World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – New Mounts Video – Engineering Mechano-hog

This video shows off the Polar Mount, the Mammoth Mount and the mega cool Engineering Mechano-hog mount (a motorcycle) from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Rumor is that engineering players will be able to sell these motorcycles as Bind of Equip (BOE). Let’s see if the rumors proof right or wrong.

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Orgrimmar Arena

Dalaran Sewer Arena | Orgrimmar Arena

The Orgrimmar Arena rises the line of sight and challenge mechanics a few notches. The first challenge for any player class is how close to the enemy you are at the beginning.

You are on a elevator the moment you are teleported into the random-generated map: Orgrimmar Arena.  After the 60 seconds countdown, the elevator moves upwards to the Orgrimmar Arena. The enemy team is on another elevator that faces yours barely a few yards away. When the gates encasing the elevator come down, it is clobbering time right on the spot.

Rogues here are a danger having such a close range advantage. Casters would have to AOE immediately after the gates come down to avoid getting zapped/garroted by rogues. Warlocks can buff the team with detect invisibility.

Healers are really screwed in this map if everyone synchs to jump them when the gates come down. Be quick and alert.

On to the Line of Sight mechanics. On the back of your elevator is a circle on the ground.  Healers are encouraged to step with their backs facing on the edge. Within few seconds, that circle will become a wooden pillar rising mechanically some 10 yards above the ground. A nice spot to keep you safe from melee players. You won’t stay up there for long, but enough to keep you alive a few seconds while healing (yourself or a team player); or DPS casting.

There are two more similar pillars one on each opposite side of map. You can run all the arena and force other players to chase.  The second purpose of these unexpected pillars rising off the ground is to cause line of sight.  Perfect to get rid of an annoying DPS caster/range player for a few seconds.

The other mechanic in this arena is the two lines that divide the center of the arena. If I were you, I wouldn’t get anywhere near them.  Those lines switch on and off a fire. If you are caught when it is ablaze, you will get damage, plus some damage over time. Use it strategically to pull some melee players on it before it switches on. The fire can be used on another strategic way. For example, pull a melee player across the line.  A healer will probably have a hard time reaching his teammate if the fire is up.

I know I suck in PvP, so don’t mind that. The video below is to show you the Orgrimmar Arena geography and its Line of Sight and Trap mechanics. Focus on that.

Dalaran Sewer Arena | Orgrimmar Arena

The Battle For the Undercity (Horde) Video – Part 6

Quests TranscriptVideos | Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Note: The long fight against Varimathras reaches its end.

Varimathras: Years … wasted …

Thrall: WE ARE VICTORIOUS!  The Undercity belongs to the Horde once more!  LOK’TAR!

Dark Lady, join me!  You have fought hard and spilled much blood for this right.  The Royal Quarter belongs to you!

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Such will be the fate of all enemies of the Horde, Warchief. Now we must deal with the wretch, Putress.

Thrall: We shall, Sylvanas …  Alliance horns?  Stay on guard!

Note: King Varian Wrynn and various Stormwind Knights gallop on their horses into the Royal Quarter.

King Varian Wrynn: I was away for too long.  My absence cost us the lives of some of our greatest heroes.  Trash like you and this evil witch were allowed to roam free—unchecked.  The time has come to make things right.  To disband your treacherous kingdom of murderers and thieves.  Putress was the first strike.  Many more will come.  I’ve waited a long time for this, Thrall.  For every time I was thrown into one of your damned arenas … for every time I killed a green-skinned aberration like you … I could only think of one thing.  What our world could be without you and your twisted Horde … It ends now, Warchief.


Note: Varian Wrynn and his Knights clash against Thrall, Lady Sylvanas and the Warsong Battleguards. Suddenly Lady Jaina Proudmoore rushes into the Royal Quarter …

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: VARIAN, NO! STOP!

Note: Jaina casts a spell that freezes everyone in the room encasing them in blocks of ice, abruptly ending th ebattle.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: It did not have to be like this …

Note: Jaina teleports the frozen Varian Wrynn and his Knights away from Undercity, back to Stormwind.

Thrall: It ends like it began … All that we have fought for in this world is lost.  The hopes and dreams carried by my father and mother … by Doomhammer … Gone … If only you were here right now, old friend.  You would know what to do.

