Are you excited for the 7th episode or the voting? Please let us know, by commenting down below! More news from Warlords of Draenor coming soon!

Azerothians! The time has come to prepare for war. Your factions need you-honor and ultimate chopper glory are on the line in the form of a FREE in-game mount! Rally your guildies, your friends, and all fellow Azerothians, and prepare to cast your vote that for your faction’s bike when the polls open during Episode 7 on May 30 But you’ll want to hurry-the polls will close on June 2, so do not miss your chance two show off your faction pride and let your war cry be heard!



Sebastian Vedoe

Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian Vedoe. Working for Blizzplanet, and I am from Norway. I have skills in journalism and a passion for World of Warcraft/Blizzard. I also enjoy spread out news! I have played since 2009 and still playing! See you in Draenoar!

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