Illidan Stormrage: We will find no sanctuary on this world. Even now the full might of the Burning Legion rises to defend Argus.

The siege camp below overflows with demon filth that stand between us and the weapon trained on the Vindicaar.

They must be dealt with before it can fully charge, or Argus will be our grave.


Quest Objectives

Kill 12 demons.


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Prophet Velen: The devastators bombarding our forces prevent us from advancing any further. I can only protect us from their blasts for so long.

Champion, you must pierce the lines and remove the barriers protecting the devastators.

If you can destroy the anchors that maintain the shields, I can cleanse them from afar.



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Prophet Velen: Champion, we will suffer the same fate as the Army of the Light if the Legion fires that infernal weapon upon us.

We must descend into the siege camp below and destroy it while we still can!



Speak to Grand Artificer Romuul to disembark the Vindicaar.


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Prophet Velen: Everything is prepared for our assault. We need only establish the beacon to transport us to the vessel.

Once the beacon arrives, place your hand upon its surface to board the Vindicaar, the instrument of our retribution.



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Vindicator Boros: Prophet Velen and the others have gathered within the Vault of Lights below. There is an entrance just down this path.

We should find the Prophet at once so that we do not stall the invasion.



Meet Prophet Velen in the Vault of Lights in the Exodar.


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Lady Liadrin: The draenei have crafted a vessel to take us to Argus safely. They are gathering the invasion force on Azuremyst Isle as we speak.

We will join them there by sea. The Legion is no doubt keeping a close eye on the gateway to their world. We must retain the element of surprise.

Let me know when you are ready.



Speak to Lady Liadrin to set sail for the Exodar. Read More