Mechagon is a new island zone located west of Tiragarde Sound. About twice the size of the Timeless Isle in Pandaria.

Below you can watch all the Patch 8.2 Mechagon Questline videos from the PTR.

Learn more about Mechagon in our transcript of the Patch 8.2 Content Preview livestream.

As Horde, players can find the starting quest for Mechagon outside Dazar'alor (Great Seal) by the terrace, in Zuldazar. Talk to Gazlowe, located not far from the flightmaster.

1. Rumors of Mechagon6. You Must Be This Height
2. The Legend of Mechagon7. Machinations For Mechagon
3. A Quick Ear Hustle8. Only the Best Will Do
4. This is Our Vault Now9. To Mechagon!
5. Let's Get It Started

After unlocking access to Mechagon, you must earn Prince Erazmin's trust before being accepted in the Rustbolt Resistance faction.

1. Prospectus Bay6. We Can Fix It
2. We Come In Peace... And Profit7. Drill Rig Construction
3. The Resistance Needs YOU!8. Send My Father A Message
4. Rescuing The Resistance9. Welcome To The Resistance
5. My Father's Armies


1. Batteries Not Included
2. Your First Charge Is Free!
3. Wanna Charge? Gotta Pay!
4. The Quickcharge Contract (Honored with Rustbolt Resistance)
5. Recharging Rustbolt
6. Redistribution of Power
7. Energy Cells For Everyone
8. More Power
9. What Will It Grow? (Unknown Source. I had just completed Redistribution of Power)
10. Real Ultimate Power
11. Certified Pre-Owned
1. Junkyard Tinkering and You (Intro to Pascal-K1N6)
2. This One's On Me -- Transmog Blueprint: Scrapmaster's Blowtorch (Unknown: Seems to have triggered after I reached Honored with Rustbolt Resistance, or when I obtained Reclamation Rig achievement progress for the Diversed Investments achievement.)
3. Ideas Can Come From Anywhere (Quest unlocks when you complete the Achievement: Junkyard Collector. This makes visible all Blueprints you are missing at PASCAL-K1N6).
1. Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack
2. Blueprint: Rustbolt Gramophone
3. Blueprint: Experimental Adventurer Augment (Rustbolt Resistance Quartermaster reward: Neutral) | Trinket or Ring iLevel 395
4. Blueprint: Advanced Adventurer Augment (Rustbolt Resistance Quartermaster reward: Honored) | Trinket or Ring iLevel 410
5. S.P.A.R.E. Crates
6. Blueprint: BAWLD-371
7. Blueprint: Annoy-o-Tron Gang
8. Blueprint: Armored Vaultbot
9. Blueprint: Scrap Trap
10. Blueprint: Emergency Repair Kit
11. Blueprint: Orange Spraybot(Random % drop from Reclamation Rig)
12. Blueprint: Green Spraybot(Random drop from Crazy Trogg in the cave)
13. Blueprint: Blue Spraybot(Random drop from Data Anomaly -- during the random daily quest Discs of Norgannon) Dropped from Captain Kromcrush but might be random boss. Just stay there killing all Data Anomaly spawned by other players doing the same quest.
14. Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer
15. Blueprint: Ultrasafe Transporter: Mechagon
16. Blueprint: Re-Procedurally Generated Punchcard
16. Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential

Christy Punchcog gives a free Punch Card trinket: Pocket-Sized Computation Device. Instead of stats, it has three punch card slots: Red, Blue, and Yellow. The first one, Yellow, is free. Some are sold by the Quartermaster at different reputations, others drop from rare elites (i.e. Uncle T'rogg) or Mechagon dungeon bosses.

1. Upgraded (Rewards Punch Cards Trinket)
2. First One's Free (Free Yellow Punch Card)

Each day, Recycler Kerchunk will provide a daily non-repetitive quest. It is part of a series of quests that end with a mechanical spider mount over the course of weeks of effort.

1. Shop Project
2. Right Bot For The Job
3. Ready to Rumble
4. Knock 'Em Out Of The Box
5. A Little Leg Work
6. The Nuts And Bolts Of It
7. Factory Refurbished
8. Grease The Wheels
9. Emission Free
10. Test Drive
11. Knock His Bot Off
12. Drive It Away Today

Two Construction Projects at a time rotate each day: Flame Turrets, Drill Rigs, Reclamation Rigs, Launching Pads. Depending on which are available today, new rare elites (see map) will spawn in Mechagon that specific day. Check out our map with all known construction project locations.

