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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade – Frostlord Ahune Kill Video


After listening to the conversation between the Heretic Emissary and Ice Caller Briatha, click the totem item in your inventory.  It will summon the Earthen Ring Guide (wolf). He says: “The elemental spirits are restless … Have you discovered something?

Your journey is not over yet. You must now return to the Earthern Ring Elder located at the Midsummer Fire Festival camp in Shattrath City—just north of the Flightmaster.

Blizzcon 2008 – PvP and Battlegrounds Panel

Non-instanced pvp
Siege vehicle combat
Air combatDestructible buildngs

The demolisher
– Baseline for all siege damage
– Long range
– Driver & 3 passengers
– Passengers can cast spells while the vehicle is moving

Forsaken Catapult
– Most agile
– Limited range
– Driver Only
– Lowest damage
– Lowest cost

Flying Machine
– Flying Vehicle
– Swif
– Fragile
– Vulnerable to Anti-air

Goblin Shredder
– Anti-air rockets
– Personal Armor Suit
– Close-range melee attack
– Designed to counter planes
– Vulnerable to siege damage

Northrend Arenas
– Keep it simple
– Simple still leaves room to innovate
– Dynamic Area of Interest
– Unique starting areas/events
– Room to grow

Dalaran Arena
– Located in the sewers of Dalaran city
– Dynamic LOS
– Simple layout

For example if a pillar is used as Line of Sight (LOS) to hide, the next three seconds that pillar may magically move to elsewhere, leaving you vulnerable to attack. You can move away to hide in a new spot.

– Mounts will not be usable here

Orgrimmar Arena
– Located in the Orgrimmar arena in the valley of Heroes
– Elevating pillars reate LOS
– Triggered objects that damage players( Spikes)
– Extremely close starting areas

Northrend Batteground Blockout

This looks like Booty bay world pvp from the old times with two boats on the coast and three buildings with higher ground to reach through ramps.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Death Knight Talent Trees

The Death Knight Hero Class offers players a good alternative with Tanking and DPS abilities that may serve as an asset to your raid. It will also help fill a void when there are no tanks available. It is easy and faster to level the Death Knight from level 55-80. Below you can browse through the Death Knight’s Talent Trees.

Note: Keep in mind this Wrath of the Lich King build was from 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals. Things may change drastically through closed beta and release date. The Talent Trees below might not be accurate by then.

Preview|Blood Talent|Frost Talent|Unholy Talent

Rank 0/2
Whenever you kill an enemy that grants experience or honor, you generate 10 runic power.  In addition you generate 1 runic power per 3 sec.
Blade Armor
Rank 0/5
You gain 5 attack power for every 1000 points of your armor value.
Improved Blood Strike
Rank 0/3
Increases the bonus damage your Blood Strikes cause to diseased targets by 30%.
Rank 0/3
Requires 5 Points in Blood Talents
Increases the critical strike chance of Blood Strike, Pestilence and Obliterate by 1% and reduces threat generated while in Blood or Unholy Presence by 8%.
Forceful Deflection
Rank 0/5
Whenever you kill an enemy that grants experience or honor, you generate 10 runic power.  In addition you generate 1 runic power per 3 sec.
Rune Tap
Rank 0/1
Requires 10 Points in Blood Talents
Instant – 1 Blood – 1 min Colldown
Converts 1 Blood Rune into 10% of your maximum health.
Dark Conviction
Rank 0/5
Requires 10 Points in Blood Talents
Increases your chance to get a critical strike with melee weapon by 1%.
Improved Rune Tap
Rank 0/3
Requires 1 point in Rune Tap

Requires 15 Points in Blood Talents

Increases the health provided by Rune Tap by 15%
Spell Deflection
Rank 0/3
Requires 5 points in Forceful Deflection

Requires 15 Points in Blood Talents

You have a chance equal to your Parry chance of taking 10% less damage from a direct damage spell.
Rank 0/2
Requires 15 points in Blood Talents
Heals you for 3% of your total health whenever you kill a target that yields experience or honor.
Scent of Blood
Rank 0/3
Requires 20 points in Blood Talents
After being struck by a ranged or melee critical hit, you gain the Scent of Blood effect, causing your next 2 melee hits to steal life from the enemy.  Lasts for 12 sec. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 12 sec.
Blade Barrier
Rank 0/3
Requires 20 points in Blood Talents
Whenever you have no Runes active, your Parry chance increases by 5% for the next 8 sec.
Mark of Blood
Rank 0/1
Requires 20 points in Blood Talents
Instant – 1 Blood – 1 Unholy – 30 yard range
Place a Mark of Blood on an enemy. Whenever the marked target is healed, all party members receive a 5% of that healing (up to a maximum of 5% of the Deathknight’s health).  If a marked target that grants experience or honor is killed, all party members are healed for 10% of their total health.  Last 3 minutes.
Bloody Vengeance
Rank 0/5
Requires 5 points in Dark Conviction

