World of Warcraft Patch 8.1 – Incursion World Quests

As explained by Ion Hazzikostas, Incursions are like the Legion Invasion world quests, which interrupt the normal flow of daily world quests with a special event that lasts less than 24 hours.

The Incursion is an invasion world quests hub where instead of demons, Horde soldiers attack Kul Tiras, or Alliance soldiers attack Zandalar. It is the next chapter of the War Effort. At the end of the Incursion, you get a Achievement progress for “ON THE FRONTLINES” (Alliance) or “FRONTLINE WARRIOR” (Horde).

You can choose any 4 Incursion world quests to complete the main quest. Doing the remaining Incursion world quests available in the zone, after those four, is optional.

| Tiragarde Sound
1. Breaching Boralus9. Impulsive Propulsion
2. The Ambassador10. Mistweaver Nian
3. Look Out Below!11. Wet Works: Bridgeport
4. Hartford Sternbach12. First Aid Mission
5. Counter-Sabotage13. Captain Greensails
6. Artillery Master Goodwin14. Blight and Sound
7. Bombs Away15. Strong Arm John
8. Fogsail for a Day
| Stormsong Valley
1. Horde of Heroes (Complete 4 Incursions WQ)7. Smoke the Supplies
2. Mine Your Business8. Wet Work: Fort Knight
3. Owynn Graddock9. Firewarden Viton Darkflare
4. Azerfight!10. Bombs Away
5. Tidesage Clarissa11. Voidmaster Evenshade
6. Nalaess Featherseeker12. Emergency Extrication
| Vol'dun
1. Isolated Victory (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)6. Desert Crawl
2. Vulpera for a Day7. Ormin Rocketbop
3. Bombs Away8. Battle Bots
4. The Hills have Spies
5. Azerite Altercation
| Zuldazar
1. Shores of Zuldazar (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)6. They Love Iron
2. Dinohunter Wildbeard7. Portal Keeper Ramuul
3. Crate n' Barrel8. Receding Treeline
4. Get on the Payload
5. Short for an Orc
| Drustvar
1. In Every Dark Corner (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)7. Azerite Caravan
2. Fungal Infestation8. Plowing the Field
3. Azerite Caravan9. Bird's-Eye View
4. Wet Work: Arom's Stand10. Inquisitor Erik
5. Elemental Azerite11. Maddok the Sniper
6. Magister Crystalynn
| Nazmir
1. Romp in the Swamp (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)7. Classic Gnomish Engineering
2. Azerite Assault8. Azerite Transport
3. It's Raining Mana9. This Gang of Mine
4. Siegeotron10. Self Guided Tour
5. Thomas Vandergrief11. Brewmaster Lin
6. The Blightest Touch12. Overgrown Ancient


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