Note: A portal opens into the Royal Quarter from Warsong Hold, Northrend. Saurfang teleports in.

High Overlord Saurfang: He would say to you what I am about to say to you: Thrall.  Lead your people. Let’s go home, old friend.

(Thrall nods.)

Thrall: It’s good to have you back, Varok, old friend.  I’m sorry about your boy.

Note: Both, Thrall and Saurfang sit and rest on the stairs of the Royal Quarter. Shortly after, you are spirted away through the portal. You land in Orgrimmar—on the Zeppelin tower that leads to Borean Tundra. For those wondering, when you return to Undercity, you will find Sylvanas as usual, but from this moment forth you won’t see Varimathras anymore at her side. Anyone who hasn’t finished the quest, will see Varimathras. Phasing-technology in action.

(The End?)


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The Battle For The Undercity (Horde) Video – Part 5

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Note: On this video (part 5) the Doomguard Khanok the Impassable dies. The waves of demons stop. Few abominations and Apothecary will be hitting you here and there. Thrall and Sylvanas walk across the sewer bridge to enter the long tunnel toward the Royal Quarter.

Thrall: Is that all, demon?  Have you nothing left to throw at us?

Ten Warsong Battleguards yell: For the Horde! while heading toward the Royal Quarter.

Thrall: We come for you!  Prepare yourself!

Onscreen: The Horde controls the Inner Sanctum.

Varimathras: Bring down the halls! NOW!

Note: As Thrall and Sylvanas reach the entrance to the tunnel leading to the Royal Quarter, it is found sealed with debris.

Thrall: COWARD!  You think to stop the Warchief of the Horde with pebbles?  I will show you the true power of the elements!

Great spirits of the earth, help us in our hour of need!


Note: The ground commences to shake with the animation a giant worm usually does when underground.  The shaking rock animations intensify, moving toward the sealed hall full of debris.  The debris falls apart unblocking the path.


Note: As Thrall and Sylvanas reach the Royal Quarter, Varimathras stands at the center of the Royal Quarter channeling a powerful spell that maintains several shadow portals open for the invading Burning Legion demons that start pouring into the Royal Quarter: Legion Dreadwhisperers (four-armed demoness), Legion Overlords (Pitlords), and Legion Invaders (Warbringers).

Thrall: What is this?

Varimathras: Welcome to your future—what little there is left of it … Too long … Tireless, endless planning … It will not end like this …  Need more time … The Master is near …  Such power!  Can you not feel it, mortals?  Cease this foolishness and join me!

I will not fail!  Not again!

I cannot hold … Destabilizing …

Note: The six shadow portals close one by one as Thrall and Sylvanas’ forces defeat wave after wave of demons. The last one finally succumbs negating the invading Burning Legion entry into the Royal Quarter.

A distant voice yells: YOU HAVE FAILED ME, VARIMATHRAS!

Varimathras: A thousand-thousand pardons, Master!  I will deal with these intruders myself!

Note: The battle against Varimathras commences.

Watch the final showdown against Varimathras on Video part 6 …

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The Battle For The Undercity (Horde) Video – Part 4

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Note: Thrall and Sylvanas stand at the edge of the elevator door looking down to the depths of the elevator shaft.  Thrall doesn’t see the lack of elevators as an obstacle. Thrall calls upon the wind spirits.

Thrall: HOLD! They’ve destroyed the elevator!

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: The shaft is trapped, Warchief.  A fall would mean certain death.

Thrall: Great air spirit, hear my call once more!  The spirits of air have heard my call.  Cyclones will lower us to safety.  Now we jump!

Note: A swirl of magic goes down the elevator shaft, taking Thrall and Sylvanas into a slow descent. Wait a bit before jumping. Down in the trade district of Undercity more Abominations and Apothecary battle the Horde.

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: You disgust me.  What have they done to my beautiful city!  You dare befoul my sanctum!  Pay with your blood!

Note: Thrall and Sylvanas slowly walk through the bank stairs to access the inner sanctum toward the outer sewer bridge.

Thrall: Lead the way, Dark Lady.  We will follow.

