Blizzard Entertainment deployed Shadowlands Alpha build 34821. Over 2.5GB in size.

This build doesn’t introduce access to The Maw. In fact, the level cap remains at level 59.

There is no character wipe, but there is a bug that causes a sort of soft character wipe. Basically, the game no longer recognizes your progress. This is problematic, because if you completed Ardenweald quests up to the point where you meet the Winter Queen and get access to the Heart of the Forest — this build no longer allows you to enter the Heart of the Forest.

If you were in Maldraxxus and completed all the quests up to the point where you were granted access to the Seat of the Primus… this build doesn’t recognize that progress. The door is locked and you can’t enter the Seat of the Primus.

In short, you need to create a new character and start from scratch.


The Maw is not available in this build, but a new map is available.

In the future, my theory is that once The Master of Lies questline becomes available for testing at Sinfall (Revendreth), the Revendreth questline ends and you will be sent to Oribos to deliver a report to Tal-Inara. He will then give you a quest to go to The Maw.

This is a theory based on how the questline progression flow has been presented so far in the past two builds.

So far the quests hint that we enter the Shadowlands at The Maw. Thereafter, we are known as the Maw walker — the one who escaped The Maw.

From there we start the journey in The Vestibule of Eternity in Bastion.

When you complete the quests in Bastion, you are sent to Tal’Inara who gives you the quest: The Arbiter’s Will.

In the questline flow through Shadowlands, when you complete the core quests of Bastion, you are sent to Oribos to report what is happening at Bastion. That Maldraxxus’ Necrolords are attacking Bastion. Tal-Inara gives you the quest The Arbiter’s Will to open a gateway from Oribos to Maldraxxus.

This brief video shows you how this works. The quest flow is as follows: You enter the Shadowlands for the first time at The Maw (not available for testing in this build — but NPCs call you the Maw-walker who escaped The Maw).

Then you land in Bastion. When you complete the quests in Bastion, you are sent to Oribos to find out why the Necrolords are attacking Bastion.

In Maldraxxus, you learn that The Primus has been missing for a long time, and there was a war between factions that created the Plaguefall and killed or infested a portion of Maldraxxus. Drakka and Vashj lead you to access the Seat of the Primus. Once you complete the Maldraxxus quests, you are sent back to Oribos.

Tal-Inara now sends you to Ardenweald to seek an audience with the Winter Queen. The anima drought of Ardenweald is affecting their realm. Once you complete the quests, Ysera grows from her wildseed.

You are now entrusted to find out why there is an anima drought, and to ask the master of Revendreth if they can spare some anima to Ardenweald.

In Revendreth, you discover that the Master is the cause of the anima drought across Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth. He is directly siphoning all Shadowlands anima to The Maw. So far the level cap is 59. So we have no access to The Maw and end-game yet in build 34821.


De Other Side dungeon features Mueh’zala who has Bwonsamdi captive. You have to defeat 3 bosses oddly spread throughout three realms: Mechagon, Zul’Gurub, and Ardenweald.

In Mechagon, you fight The Manastorms. In Zul’Gurub you fight Hakkar the Soulflayer. In Ardenweald, you fight Dealer Xy’exa.

The video is just a preview. The last boss, Mueh’zala, is bugged in build 34821. There is a phase where Mueh’zala starts channeling Shatter Reality. Bwonsamdi opens Deathgates to allow the players to avoid dying. However, Deathgate causes all players in the dungeon to crash to desktop. Watch the video for the first three bosses.


Bwonsamdi: Now ol’ Bwonsamdi don’t just be makin’ deals on Azeroth. Brokers be lookin’ for power… all kinda power. Dis one ain’t gonna want ta give back me mojo. Careful now… she be tricksy…

Bwonsamdi: Dem brokers be up ta somethin’. Ya best be keepin’ an eye on ’em! NNNGGGG! Now hurry back wit me mojo!


Bwonsamdi: It don’t just be trolls who be comin’ ta ask for ol’ Bwonsamdi’s help. All kinds be makin’ deals wit da loa of death! Like dese two crazy little gnomes here. Dey both be hungry for power, so me were happy to oblige. But now, uh… me be needin’ dat mojo back!

Milhouse Manastorm: What have we here? That dusty old loa has sent debt collectors already?! But I haven’t had his mojo long enough to create my masterpiece!

Millificent Manastorm: Wait, YOU made a deal with Bwonsamdi too? I knew you took shortcuts in your shoddy work, Millhouse, but this is a new low!

Millhouse Manastorm: Well, I, uh… Hey, hold on a minute! You just admitted to doing the same thing I did! Hypocrite!

Millificent Manastorm: Has-been!

Millificent Manastorm: Back off, simpletons!

Millificent Manastorm: This one will drive you nuts!

Millhouse Manastorm: Power beyond comprehension!

Millhouse Manastorm: Stop! I’d rather give up the mojo than lose her!

Bwonsamdi: True love… now ain’t dat sweet? Ol’ Bwonsamdi be havin’ his share of romance back in his day. Heh… more den his share!


Bwonsamdi: Now here’s a loa ya might remember! Hakkar always be needin’ mojo for his rituals… and Bwonsamdi always be willin’ ta make a deal. Whatcha be givin’ me dat look for? Sure, Hakkar be a loa of blood. But a deal’s a deal, man! Tsk. Just get me mojo back.

Hakkar: His power is mine! I will live again!
Hakkar: Die, mortal!
Hakkar: Atal’ai! Rise in service of Hakkar!
Hakkar: Your blood sustains me!
Hakkar: Face the wrath of the Soulflayer!
Hakkar: The power… was mine…

Bwonsamdi: Ol’ Hakkar, he a nasty one. But ya be makin’ him pay his debt. Sooner or later, him gonna be back. Ya can’t be keepin’ a bad loa down!


Mueh’zala: No more mortals be comin’ ta save ya, Bwonsamdi!
Mueh’zala: Gonna send ya souls to da Maw!
Mueh’zala: I be da god of Death! Da Night’s Friend!
Mueh’zala: Crush ya light!
Mueh’zala: Rend ya body!
Mueh’zala: Steal ya life!
Mueh’zala: Behold da Father of Sleep! Da Son of Time!

Mueh’zala: Da true Loa of Death be claimin’ his prize!

Bwonsamdi: Hurry, the price don’t matter now.

Mueh’zala: Jailer take ya!

Bwonsamdi’s Fury: Ya best pay attention, Father of Sleep.

Mueh’zala: All be comin’ ta death in time!


Exile’s Reach seems to be back to the drawing board or cutscenes are being worked on for a upcoming build. Exile’s Reach (the new level 1-10 experience) has been disabled in build 34821. When you create a level 1 character on the Alliance or the Horde, you are no longer given the option to start at Exile’s Reach.


Chromie Time UI has been fixed, matching the correct images to the proper expansion. The images have been updated too (compare against Chromie Time UI build 34490).

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