Requires 25 points in Blood Talents

Gives you a 1% bonus to Physical and Shadow damage you deal for 30 sec after dealing a critical strike from a weapon swing, spell, or ability.  This effect stacks up to 3 times.
Blood Rune Mastery
Requires 25 points in Blood Talents
When you strike a diseased target, there is a 10% chance that the time it takes for your Blood Runes to activate will be cut in half for the next 5 sec.
Infested Corpse
Rank 0/3
Requires 30 points in Blood Talents
When an enemy that grants experience or honor dies while suffering from one of your diseases, its corpse has a 10% chance of producing 1 Bloodworm.  Bloodworms attack your enemies, healing you for the amount of damage they deal for 20 sec or until killed.
Rank 0/1
Requires 30 points in Blood Talents
Instant – 1 Blood – 1 Unholy
30 yd range – 2 min cooldown
Induces a friendly unit into a killing frenzy for 30 sec. increasing their physical damage by 20%, but causing them to suffer damage equal to 1% of their total health every second.
Veteran of the Third War
Rank 0/3
Requires 30 points in Blood Talents
Increases your total Strength by 2% and your total Stamina by 1%.
Sudden Doom
Rank 0/5
Requires 35 points in Blood Talents
Your Blood Strikes have a 4% chance to make your next Death Coil consume no runic power if cast within 8 sec.
Blood Aura
Rank 0/2
Requires 35 points in Blood Talents
Increases the amount Blood Presence heals you by 10%.  While in Blood Presence, increases the total Strength of all party members within 45 yeards by 2%.
Will of the Necropolis
Rank 0/3
Requires 40 points in Blood Talents
Increases your expertise by 2.  When you have less than 35% health, your total armor increases by 10%.
Heart Strike
Rank 0/1
Requires 40 points in Blood Talents
1 Blood – Next melee
Requires Melee Weapon
A debilitating attack that lowers the target’s total health by up to 20% for 30 sec.
Might of Mograine
Rank 0/3
Requires 40 points in Blood Talents
Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Blood Strike, Plague Strike and Obliterate abilities by 20%.
Blood Gorged
Rank 0/5
Requires 45 points in Blood Talents
When you are above 75%, your melee damage is increased by 2%.
Dancing Rune Weapon
Rank 0/1
Requires 50 points in Blood Talents
Requires Runic Power
Instant – Requires Melee Weapon – 1 min cooldown
Unleashes all available runic power to summon a second rune weapon that fights on its own for 1 sec per 5 runic power, doing the same attacks that you do.

Preview|Blood Talent|Frost Talent|Unholy Talent

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Diary of High General Abbendis

The very long series of quests pitting you against New Hearthglen reveal there is something more going on with the Onslaught than we new from earlier Scarlet Crusade lore.

When you are sent to kill High Abbot Landgren at the one of the New Hearthglen Chapels using a disguise provided by Agent Skully, he asks you to follow him outside of the chapel and near the cliff in the back.  He says he knows about you through a vision, and that your disguise doesn’t full him. The vision told him you were here to kill him. This is from the Horde quest: A Fall from Grace.


Agent Skully: We need more information from the high abbot, and now that we have the visage of one of the raven priests, I think we can get you close to talk with him.

Unfortunately, we need to separate him from his bodyguards or you’ll never get any information out of him.

(The agent leans on her shovel and thinks a moment.)

I think I’ve got it!  While in disguise, go to the top of teh abbey and ring the bell.  That should bring the Abbot’s bodyguards running and you can then head down to speak with him.

High Abbot Landgren: Yes, my son?

You: Your eminence, may I have a word in private?

(The high abbot studies you a moment and then smiles)

High Abbot Landgren: Very well, I know a place, child.  You just kiss my ring and let me know when you are ready.

You: I am ready, your grace. (Kiss the ring)

High Abbot Landgren: Then meet me at the entrance to the Abbey, I’ll be along in short order.

(Moments later)

High Abbot Landgren: I know a place nearby where we can speak in private, my child.  Follow me.

(After approaching the cliff on the back of the chapel …)

High Abbot Landgren: Did you think that I could not see through your filmsy disguise, (name)?

There is much that you do not understand, (race).  The Master sees all.

He told me that you would come for me.  I won’t die by your hand, though.  I have seen what you have done to my compatriots.

No.  I will leave this world in a manner o fmy own choosing.  And I will return, the grand admiral’s will permitting!


(High Abbot Landgren suicides by jumping off the cliff …)


Agent Skully: What the hell is going on here?

He jumped on his own? You’re certain that you didn’t push him?

(The agent narrows her eyes at you.)

Fine. Clearly there’s much more going on in this place than we first thought.


