Stone Cold

Ryshelle Brightlock: Our assault on the Court of Bones continues. Our progress remains slow, but measurable.

Unfortunately, we’ve received several reports of stone quilen statues coming to life without warning. I can’t have these quilen threatening my research expedition.

Venture into the Court of Bones and destroy any quilen statues that you can find.


Destroy 8 Grave Guardians.


Ryshelle Brightlock: The mogu’s history is fraught with savage conquest and tests of strength. After thousands of years, only the strongest members of their race have survived.


Ryshelle Brightlock: I am glad to hear that you left the quilen in a thousand tiny pieces. You have contributed much to our war effort.


Grave Circumstances

Grand Magister Rommath: The Court of Bones crawls with mogu forces. Endlessly do they perform their rituals of lightning and thunder.

If our mission to take this island is to succeed, then we cannot allow them to hold such a strategic position.

They must be eliminated.


Kill 10 Shan’ze Gravekeepers, Shan’ze Soulrippers, or Shan’ze Thundercallers.


Grand Magister Rommath: Excellent. You have dealt the mogu a blow that they shall not easily forget.


Soul Surrender

Captain Aerthas Firehawk: We assault the mogu at the Court of Bones, but I fear we merely send them fodder for their abominable rituals.

The mogu do not merely kill their prisoners – the steal their souls and imbue them in machinations of stone, or reforge the fallen into ghostly tools of war.

Horde or Alliance, it matters not. We cannot allow the mogu to bolster their numbers.

Go into the crypts. Free any prisoners that are still living.


Save 8 Sunreaver Scouts or Silver Covenant Scouts.


Silver Covenant Scout: Thank you, Horde hero, but next time we meet, I will show no mercy.

Sunreaver Scout: You have saved my life, champion. For that, I am in your debt.

Silver Covenant Scout: Although we are enemies, I will thank you. Just this once.

Sunreaver Scout: I knew the Sunreavers would not desert me. Thank you, champion.

Sunreaver Scout: Thank you, champion. Please, free the others as well!

Sunreaver Scout: How could the mogu be capable of such atrocity? Thank goodness you arrived when you did.

Sunreaver Scout: Did the Sunreavers send you? Thank you for the well-timed rescue.

Sunreaver Scout: You have my eternal gratitude, hero.


Grand Magister Rommath: Thank you, (name). You have lightened my heart of a heavy burden through your heroic actions.

I will remember your efforts on this day.


Preventing a Future Threat

Kethiel Sunlance: The creatures the Zandalari ride don’t start out so big, nor do they start out the vicious and loyal creatures they become.

If you can frighten some of the hatchling skyscreamers away from the beach, perhaps they will have a chance at a real life.


Frighten 12 Hatchling Skyscreamers by running near them.


Kethiel Sunlance: You have returned, (race). It is my hope that these young skyscreamers have the lives they deserve without dealing with the harsh treatment of the trolls.


Surgical Death

Halduron Brightwing: The Zandalari train skycreamers to become ferocious beasts in the skies. The spiritbinders require endless sacrifices – of our people – to be brought to them. And the Jaguar Warriors venture ever closer toward the heart of our camp.

Find them in Za’Tual and remove the threat.


Slay 3 Zandalari Spiritbinders, 3 Zandalari Bestcallers, and 3 Zandalari Jaguar Warriors.


Halduron Brightwing: I shall continue my unrest until the threat is subdued, but your aid brings us closer to that goal. I thank you, (name).


Harbingers of the Loa

Halduron Brightwing: Have you heard of the loa? We do not understand all of what it is, but it seems to be a dark magic with some degree of sentience.

We do not know what power the loa might possess, but I must ask you to put a stop to their rituals, (class).


Slay 2 Harbingers of the Loa.


The Harbinger of the Loa is only a title. You should look for Zandalari Speaker. These can be found inside the big tents with swirling magic on the rooftop. Try to avoid aggroing too much stuff on your way to them. They pack a punch. Move when the ground flares purple. It’s a large circular AOE that eats up your health pretty quick.


Halduron Brightwing: I can only imagine what horrors you witnessed, (name). Your bravery was put to the test this day, and you did not fail the Horde in your task.



Lor’themar Theron: The Zandalari have been a constant nuisance since we arrived on this island. I’ve assigned Hauldron Brightwing to take charge of dismantling their presence at Za’Tual, in the south.

Report to Hauldron when you are best able. He will have work for you.


Find Hauldron Brightwing outside of Za’Tual.


My rangers have sent back disturbing reports from Za’Tual. I believe it is time to take this fight to their doorstep.


Hauldron Brightwing: One more to join the Zandalari hunt? Good. Very good.


The Creeping Carpet of Ihgaluk

Amalia Penshire: Ah, roaches! I once bought a pet roach in the Undercity.

Roaches will soak up disease like a sponge, and then spread it as far as they can run. Which is pretty far.

Ihgaluk Crag is crawling with the things, and they carry Skumblade filth all over of this island. Crush as many of them as you can while you’re there.


Crush 150 Ihgaluk Roaches.



Subtle Encouragement

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: The saurok are vile, but we share an enemy: the mogu. And I’d rather send saurok to kill mogu than send my own men.

We’ve been collecting mogu weaponry. Bury these polearms into the skulls of the saurok. Feed our enemies’ rivalry, and you may save Horde lives.


Plant Mogu Weapons into the corpses of 9 Skumblade saurok.


Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Masterfully done, (class).