Battle For Azeroth World Quest Videos

This is a complilation of Battle For Azeroth World Quest Videos by Zone. Players unlock World Quests at level 118, after completing all three War Campaign Foothold achievements. At level 120, Nathanos Blightcaller (Horde) gives you the quest Uniting Zuldazar. Or Halford Wyrmbane (Alliance) the quest Uniting Kul Tiras.

Atal'zul Gotaka
Azerite Empowerment (Hex Priest Haraka)
Azerite Empowerment: Zu'shin the Infused
Azerite Madness: Verdant Slope
Azerite Mining (Xibala)
Azerite Mining (Verdant Slope, Garden of the Loa)
Azerite Wounds
Beachhead (Backwater Beach, Zuldazar)
Behind Mogu Lines
Biting the Hand That Feeds Them
Bring Ruin Again
Brutal Escort
Compromised Reconnaissance
Cut Off Potential
Dark Chronicler
Darkspeaker Jo'la
Enforcing The Will of The King
Hakbi the Risen
Headhunter Lee'za
Hex Education
Horde War Effort (Emissary)
Hundred Troll Holdout
Knives of Zul
Loa Your Standards
Make Loh Go (Atal'Gral)
Old Rotana
Preservation Methods
Pterrible Ingredients
Purify the Temple
Quelling The Cove
Rally the Rastari
Ritual Combat
Saving Xibala
Scamps With Scrolls
Scrolls and Scales
Shell Game (Xibala)
Silence the Speakers
Subterranean Evacuation
Supplies Needed: Tidespray Linen
Syrawon the Dominus
The Blood Gate
The Matriarch (Ji'arak)
The MOTHERLODE!!: Elementals on the Payroll
The Shores of Xibala
Torraske the Eternal
Tortollan Seekers
Twisted Child of Rezan (122)
What Goes Up
Word On The Streets
Wrath of Rezan
Zu'shin the Infused
A New Era
A Thorny Problem
Arms Deal
Azerite Empowerment: Herald Zaxuthril
Azerite Empowerment: Tidesage Morris
Azerite Madness
Azerite Mining (Braxton Lodge)
Azerite Mining (Roaring Highland)
Azerite Wounds (Braxton Lodge)
Beachhead Eventide Delta
Boarder patrol
Briarback Mountain
Captain Razorspine
Corrupted Tideskipper
Counter Intelligence
Dagrus the Scorned
Favored Grandchild
Fiendish Fields
Foreman Scripps
Good Boy!
Grimscowl The Hairbrained
Haegol the Hammer
Ice Sickle
In the Shadow of the Kracken
It's Lit
Light in the Darkness
Lizards and Ledgers
Loose Change
Make Loh Go
Milden Mud Snout
Mine or Trouble
Pest Remover Mk. II
Plagued Earth Policy
Poacher Zane
Red Sunrise
Sea Salt Flavored
Severus the Outcast
Shell Game
Shell Game Seeker's Vista
Shrine of the Storm: Cleansing Fonts
Sister Absinthe
Snakes in the Shallows (bugged)
Son of a Bee
Song Mistress Dadalea
Sticky Mess
Stiff Policy
Storm's Rage
Taja the Tidehowler
The Culling
The Faceless Herald
They Came From Behind!
Too Much To Bear
Tortollan Seekers Emissary (4-World Quests Turn-in)
Turtle Tactics
Vinespeaker Ratha
Wagga Snarltusk
Wendigo to Sleep
A Feathery Fad
A Supply of Stingers
Adhara White (Level 123)
Against the Storm
Auditor Dolp
Azerite Empowerment
Azerite Mining (Winterchill Mine)
Azerite Mining: Umber Shore
Azerite Wounds
Barman Bill
Beachhead (Freehold)
Beachhead (Daelin's Gate)
Billy Goat Barber
Black-Eyed Bart
Bloodmaw (122)
Bringing the Heat
Broodmother Razora
Captain Wintersail
Corruption in the Bay
Crews of Freehold
End Their Vigil
Falcon Hunt
False Prophets
Foundry Meltdown
Foxhollow Skyterror
Freehold: Man O' War (dungeon)
Freehold: Pieces of Eight (dungeon)
Ghost of the Deep (122)
Gnomish Azerite Extraction
Grimestone Crimes
Grounding The Grimestone
Hardcore Raiders
Hillborn Broodmother
I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay
Like Fish in a Barrel
Lumbergrasp Sentinel
Maison the Portable
Make Loh Go (Thovas Base-Camp)
Polly Want A Cracker?
Ranja the Last Chillpaw
Rear Admiral Hainsworth
Resurgence of the Beast
Saurolisk Tamer Mugg
Sausage Party
Shell Game
Shiverscale the Toxic
Sky Drop Rescue
Slippery Slopes
Smaller Haulers
Smuggler Shakedown
Snow Way Out
Squirgle of the Depths
Supplies Needed: Calcified Bone
Supplies Needed: Deep Sea Satin
Supplies Needed: Siren's Pollen
Supplies Needed: Monelite Ore
Swab This!
Sythian The Swift
The Bear Witch Project
The Lord's Hunt
The Scrimshaw Gang
The Tendrils of Fate
The Winged Typhoon World Boss
Tidal Teachings
Treasure in the Tides
Twin-Hearted Construct
Vigilant Lookouts

These are videos of the Emissary World Quest Turn In after completing 3-4 World Quests for a faction:

7th Legion Emissary (Alliance War Effort)

Champions of Azeroth Emissary

Honorbound Emissary (Horde War Effort)

Order of Embers Emissary

Storm's Wake Emissary

Tortollan Seekers Emissary

Zandalari Empire Emissary


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