1. Collaborative Construction
2. Defend the Reclamation Rig

To unlock the visitors, you need to bring Blueprint: Rustbolt Kegerator to Pascal-K1N6. This item drops from Seaspit (a deepsea murloc) located in the Western Spray (see #14 in this map). Completing all of the Outside Influences achievement objectives are a requirement within the Mecha-Done Achievement, which rewards the Keys to the Model W (the wheel mount).

1. One Gnome's Trash
1. Pirates, Sea Monsters, Robots
1. Clues Abound
2. A Growing Mystery
3. A Historical Mess
4. Strange Discovery
1. The Other Place
2. Adapt, Improve, Overcome!
3. The Final Act
4. Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer
1. Aid From Nordrassil
1. Bugs, Lots Of 'Em
2. Rico's Rescue
1. Other Interests
1. Unprofitable Ventures
2. A Direct Approach
1. My Chickens Are Not For Eating!
2. Azeroth Mini: Starter Pack
3. My Punkin, the Action Figure (Only available at Exalted with the Rustbolt)
1. Off-The-Books Brawlin'


1. Chopped Bots
2. That New Mount Smell

These quests are related to the Mechanocat Mount. The Paint Vials drop from various rare elites in Mechagon.

. Paint Vial: Big-ol Bronze
. Paint Vial: Fel Mint Green
. Paint Vial: Lemonade Steel
. Paint Vial: Mechagon Gold
. Paint Vial: Fireball Red

Junkwatt Depot

1. Recyclable Parts
2. More Recycling
3. Grim-Coated Disc
4. Discs Of Norgannon
5. Large Storage Fragment(Drops from Paol Pondwader at Western Spray)


1. Do Not Drink


Pedram Mechanotrax (62.24 77.08) - Top of the Mountain
1. Ravenous Rescue
2. Aim High
3. Bots Gone Wild(/way 60.05 69.62)
4. Blueprint: Orange Spraybot(Random % drop from Reclamation Rig)


1. Go For The Gold
2. The Family Jewels


Danielle Anglers is located on the west coast at 37.12 46.98. She gives you a blueprint to summon Deepwater Maw with a Blueprint: Hundred-Fathom Lure.

1. Fishing For Something Bigger
2. Tidying Up
3. Build A Bigger Fish Trap
4. Let's Fish!
5. A Gulper Ate The Rolly
1. Bolted Steelhead (Future Mechagon)
2. Bottom Feeding Stinkfish
3. Pond Hopping Springfish
4. Sludge-Fouled Carp
5. Mechanical Blowfish
6. Tasty Steelfin
7. Solarsprocket Barbel
8. Blueprint: Canned Minnows


1. Grounded
2. Waste Not(Available when Venture Co. is in The Fleeting Forest)


1. Blueprint: Green Spraybot(Random drop from Crazy Trogg in the cave)


1. Security First
2. Junkyard Treasures
3. Defend The Reclamation Rig
4. Rustbolt Rebellion


Rustbolt Requisitions: Lane Snapper
Rustbolt Requisitions: Shimmerscale
Rustbolt Requisitions: Storm Silver Ore
Rustbolt Requisitions: Tidespray Linen
Rustbolt Requisitions: Winter's Kiss

As Alliance, players can find the starting quest for Mechagon next to the Tradeswind Market flightmaster, in Tiragarde Sound. Talk to Tinkmaster Overspark.

1. The Legend of Mechagon5. Report To Gila
2. Looking Inside6. A Small Team
3. Let's Get It Started7. The Start Of Something Bigger
4. You Must Be This Height8. Princely Visit

All quests on the Horde tab are the same that Alliance players will encounter. You can continue watching the continuation of the questline from "3. The Resistance Needs YOU!"

1. Jeremy Feasel: Mechagon2. Mechagon Questline Videos3. Pascal-K1N6 & Quartermaster4. Mechanocat Mount
5. Summoned Rare Elites6. Mechagon Rare Elites Map7. Gift of the Dragonflights8. Construction Projects Map
1. Nazjatar Questline Videos2. Nazjatar Rare Elites Map3. Nazjatar Battle Pets Map4. Nazjatar World Quests
5. Severely Rusted Lockbox
1. Return To The Heart

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