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: The only redemption for the traitors responsible for this will be an agonizing death.  My vengeance will be swift and without mercy.  Very well, Warchief.  The Royal Quarter is this way.  Stay on guard.  There is no telling what Varimathras and Putress have in store for us.

HOLD!  I sense dark magic.  Demon magic … Stand ready!

Varimathras: Cleverl girl.  My brothers have grown hungry.  Your souls will sate their appetites.

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: The Horde will be victorious!  The Banshee Queen has plans for you!  ON YOUR KNEES! You will be reunited with your master soon – in the after life!

Note: Waves and Waves of Demons fill the outer sewer ring: Perfidious Dreadlords, Felguard Marauders, Plagued Felbeasts (dogs), Succubus (Ravishing Betrayers); as well as more Abominations (Treacherous Guards) and Apothecarium agents. Doomguard Pillages will fly down from the ceiling.  After few waves of demons a mini-boss spawns: Khanok the Impassable (a Huge Doomguard).

Continue reading to Video transcript part 5 …

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The Battle For The Undercity (Horde) Video – Part 3

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Thrall: ATTACK!

Note: Lady Sylvanas Windrunner starts singing the Lament of the Highborne empowering the Horde and you with a debuff named Song of Sylvanas: Battle prowess heightened by the song of Sylvanas. Your agility increases a lot and you can move very fast across the courtyard. With both debuffs you get barely no damage. Your health is increased to three times the normal. Regeneration is increased. No risk of dying. Just help Thrall and Sylvanas who battle Varimathras’ forces.

You will face waves after wave of Abominations (Treacherous Guardian), Apothecary Chemists, Apothecary Collaborators, and Blight Doctors. Take down the Plague Spreader catapults on each side of the stairs. Shortly after the battle starts, a huge Blight Aberration mini-boss spawns in the courtyard. Waves of mobs will continue to spawn until the Blight Aberration is killed. Take him down fast for the next phase.

Thrall battles with his full set of shamanistic spells, while Sylvanas fights either melee with her red-glowing enchanted daggers, or with her bow. From time to time, Sylvanas will jump across the the landscape in the air at blazing-speed and cast a torrent of glowing projectiles with her bow to all enemy units in front of her across the battlefield. Then jumps back within melee range to annihilate her opponents.

The battle lasts approximately five to seven minutes depending how many players are in your party. This can be done with two players.

Blight Aberration: YAAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHHH !!!!

Horde Demolitionist: FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Thrall: The courtyard is ours!  Onward to the inner sanctum!

Onscreen: The Horde controls the courtyard.

Thrall and Jaina walk through the Ruins of Lordaeron City throne room, past the tomb of King Terenas and toward the elevator to Undercity. However, the elevators have been shut down leaving an empty elevator shaft with a deadly spikey ground trap at the far bottom.

Continue reading to Video transcript part 4 …

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The Battle For The Undercity (Horde) Video – Part 2

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A portal opens up and Thrall and Lady Sylvanas appear on the crossroads in the outskirts of Lordaeron Ruins’ gate. This seems to be a phase-technology gap. The Undercity is nigh empty with corpses everywhere.

The first you see when taking the portal is Thrall, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner and Vol’jin on their mounts at the crossroads leading to the gates of the Lordaeron City Ruins. Two portals from Orgrimmar continually replenish new Kor’kron Elite guards who immediately engage in combat toward the inner-courtyard. Two Orcish catapults keep fire siege on the city.

Warsong Battleguard: How could we not have seen this coming, to think a Dreadlord could be trusted!  Prepare for battle, it looks like the Apothecarium already has their Blight aimed at the entrance!


Vol’jin: Let me get you up to speed, (name).

Undercity is a war-zone.  Putress’ apothecaries and Varimathras’ demons have seized control.  They’ve taken a defensive position inside and are using that damned blight against our troops.

Onscreen on the top corner is displayed: “The enemy controls the Undercity! 5 minutes until the battle for the Undercity begins!


The entirety of the Undercity is controlled by Varimathras.  Our soldiers stand ready, waiting for the Warchief to give the attack orders.

Help the Horde take back the Undercity and earn your place among our greatest champions!  Should you survive the assault, report to Thrall.

Check in with the Warchief when you are ready to begin.

(Assist Thrall and Sylvanas in retaking the Undercity for the Horde.)

