Hello, WoW-fans! This Month in WoW, Welcome to September, (MARK YOUR CALENDARS)


In September, Blizzard gives us two of the most popular events in Azeroth back to life, and as no stranger every year, Darkmoon Faire and Brewfest.

We are now back stronger than ever, to give you a heads-up of the new events happening in Azeroth this month. As every year, of Blizzard formal traditions of the World of Warcraft Calendar, every month new events appear, and this month is no exception! Welcome to September, a new month of surprises!


Darkmoon Faire
(September 6th-September 12th)


Darkmoon Faire is giving you numbered days of fun, joy, and contents beyond your imagination. What better way to see the exotic view of Azeroth than here?! Silas can´t wait to meet you! Enjoy the last day while you can! 🙂


Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
Which set sails on September 13th, (Sunday)


Master your fishing skills and earn those high-priced fishing poles, and show it off to the world! Become the ultimate Master fisherman of Booty Bay, this Sunday! Take it to the next level and enjoy the life of fishing!


Pirates’ Day
September 19th (Saturday)


Coming next week, players can dive into the one-day-only event Pirates’ Day which happens exclusive in Booty Bay every year, meet up with friends or foes, and enjoy the day of the pirates has to offer, and try out some fresh new masks, including other additional stuff! “Aye Aye, Captain! Load up the ship, pirates!”


(September 20th-October 6th)


Finishing it off with the every year Brewfest, set inspiration of Germany, and tales of Gnomes and Dwarfs drinking together, in all its glory, no need to worry! Arriving next week, Brewfest is coming to Azeroth, mastering the great planes of the Kalimdor, to the deep forests of Eastern Kingdoms, the Brewfest gives us the taste of brew, food and joyful music and party all day, all night! What better way to celebrate the year of Brewfest in Azeroth?

  • Starting September 20th, and continuing into October, the Dwarfs of Ironforge are ready to celebrate once more, and bring the people of Azeroth joy and harmony!
  • Remember to have fun, enjoy the events with friends and family of Azeroth!

Dragonsmaster Vedoe
– Greetings from Dragonmaster Vedoe

Sebastian Vedoe

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