PTR 3.1 Ulduar XT-002 Deconstructor

The XT-002 Deconstructor boss can be found at the Scrapyard in Ulduar. He uses an altered version of the Void Walker model. If that doesn’t chill your spine, with the dread memories, nothing will.  He has a very funny movement sub-routine: after he patrols back and forth, he will stand by the stairs to do exercises. To get ready to pull, wait until he moves either to the left or right side.  Then move all your players to the center. The tank must pull him and position him on top of the stairs by its center. The farthest he is from the scrapyard piles the better.

All players must stand together, stacking on top of each other.  This boss is like Tempest Keep: The Eye’s High Astromancer Solarian.  Players need to wake up and be alert if they don’t want their leader yelling and cussing. This video had to be slightly edited for that reason (for lack of options to edit sound).  When Deconstructor casts Light Bomb, you will be visibly surrounded by a yellowish glow that flashes every tick. Easy to see. It will cause up to 3000 damage to all nearby players within 10 yards for 9 seconds. The player must run either left or right, then return to where the players are stacking at.

At random, a player will be affected by Gravity Bomb. This one is very, very important to be alert with. It is an irregular-shaped purplish bubble surrounding the target, and after a short length of time it will attract all nearby players to the target and explode for up to 21000 damage. This is pretty much overkill for most cloth and leather class players, including holy paladins.

The one ability healers need to be alert with is the Tympanic Tantrum (Earthquake) which causes a lot of damage over time, and will kill anyone that is low in health. Healers need to know when to cast AOE heals, that includes Paladins. Holy Light is a mild AOE heal. Use it. Priests should spam AOE heals. Shamans should focus chain heal, and everyone else should place HOTs on everyone they can.

When Phase two kicks in, Deconstructor will stop all attacks and stand still. You will see huge sparks coming off him, and landing far away to each of the four scrapyard piles. A bunch of bots will spawn ranging three types of bots.  The first target range players need to kill are obviously the bomb shaped ones: XE-321 Boombot. These can do up to 13000 damage to all nearby players.

However, the ones you should also watch out for—make sure you assign players to take care of them—are the XS-013 Scrapbots.  These will merge with Deconstructor, healing him. You really don’t want this to happen. As you will see in our video, the raid players were close to kill him after 11 minutes, but he went into enrage mode wiping us.  If these Scrapbots heal him, you better call it and reset to save time, because most likely he will enrage. The phases are rinse and repeat until he dies. Train your guild players to take care of the boombots and scrapbots, and to run when they should during Light Bomb and Gravity Bomb, and this boss will surely be cake. Just needs coordination.

XT-002 Deconstructor abilities:

  • Gravity Bomb: Charges the target with dark energy (the gravity well), causing them to explode and pull in nearby allies after 9 sec. This sucks people in, so stay away from others! It creates Gravity Well on the player: This pulls various players within 10 yards and deals up to 21000 damage.
  • Light Bomb: Charges the target with divine energy, causing them to sear nearby allies for 9 sec. Inflicts up to 3000 damage per tick to nearby allies.
  • Tympanic Tantrum: Deals 10% damage every 1 sec for 12 sec. Nearby enemies are also dazed for the duration. This is an earthquake effect when he punches his fists onto the ground.

On phase two he stops attacking and you will see big sparks launching off him toward the four scrap piles in the area. This will spawn three types of mobs in large numbers.:

  • XS-013 Scrapbot: These must be killed soon before they reach the boss. They are absorbed by the boss to repair itself.
  • XM-024 Pummeler: They do the least damage, causing 2000 damage with Arcing Smash.
  • XE-321 Boombot: These must be your primary target. Need to be max dps’ed. Otherwise they inflict up to 13000 damage to all nearby players.

Warcraft Legends Marathon !!!

Today, Chapter 3 of Warcraft Legends Vol. 1 is available: How to Win Friends—by Dan Jolley. (47 pages). Watch on the media player below.

On March 17, Warcraft: Legends Vol. 3 goes on sale in bookstores everywhere. To celebrate, TOKYOPOP is sponsoring a FREE Warcraft: Legends marathon! Eight stories in eight days—just enough time to get hyped up for the next installment of Warcraft Legends.

And while you’re checking out these stories, make sure you check out the Warcraft: Legends Vol. 3 Preview HERE.

I will provide a link to each Marathon day everyday to make it easier for you to find them. This is a real nice touch by TOKYOPOP to let you read these for free.