Report to Thrall should you succeed.

Thrall: Are you ready to begin the assault and win back the Undercity for the Horde, (name)?

You: I am ready, Warchief.

Warsong Battleguard: Forward to glory, Orcs!

Demolitionist: We’re taking it back!

(5 minutes until the Battle for the Undercity begins!)

Thrall: HEROES OF THE HORDE. YOUR WARCHIEF CALLS! Gather behind me at the gates of the Undercity!  Soon we march upon our fallen city and reclaim it – FOR THE HORDE!

The elements are with us in force, (name).  With their help, we will do all that is in our power to stop Varimathras and Putress! LOK’TAR OGAR!

Blood and thunder, champions of the Horde!  We fight on this day for our fallen brothers and sisters!  Mourn them not for they all died with honor in their hearts!

Though we face great conflict, our might combined shall obliterate those who would oppose us!  The grave injustices committed against the Horde will be met by an unstoppable force of reckoning!

Demolitionist: We’ll burn it to the ground before giving it to you!  This one is for Saurfang!

Thrall: The battle for the Undercity begins now!  Sound the horns of war!  Champions of the Horde, be empowered by the might of your Warchief! ONWARD!  Great wind brother, clear our path!  You must answer to the elements, demon!

Note: The Horde and you get irradiated by thunder from the sky, debuffing you with the Warchief’s Blessing: Be bathed in the power of the Warchief!  Drink in his might!  Battle for the glory of the Horde.

Thrall, Sylvannas and Vol’jin march to the entrance of the Ruins of Lordaeron and dismount. Thrall calls upon the elements to clear his path. Tornadoes push the poisonous blight clouds away. Upon reaching the courtyard gardens Varimathras phases-in to mock Thrall.

Thrall: You must answer to the elements demon!

Varimathras: Welcome to my kingdom of darkness!  Did you enjoy my minion’s terrible creation? Potent, is it not?  But enough prattling!  You wish to reclaim your city?  Come then, heroes!  Your souls will fuel the host!  You will have this place back in pieces!

Thrall: Great water spirit, wash away this corruption!

Note: A huge water tide emerges in front of Thrall washing away every Undead and blight on its path from the courtyard to the throne room bridge in real-time as Varimathras escapes through a shadow portal.

Thrall: ATTACK!

Read more on Video transcript page 3 …

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Dalaran Sewer Arena Video

Dalaran Sewer Arena | Orgrimmar Arena

Dalaran Arena is one of the most popular arena PvP scenarios in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. When I was at Paris during the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals, the developers discussed in the press room the Dalaran Arena specs, and showed the press graphics of how the room would look like.

Never would I have imagined how challenging the terrain could be in various PvP scenarios. The Dalaran Sewer Arena was opened for public testing in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beta build 8970 (Sept. 19, 2008).

When you talk to one of the Arena Organizer NPCs in Dalaran, you will be teleported into a random arena map. One of them the Dalaran Sewer. You spawn inside a sewer pipe sealed with a gate showing the Kirin Tor insignia. A one minute countdown alerts you that the Arena will start. When the gate opens, and you walk near the pipe edge, you will be catapulted across the room below.

There are areas in this map. The lower level and the elevated platform. There are only two points of entry to the higher platform, accessible through stairs in shape of a circle located in opposite corners of the square-like platform.

These circular shape of the stairs give a few degrees of Line of Sight issues that can be used in your benefit or against enemy players. Since the higher platform is a few yards tall, that can be used strategically.

For example, a player runs to the lower ground and is chased by other players. The healer could heal from the higher platform without any risks, as melee players won’t be able to reach them there—forcing them to have to walk around to reach the healer. If a caster attempts to attack the healer on higher ground, just walk backwards, and the wall will cause line of sight issues.

On the center of the High-ground platform, is a small pool that can be walked over and across. However, it serves an interesting mechanic that can be used strategically. A flood of water switches on and off every few seconds. Anyone caught when the water falls from the ceiling pipe will be rendered immobile, and not able to cast/attack. A cyclone like animation engulfs the player for a few seconds.

