank you for your continued support of World of Warcraft and we

World of Warcraft: Arthas is #16 in NY Times Bestselling List

As revealed last week by the book publisher Simon & Schuster, Inc. (Pocket Books), World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden was a complete success reaching # 16 in the New York Times Best Selling Books List (Under the Hardcover Fiction category) within barely 4 days after its official launch (April 21). The list appeared on New York Times Online this past Sunday.  I was told recently that ARTHAS Collector’s Edition is almost sold out according to the publisher. Only 10,000 Collector’s Edition with Christie’s signature and wrapped in a leather-box were printed. You still have a chance at buying the few remaining while supplies last. Its hot and going with the wind. Hurry up! You can still order it exclusively here.

Rankings reflect sales, for the week ending Apr. 25, at many thousands of venues where a wide range of general interest books are sold nationwide. These include hundreds of independent book retailers (statistically weighted to represent all such outlets); national, regional and local chains; online and multimedia entertainment retailers; university, gift, supermarket, discount department stores and newsstands.

Fishing Achievement: Deadliest Catch

I have lately had the motivation to complete achievements and do stuff I have rarely done in the past 4 years since the original WoW beta.  Fishing, while I did manage to max this profession on my original priest character, I did never bother to fish again. Specially after making my Blood Elf paladin my new main character.

I learned fishing on the paladin barely two or three days ago, mostly because my new obsession is to collect pets.  Within a week or less I have gathered 54 pets, and now it is turn to gather those from Fishing rewards.  Now that I have 363 fishing skill (without +skill), I decided to go after the Fishing achievements, and the Salty Title Reward.

That achievement is hard as hard can get because all of the requirements behind it. The harder requirements to get the Salty title reward are:

  • Collecting all the copper, silver and gold coins: The Coin Master
  • Master Angler of Stranglethorn
  • Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box

That probably gave some evil memory vibes to those who were lucky to accomplish those, and probably cause a gasp at those like me starting the Fishing profession. It is hard because it takes so many hours worth of your real-life time.  The Master Angler of Stranglethorn requires you to win the … Booty Bay Fishing Contest.  Now considering the Stranglethorn Fishing Stravaganza contest only happens on Sundays (once a week) and that there are maybe hundreds of fishers in your server—that’s a astonishing feat to accomplish.

For now, let’s just focus on the easiest Fishing Achievements, shall we?  This time I will focus on Deadliest Catch.  If you have never done it, you need to go to Zul’Gurub and fish Gahz’ranka.  We have a Deadliest Catch guide to help you do this achievement in the shortest time possible.

Feel free to contribute to the Wiki or editing anything.

WoW Radio Announces WoW Idol 2009

WoW Radio is pleased to announce “WoW Idol 2009”, sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment & 3 Point Entertainment. Show off your singing skills by submitting an original or parodied song based on the game, “World of Warcraft” from May 2nd – May 30th. Five finalists will be selected on May 31st. The finalists will then compete to become the next WoW Idol.

Upon becoming a finalist, your song will be featured on the WoW Radio website, available for download. On June 20th, three winners will be announced. Prize packages for the Grand Prize winner, second, and third place will be announced soon.

Official Entry Rules: The contest is open to everyone regardless of geographical location. Song submissions MUST be between three and five minutes in length. More than one submission is allowed, however, for obvious reasons, only one submission per person will be considered in the selection of finalists. Staff members and affiliates are ineligible to enter. To submit your entry, please email [email protected] and good luck.

SleepingDogs On KUOW Radio About Machinima

Sleeping Dogs Productions will be discussing Machinima, World of Warcraft machinima in particular today on Seattle NPR affiliate KUOW’s radio program “The conversation.”  He will be talking about Sleeping Dogs Productions’s “Mercy of the Sea”, the recent Stanford University Play Machinima Law Conference, and also the process and origins of Machinima.  Listen to the conversation here.

Patch 3.1.1a – Minor Hotfixes 4-30-09

Blizzard deployed various hotfixes yesterday to Ulduar, the Argent Tournament and some class hotfixes: Warlocks, Priests and Rogues.

Blizzard Quote:
  • Mimiron should no longer continue to cast Heat Wave after phase 2 is completed.
  • Players who are Champions of Exodar should now display the appropriate Exodar banner.
  • The Pollinate spell cast by the Forest Swarmer inside of the Conservatory of Life in Ulduar should no longer be spell stealable.
  • The Warlock ability Nether Protection will reduce spell damage by 30% instead of 60%.
  • If a player loses their Orphan Whistle at any time during the in-game Children’s Week event they can speak to a Matron in cities to receive a replacement.
  • The NPCs in the Hodir encounter will now cast Storm Power and Toasty Fire more quickly after being freed from Flash Freeze at the start of the encounter. Toasty Fire will also be cast more consistently throughout the fight.
  • Blind (Rogue) is now in the same diminishing returns category as Fear effects, but no longer shares diminishing returns with Cyclone (Druid).
  • The Warlock ability Death Coil now heals you for 300% of the damage done, up from 100%.
  • Mana Burn has been reduced to 10% mana burned (up to a maximum of 20% of the Priests mana), down from 13% (max 26%).
  • Mana Burn now causes Fear, Hex and Psychic Scream to break early when used.
  • Players can now obtain another orphan whistle from an orphan matron, even if they have completed all the associated orphan’s quests.