Agent Skully: We have to figure out what’s going on here. We need the general’s diary!

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find it on her nightstand upstairs at her house.  It’s the one next to church, across from the stables and the lumbermill.

Once you acquire the diary, take it to the high executor back at Venomspite.

You’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way; the power of the mirror is low and there’s only enough left for me.

(The agent smirks.)

Agent Skully has asked you to acquire The Diary of High General Abbendis and to deliver it to High Executor Wroth at Venomspite.


The voice whispered: “Come to me.” From the very beginning I knew that it was the Holy Light speaking to me in dreams.  At last!  After all of my years of prayers and good deeds, the cleansing of the blight of the unliving from the face of Azeroth.  After all of the failures and resurrections.


It happened again.  “Come to me …” the Light commanded.

I woke up freezing, but it wasn’t cold in my chambers.  I’m going to redouble my efforts!  I’ll tell the high abbot tomorrow that I want prayers increased.  No more half-measures!

The Holy Light has taken notice of our good work. I can feel it!

This time I was awake!  It was very vivid, and yet for over a minute, in the middle of the warm, sunny day, my breath came out misted and chill.  One of the priests noticed and dropped to his knees in prayer.

No one else heard the voice, thought.  At least the witness proves that I’m not going insane.  Maybe I should ask Landgren to pray on the matter?

I’ll get Jordan and Street to scrutinize their recruiting efforts tomorrow.  We’ve grown bloated with ranks of unbelievers who yearn only to destroy the undead.  That’s not enough!

The commander and the Bishop were both receptive.  Not that they had any choice.  Bishop Street in particular seemed very enthusiastic.  He spoke of a revival for the Crusade and swore to ferret out the weak of faith within our ranks.

I told him to go easy.  I’ve no intention of destroying the Crusade.  However, I do like the sound of forming an elite cadre of the most faithful to do the Light’s bidding in Northrend.  I fear the man’s friendship with LeCraft is slowly twisting him.  They both have their uses, though.

I will leave most of the Crusade here to continue mopping-up operations on the undead in our backyard.  I imagine that once they have finished what we began, most will disband and go back to their homes to live in peace.

That somehow seem right. At our finest. We have always been the salt of the earth, rising up to take back our homes from the filth of the Scourge corruption, to return our Lordaeron to its former glory.  To a time before the Scourge.  Before Arthas and regicide … before the Lich King.

There have been whispers amongst the men about a day soon to come that will change everything for the Scarlet Crusade.  Bishop Street has put a name to it, calling it the Crimson Dawn.

I will put some thought to this, thought I can feel the truth of it in my bones.  I pray that it will bring weal for us rather than woe.

The Light has spoken again with a great deal of urgency.  I came away from the dream with a sense of impatience.  I will not disappoint.  There must be no more delays.  We must soon be underway!

What a great coincidence then – and I had to control myself from showing my relief – this afternoon Captain Shelly procured for us a number of new ships for the voyage.  Perhaps it was no coincidence at all?  The Holy Light expresses its will in ways that we are not meant to understand.

I will take the Sinner’s Folly as my flag.  I think the name is most fitting.

Now I know why the Light has been pushing me to be underway.  In the dead of night a Scourge Necropolis appeared in the sky over us and out poured the minions of Hell!

A new breed of death knight leads the assault.  Already the casualties we’ve suffered have ben catastrophic.  With the Scourge able to strike at us anywhere and at will from above, there seems no way to mount a proper defense.

I fear that our intended expedition to Northrend is over before it has begun.

I’ve been informed that Hearthglen and the surrounding area have already begun to assemble a host.  High Commander Galvar Pureblood himself intends to lead them to save us. His efforts will be for naught.

I must see to it that my best couriers get through the enemy lines and warn him off.  Hearthglen must prepare to dig in and rally the rest of the Crusade.

With any luck, they’ll get through before nightfall.

There’s been no word from any of my couriers this morning.  It’s clear that none of them made it through to Hearthglen.  The Plaguelands are lost.  Pureblood will come with his forces and they’ll be annihilated out in the open.

This afternoon I received a vision from the Light.  In it, I saw the utter destruction of everything that we’ve built here.  The message was clear – I was being told to take the remainder of the most faithful and abandon the Crusade to their doom.

Landgren later told me that he’d received the same vision.  I cannot comprehend how the Light would tell us to take such a dishonorable action.  But it is not my place to question – I am to obey, and obey I shall.

It was with trepidation that I gazed upon New Avalon.  I suspect for the last time.  Our fate lies in Northrend.  I am filled with a sense of ominous foreboding for some reason.  The mission ahead should shake away these concerns.  I will put them out of my mind.

Perhaps with luck, High Commander Pureblood will somehow endure and marshal the survivors.  I’m a coward – a dog running away with my tail tucked between my legs!