The pillar of water that is switched on and off automatically serves a purpose: Line of sight. You can pull a melee or caster player across the pool strategically to cause a healer line of sight (for example).  The healer will be at mid-casting and get suddenly interrupted by the pillar of water when it is switched on, forcing him/her to move around the pillar to gain line of sight. These few seconds lost can be used to DPS the enemy as fast as possible. On the other hand, if you wish to protect yourself from a DPS caster, you can move in a position where the pillar of water can cause line of sight.

The wooden boxes on the two opposite corners of the higher-ground platform are good spots to cause line of sight issues too.

This Dalaran Arena is all about Line of sight mechanics: the water pillar, the higher ground vs. lower ground wall, the boxes, and the circular stairs. Use those four obstacles wisely to win.

Watch the video at the bottom.

Dalaran Sewer Arena | Orgrimmar Arena

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Sons of Hodir Quartermaster

To get started with this faction you go first to K3 (the goblin town) in the south of Storm Peaks. You will get a quest to rescue a missing goblin. You will eventually find a Vykrul female in a prison, and eventually meet Thorim after the Drakkensryd. Thorim will ask you to talk to the King of the Frost Giants in Dun Niffelem. From this point forward when you do a few quests for the Sons of Hodir, you gain reputation with them. Once you become friendly, you will have access to the Quartermaster Lillehoff found near the King. Below you can see the items obtained at Honored, Revered and Exalted. There are at least three daily quests that will help you gain reputation with the Sons of Hodir. Each quest gives 250 reputation. If you buy alcohol with the Runes of Ulduar tokens you can increase reputation gain by 5% for an hour. (262 reputation per quest).

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – The Battle For The Undercity! (Horde)

Quests TranscriptVideos | Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


The Battle For The Undercity is one of the many examples of Phasing Quest System technology in action.  While a level 15 is in the Royal Quarter in Undercity turning in the quest: Lament of the Highborne (sung by Sylvanas), and a level 40 player is doing the Razorfen Kraul quest from Varimathras, at that same moment and space level 74 players are smacking the heck out of Varimathras in The Battle For The Undercity.  It is not a dungeon. See, if you are flagged with the quest at level 74-80, you are phased in and all the Vendor NPCs, and players are phased out. Only those who are flagged can play alongside you.

It is the same undercity, just you can’t see the NPCs and players that aren’t flagged to the phased event. This technology has so many possibilities to progress the World of Warcraft storyline without affecting low level player quests. While a low level player is doing the Missing Diplomat he is flagged to see Lady Prestor, Bolvar and Anduin. At that very moment, a level 74 player is not seeing Lady Prestor nor Bolvar in the Throne Room. He is flagged to see Anduin and his father Varian.


The following quest is available at Agmar’s Hammer fortress in Dragonblight, by the mailbox near Agmar’s chamber. Messenger Torvus will have a quest for you.

Messenger Torvus: Pssst … Over here, by the mailbox.  Come quickly and make sure you aren’t followed.


(Torvus shakes your hand, giving you a letter in the process.)

(Torvus speaks under his breath.)

Messenger Torvus: Just play along, (name).

It is good to see you here, soldier!  Lord Hellscream has undoubtedly sent his strongest warriors to Lord Agmar!

(Torvus speaks under his breath.)

Read it and then destroy it in the fire pot next to me.

(Read the Letter from Saurfang and then destroy it. Speak to Messenger Torvus once you have completed this task.)



If you are reading this letter then you are alive and in one piece – or at least you still have your eyes.

I must apologize for the secrecy.  Agmar demands that all mail is read before delivery – too many traitors and thieves there.  As the wanted poster no doubt displays.  There are delicate matters herein that could easily be misconstrued by the new guard.

For a soldier of the Horde, loss is absolute.  Loss means death and there is no negotiation or interpretation with death.  One can only hope that the manner of their death was honorable.

But victory … Victory can mean many things.  As you have probably noticed, the Kor’kron are there in full force.  The Warchief has sent his elite guard to help secure victory in Northrend.  They, along with you and other heroes, are pushing the Lich King and his forces towards an inevitable conclusion.  With each challenge you overcome, we are one step closer to ridding our world of Arthas and the Scourge.

And therein lays the dilemma.  For you see, our forces in Northrend work under the auspices of young Hellscream.  Each victory bolsters the morale of the Horde Forces here.  Which carries through to the rest of Azeroth.