PTR 3.1.2 Patch Notes and FAQ

Blizzard released PTR 3.1.2 for testing, adding the new Argent Tournament Mounts, and a lot of class changes for Death Knights, Druids, Mages, Priests, and Warlocks. You can create premade characters level 80, so hurry up while it is possible to create them. You can test the Equipment Manager finally and a variety of Glyphs.  Help by providing feedback on any bugs or suggestions while you can before these features make it into the live realms. Check out the full patch notes after the break.

This is a list of frequently asked questions on the PTR.

Blizzard Quote:
1. What is the current version of the PTR?

  • The current PTR client version is

2. Will there be premade characters available for this testing phase?

3. Where can I read the latest PTR patch notes?

  • PTR patch notes will either be available on this forum, or at the following link:

4. I have copied a character over to the PTR, but it is not showing up on the server. Why?

  • Characters copied to the PTR are put into a queue with everyone else that is trying to copy characters over. This queue can grow quite large, and extend the time that it takes to transfer characters over. Please check the character transfer status, if it says “pending” then your character is still in queue to be transferred.
  • If your character is transfered successfully, but is not showing on the server still, please copy another character over. We will be unable to deal with character copy issues on an individual basis.

5. When I try to log into the PTR realm, it says my username and password are wrong, what do I do?

  • Your PTR login may not directly reflect what your login is for live servers. The login information used for the PTR is separate from live, and is typically cached from several weeks prior to the PTR becoming available.
  • What you should do: Please try any current or old passwords when trying to access the PTR. If you have converted to a account, please try both your login, and your previous logins.
  • If you previously had an authenticator on your account, and have removed it, you may still need to use the authenticator to access the PTR.
  • If after all of the above options you are still unable to access the PTR, you will have to wait until the next testing phase to try again. We will be unable to deal with PTR login issues on an individual basis.
Blizzard Quote:
World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.1.2

The latest patch notes can always be found at *
The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at*


  • New art textures have been added for Argent Tournament mounts. Any mounts already purchased from the Argent Tournament vendors will be updated automatically. Argent Tournament mounts with the old textures will still be available for purchase from the Argent Tournament vendors for a small Champion

    2009 NYCC Interview: Walter Simonson & Louise Simonson on World of Warcraft Comics

    I found Walter Simonson and his wife Louise Simonson at the 2009 New York Comic Con this past February 7, and took the opportunity to jump them with a few questions about the World of Warcraft comic book.  Specially by then, issue # 15 had kicked in into newsstands introducing the return of Garona Halforcen—from the novel Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  They were at odds trying to dodge the interrogation, but they were very sweet and kind to provide as much teasing as possible for those fans who haven’t yet subscribed to the official World of Warcraft comic book.

    They are a very fun couple, and I loved the experience spending some minutes with them.  The future of the comic book and the MMORPG look very interesting with more focus on the Horde, and certain events yet to come that will make the Alliance and Horde clash once more.  We already saw what happened at the Wrathgate, and the continuation of that conflict between King Varian Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream in the Secrets of Ulduar cinematic.

    I am a subscriber of the comic book and know what’s going on.  The comic book # 15-18 reveal why these two adversaries hate their guts … and Garona is in part, whether accidentally or not, responsible or blamed by the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde.  Something big happened in Theramore during the second attempt to reestablish the summit between Thrall and Varian. Grab your copy to find out.  The inclusion of Garona into the MMO is imminent no doubt. In the meantime, check out my video interview with Walter and Louise Simonson to get the excitement within you rolling.

    Argent Tournament Mount Screenshots Revealed

    Blizzard has released a glimpse of each of the official Argent Tournament Mounts for the Alliance and Horde factions.  These screenshots allow you to see how they look like in advance. Some will have further changes though. These are the ones you can purchase with 5 Champion Seals and 500 gold (or less).  The images also show you the graphics for the Faction Flags. Pretty items to show off.

    Blizzard Quote:
    In an upcoming content patch, faction mounts offered by vendors on the Argent Tournament grounds will be updated, and the mounts being offered will match the colors of the faction you choose to represent. What better way to champion the triumph of your legion than draping yourself in the colors and symbols of your allies?

    Mounts already purchased at the Argent Tournament will be replaced with the updated mounts when this patch goes live. For those looking to get their hands on even more sweet rides, ten mounts using the original tournament look will be available for purchase from Argent Tournament vendors for 5 Champion’s Seals and 500 gold (faction discounts apply). To purchase these original mounts at the Argent Tournament, players must be either members of, or exalted with, the corresponding faction.

    For those interested in hitting the tournament grounds when the patch goes live to check out the different mounts, all faction valiants will be riding the original mounts, while the updated mounts can be seen in the stables or ridden by faction champions.

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