Warcraft: Legends Volume 1

Friday, March 6: Fallen by Richard A. Knaak & Jae-Hwan Kim (Available)

Monday, March 9: The Journey by Troy Lewter, Mike Wellman & Mi-Young No

Tuesday, March 10: How to Win Friends by Carlos Olivares

Wednesday, March 11: An Honest Trade by Troy Lewter & Nam Kim

Warcraft: Legends Volume 2

Thursday, March 12: Fear by Richard A. Knaak & Jae-Hwan Kim

Friday, March 13: Warrior: Divided by Grace Randolph & Erie

Monday, March 16: Miles to Go by Dan Jolley & Elisa Kwon

Tuesday, March 17: Family Values by Aaron Sparrow & In-Bae Kim

Recent In-Game Fixes 3-10-09

The WoW Developers have applied very welcome fixes to the Ring of Valor Arena that will allow players to reduce their damage taken during fear or roots.  The flame wall was an exploitable mechanic for druids who would root players at the right moment and place to cause players to get flame wall damage without the ability to move away from it.  Fear could also cause players to take excessive damage with Flame Wall.

Now players can start fighting as soon as the elevator reaches to the top. The gates that used to surround the elevator have been removed.

  • The flame wall in the Ring of Valor arena will now be able to break spells like fear and roots after a player takes damage.
  • The gates in the Ring of Valor arena have been removed so players are now free to begin combat as soon as the elevators reach the floor of the arena.
  • We modified the small side pillars in the Ring of Valor arena to start in the up position instead of rising up a few seconds after the start of the match.

CrossOver Games Support For DirectX 10 Linux and Mac Soon

I rarely post news outside the Blizzard games scope, but I thought this one was very interesting to share with Mac and Linux Blizzard gamers. Codeweaver—developer of the CrossOver Games—announced their roadmap for 2009 highlighted by their support of DirectX 10 right out of the box.—Full Article.

We’ve just shipped a lot of those ‘under the hood’ improvements for games out in CrossOver Games 7.2. We’re really pushing Direct X 9 support pretty far along, and getting ready to move on Direct X 10.

In the next few months, we’ll be shipping CrossOver Linux 8.0, and CrossOver Mac 8.0. That revision of our flagship product will bring support for IE7, modern QuickBooks versions, Quicken 2009 (at a nice speed), Photoshop CS3, and many many other improvements, particularly around Microsoft Office and specifically Outlook. —via Slashdot Winners: World of Warcraft: Arthas Galley

The winners are now announced. Watch the video to find out who won the World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King galleys. This video shows you the box full of books that I will be shipping in upcoming days to all winners around the world—courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Inc and Blizzard Entertainment. You will be able to read this book nearly a month earlier.  Those who wish to purchase the book, it will be on bookstores on April 21.

PTR 3.1 Deadly Gladiator Priest PvP Set

Added the Deadly Gladiator Priest PvP Set obtainable from the Emblem of Conquest Quartermaster in PTR 3.1.  The most attractive piece of the Investiture and Rainment sets is the gloves—Equip: Reduces the cooldown of your Psychic Scream ability by 3 sec.  Both sets have a (2) pieces bonus: +50 Resilence rating; and the (4) Pieces bonus Reduces the duration of the Weakened Soul effect caused by your Power Word: Shield by 2 sec.

The Gladiator’s Investiture set offers:

1250 Armor
515 Stamina
224 Intellect
227 Spirit (plus 16 spirit socket bonus)
452 Spell Power (plus 7 spell power socket bonus)
271 Resilience (plus 6 resilence rating socket bonus and plus 50+ resilience with 2 set pieces)

Meta socket x 1
Red socket x 3
Blue socket x 2
Yellow socket x 2

The Gladiator’s Raiment set offers:

1250 Armor
515 Stamina (plus 15 Stamina socket bonus)
224 Intellect
452 Spell Power (plus 12 Spell Power socket bonus)
227 Critical Strike Rating
271 Resilience (plus 8 Resilience rating socket bonus)

Meta socket x 1
Red socket x 3
Blue socket x 2
Yellow socket x 2

World of Warcraft: Arthas Galley Winners

Thanks everyone for participating in this Blizzplanet’s giveaway.  The World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King galleys given away are a courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Inc and Blizzard Entertainment. The fortunate winners of this great novel are:

  • Gurtogg
  • Handclaw
  • Kenzuki
  • Xarthat
  • Lon-Ami
  • Kyosei
  • Neto
  • Rainska
  • Odethrissa

You still have a slight chance at getting one of these ARTHAS galleys at our sister site where I am giving away ten more. The giveaway ends tomorrow Monday, March 9th.  So get going and participate there too.

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