It is unfortunate, then, that Hellscream employs such savage tactics.  As victory approaches, Hellscream gains further justification for his methods, which in turn brings us closer to a place we have not been in many years; a dark place.

I have sent my son to command our forces at the Wrathgate.  I know that he will battle with honor and I remain hopeful that his courage and tenacity will be noticed and emulated by our forces.  He is my heart and strength in a place that I cannot be … You will be my eyes and ears.  Together, we will make it right.

Blood and Thunder … May your arrival bring them both.


(Note: On the left of the mailbox is a glittering brazier. When placing your mouse cursor over it, it says: “Burning Brazier.  Requires Letter from Saurfang.”  Click it, and the letter is removed from your inventory, successfully destroying the letter. Talk to Messenger Torvus again.)

Onscreen: Letter from Saurfang read and destroyed. (complete)

(Torvus nods at you.)

Messenger Torvus: So we are understood?  I will return to my lord and tell him that you have accepted.

Note: Probably this quest makes you Revered with the Warsong Offensive.

Fly to the top of Wyrmrest Temple to talk to Queen Alexstrasza. To access this quest it seems you must have done all quests from Alexstrasza in Dragonblight and all quests in Agmar’s Hammer.


With Antiok slain and the scythe in our possession, the frost wyrm assaults upon your forces at Angrathar will halt.  The wyrms that remain in the Dragonblight will be hunted and destroyed, their bones returning to the earth.

The time to make your final stand is now, (name).  Return to the Kor’kron Vanguard and notify Saurfang the Younger.

(Speak with Saurfang the Younger at the Kor’kron Vanguard and tell him of your victory over the Scourge.)

Saurfang the Younger: My father has gifted me with his armor and axe.  Soon I put it to use.

My father was right about you, (name).  Everything that he said has come to pass – only one final duty remains unfulfilled.  I will now lead the Kor’kron to the front line.  The time to end this war is at hand.  The Lich King’s tyranny ends today!

Take my post now,  (name), and stand guard over our forces.

(At this point, Phase-technology kicks in. Saurfang the Younger phases out, and Alexstrasza and Krasus phase-in in front of the Wrathgate. Everything is set ablaze, and Horde/Alliance flee in terror. Screams can be heard. Watch video above to reference this point.  Alexstrasza has an option that sets you to ask her to show you what has happened. An EPIC in-game Cinematic is launched)

You: Alexstrasza, can you show me what happened here? (image)

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Korialstrasz: My Queen, do they know?

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder whispers: Come to me, (name).

Korialstrasz: My Queen, do they know?

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: No, my beloved.  [Draconic] Ashj zila gul kirasath lok ante il lok buras danashj Gul gul.

(Korialstrasz nods.)

Korialstrasz: They will not.

The following quest is given by Queen Alexstrasza at the Wrathgate in Dragonblight.


Queen Alexstrasza: Darkness stirs, (name). A tragic event has transpired that none but the Timeless One could have foreseen. Soon your people will be gripped by anger and hatred. War is on the horizon.

The red dragonflight has done all that it can. What happens next is in the hands of the mortal races of Azeroth.

Regrettably, your journey begins with anguish. A father has lost a child today. You must bear the grim news. Gather the armaments of Saurfang and return them to the elder Saurfang.

(Gather Saurfang’s Battle Armor from the field of battle and return it to High Overlord Saurfang at Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra.)

Note: Travel to Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra, and meet High Overlord Saurfang there.

(Saurfang’s face contorts.)

Saurfang: My heart … my strength …

(You present to Saurfang, Saurfang’s Battle Armor. A sign that his son has perished in combat.)

(Saurfang looks to the heavens.)

Like Brox, my son died a hero.  Do not mourn him, (name).  For an orc, there could be no better end!  No greater honor!  At this moment, my heart swells with pride.

I thank you for returning our battle armor.  It will be placed upon his pyre at the Ancestral Grounds of Nagrand.

We must turn our full attention to more pressing matters.


High Overlord Saurfang: The Warchief needs you, champion.  Orgrimmar is in a state of martial law.  All merchants and services have been shut down as the Warchief prepares for an unavoidable conflict.