Two months they tell me that this journey is going to take.  The other ships aren’t built for speed like the Folly.  They’re carrying most of our forces and equipment, and they’re not much more than single sail freighters, but they’ll get there safely.

I’m not looking forward to this, but for the Light I will endure the sea sickness.  I simply mustn’t let the others see.

I’ve not written in a while.  It’s as much as I can do to stand upright and not get sick.  The men are beginning to wonder why I keep myself holed up in my cabin most of the time.  It wouldn’t be good for morale for them to see me this way.

It shouldn’t be long now.  I pray that it won’t be.  Six weeks already and every day it seems that the weather, gets worse.  I can only hope that Northrend itself does not have such horrible weather. I wasn’t built for the cold.

The Holy Light has been silent for a very long time.

We were attacked with no warning whatsoever!  Giants in massive oared longships came out of the mist like ghosts!  They were silent as the dead.

I lost a ship and all of the men on it.  We fought with great courage and skill considering that we have only the most rudimentary naval combat training.

Afterward, the screams of our men who’d been taken captive by the giants echoed across the water.  After a while it grew silent again.  Bishop Street led the men in prayers.

I awoke this morning in the middle of making adjustments to my maps.  The Light was guiding my hand showing me exactly where we must go.

We are close!

Landfall !

Exiting the rowboat upon the beach, I planted our banner and was overcome by the Holy Light, which spoke through me.  Today is the Crimson Dawn – the great day that we’ve waited for.  This is to be the site of New Hearthglen.  We are no longer the Scarlet Crusade.  We are now the Scarlet Onslaught!

And an onslaught upon Northrend we shall be!  The cancer of the Scourge threatens to overflow in the crown of the world and drown the rest of us.  The time has come to take the fight directly to the Lich King’s doorstep.

It’s been almost a month now and construction has proceeded apace.  I’ve been too busy to write.  My scouts tell me that this land is full of dragons and other strange beasts.  We’ll keep to ourselves until we’re ready.

In the middle of services today, the High Abbot proclaimed that a visitor would arrive soon – one that the Light was sending to lead us to victory.

I don’t know how I feel about that.  Why didn’t the Light tell me?  Have I not served faithfully?  Now I’m to be replaced by some outsider?

Admiral Barean Westwind showed up on my doorstep tonight!  By all accounts he’d died upon these shores an age ago.

He didn’t look old enough and yet I knew that it was him.  He claimed that he was the only survivor of his doomed fleet and that he’d survived only through the good graces of the Light.

We stayed up speaking through the night and into the morning.  He assured me that he had no intention of taking my place, but that the Light had instructed him to travel across the Great Dragonblight to serve as my advisor and commander in title only.  He claimed that great change was coming to Northrend.  The Alliance and the Horde were going to come en masse in response to a great plague that the Lich King was about to unleash upon them.

The men have taken to the Grand Admiral with great zeal, especially High Abbot Landgren, and Bishop Street.  Apparently the Holy Light whispered a new blessing to the Admiral in his sleep which he passed on to Landgren.  Some of the men have converted to the priesthood and are now being called “Raven Priests”.

Only Jordan seems unimpressed.  I suppose that’s understandable.  He probably feels his position is threatened if mine is.

Something doesn’t seem right.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I cannot make myself fully trust the Admiral.  He’s done nothing wrong. Quite the contrary!  And yet, I have to trust my gut.

I will pray for understanding.  The Light delivered the Admiral to lead us to victory and it is not my place to question its decisions.  I will continue to obey.  I am faithful.

Another couple of months have passed.  We’ve made great strides in the construction of New Hearthglen.  The wall is almost complete as is the Barracks.  Kaleiki’s men are miracle workers.

My heart hasn’t been into writing.  I’ve been avoiding putting my thoughts here for some reason.  The Light hasn’t visited me of late, though the Admiral assures me that this is nothing to worry about.

My men report that a small group of Forsaken have broken ground on a camp along the hillside to the north.  On the other side of the Hill, the Alliance have apparently begun the construction of a much larger base.

The Admiral says that we should leave them be.  There are other Horde forces gathered to the west tha twould surely come to their aid if we were to attack.  I don’t feel good about it, but I see the logic in his reasoning.

The first phase of construction is done.  Admiral Westwind has ordered a group of my men to establish a toehold further to the north.  He wouldn’t go into detail, claiming that he was being guided to do so.

We caught four spies from the Forsaken town, Venomspite, this afternoon.  I’m going to have LeCraft torture them for information. If we only caught four, how many more have slipped in amongst us?

Why do I feel as if things are beginning to unravel?

—High General Abbendis

Note: The Diary of High General Abbendis can be found at her house next to the New Hearthglen’s Abbey, on the second floor.  It becomes readable during the Horde quest The Truth Will Out given by High Executor Wroth at Venomspite in the Dragonblight.

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