Good Day. We take a look-back at the first aspects of WoW, and where it may take us in the future. From the main start at World of Warcraft, we were introduced to a dousin of aspects, which now plays a big role in Azeroth. Things changed. We got Cataclysm. The whole world of Azeroth got shattered by Deathwing, leaving it up to the aspects to defeat the dragon once and for all. Thrall also played a big role, even though as he was former Warchief of Orgrimmar.

After the aftermath of Deathwing, there was discovered a new world: Pandaria, the world of peace and pandarens. For nearly 10.000 years, Pandaria had been hidden from the world and not found, until now. Dark magic started to appear after the Horde and the Alliance came to the world, and it was going to get even worse. The new warchief Garrosh Hellscream, was no ordinary Orc. He was an Iron Orc, sent from the lore of his past to haunt the world of Azeroth and destroy everything within it.

He almost came trough with his gore plan, and it was up to us to stop HIM! Until now, Alliance has been fighting with the Horde — trying to end his blood War. They stood together to defeat Garrosh, and will now face a new challenge. They made peace at the throne of former warchief Garrosh, and will now face the challenge in the world of Draenor!

The Iron Horde has once again risen, after Garrosh escaped the prison in Pandaria. He has been sent back to the age where his father was young. It is now up to you to stop the Iron Horde from entering the Dark Portal, and save Azeroth from total destruction! There is now a new warchief of Orgrimmar. Who will be the Alliance’s new King?! The question remains a secret. Step up and fight!

See you on Draenor!


Sebastian Vedoe

Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian Vedoe. Working for Blizzplanet, and I am from Norway. I have skills in journalism and a passion for World of Warcraft/Blizzard. I also enjoy spread out news! I have played since 2009 and still playing! See you in Draenoar!

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