I cannot tell you much more – not now.  Not in this place.

The Warchief commands that our strongest champions report to his throne room.  Go now, (name)!  Take the portal back to Orgrimmar and seek out Thrall.

(Report to Thrall at Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.)

Note: As you teleport to the front gates of Orgrimmar, outdoors, you see Forsaken Refugees on both sides of the road.  More refugees keep coming out of the Zeppelin tower.

Below are some quotes of what the Forsaken Refugees say:

  • We’ve lost Undercity. Nothing but demons and Putress’ apothecaries left there …
  • We Forsaken are doomed! Take pity!
  • They killed hundreds! We barely escaped with our lives! Help!
  • The Dark Lady fought off as many as she could, but in the end … I hope she survived. Please help!
  • Could you spare a gold?
  • Help us! Please!
  • You must help! We’re homeless!

Note: Inside Orgrimmar all the merchants including the Innkeeper, Gamon, and Auctioneers are aligned in front of the Bank demanding answers from Overlord Runthak.

  • Kaja: We demand answers!
  • Sana: What are all these Forsaken doing here?
  • Innkeeper Gryshka: What are all these Forsaken doing here?
  • Felika: When can we reopen our shops? I’m losing gold here! Why is Thrall allowing this to happen to our city?
  • Auctioneer Thathung: This is an outrage!
  • Kaja: Where is the Warchief?
  • Sana: Why is the city under lock down?
  • Overlord Runthak: SILENCE!  We are on the brink of all out war with the Alliance!  Tragic events have unfolded in Northrend.  The Warchief is doing all that he can to keep us safe. All services and shops are to remain closed until further notice! That is all!

Note: As you approach Thrall in Grommash Hold, Orgrimmar, a portal suddenly materializes behind you putting the Kor’kron Elite to full alert, but Thrall stops them.

Thrall: Kor’kron, stand down!  Jaina…

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Thrall, what has happened?  The King is preparing for war …

Thrall: Jaina, what happened at the Wrath Gate. It was a betrayal from within …

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner: Lady Proudmoore, the Warchief speaks the truth.  This subterfuge was set in motion by Varimathras and Grand Apothecary Putress.  It was not the Horde’s doing. As the combined Horde and Alliance forces began their assault upon the Wrath Gate, an uprising broke out in the Undercity.  Varimathras and hordes of his demonic brethren attacked. Hundreds of my people were slain in the coup.  I barely managed to escape with my life.

Thrall: The Horde has lost the Undercity. We now prepare to lay siege to the city and bring in the perpetrators of the unforgivable crime to justice. Know this, Jaina: War with the Alliance is not in our best interests. If we are forced into a conflict, the Lich King will destroy our divided forces in Northrend. We will make this right, Jaina. Tell your king all that you have learned here.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore:  I will deliver this information to King Wrynn, Thrall, but… Bolvar was like a brother to him. In the King’s absence, Bolvar kept the Alliance united. He found strength for our people in our darkest hours. He watched over Anduin, raising him as his own. I fear that the rage will consume him, Thrall.  I remain hopeful that reason will prevail, but we must prepare for the worst … for war. Farewell, Warchief.  I pray that the next time we meet it will be as allies.


The demon lord, Varimathras, and the Forsaken’s chief apothecary, Putress, are responsible for this betrayal.

(Thrall nods.)

Yes, the same Putress responsible for discovering the cure for the recent Scourge plague outbreak.

Those that would not side with their regime have been executed or banished. Sylvanas was nearly killed in the coup.

The Horde has lost the Undercity. Orgrimmar will take on the Forsaken refugees until there is a resolution to this crisis.  For now we are under martial law.


On the day of my death I wish to be able to say that I lived a life without regret. Those who mourn my passing will know that I was a Warchief who made decisions that best served his people.

But this betrayal by Varimathras and Putress… All that we have worked for is for nothing.

(Thrall’s chest heaves with a heavy sigh.)

Justice must be served.

Portals to Undercity will be active momentarily. Vol’jin will be waiting for you. I will meet you there soon. Together we will make it right, (name).

(Take the portal to Undercity located in Grommash Hold and report to Vol’jin.)

Thrall: Kor’kron, prepare transport to Undercity.

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