If you haven’t completed this questline yet, you are missing off on owning a toy named Gift of N’Zoth, and of course… the story of Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire after the Legion Finale.

The questline starts when you loot an item named Azsharian Medallion.

The Azsharan Medallion has a high droprate from these Naga:

  • Darktide Brute
  • Darktide Champion
  • Darktide Marauder
  • Darktide Slaver
  • Darktide Sorceress
  • Darktide Witch

The droprate is so high, 4 of the items stacked in my loot window after killing a bunch of naga. It requires a level 120 character, though.

These only spawn during the World Quest: Naga Attack! — which rotates around each zone of Zandalar or Kul Tiras. So keep an eye on these zones every day until it spawns.

Once you loot the Azsharan Medallion, the item begins a quest: The Azsharan Medallion. Bring the item to Collector Kojo — who can be located at the Tortollan Seekers Emissary camp: Seeker’s Vista in Stormsong Valley (Alliance), or Scaletrader Post in Zuldazar (Horde).

Kojo asks you to take the knife from the table next to him: turns out to be Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire.

Kojo sends you to a makeshift naga altar located at the entrance to Atal’gral. You must place the depleted Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire on the altar.

You gather three items that assists Xal’atath to summon the presence of N’Zoth within a Crucible of Storms scenario to get his blessing of being freed from her blade prison. Xal’atath says her goodbye to you and goes through a void portal, promising to meet you again someday.

N’Zoth then turns his attention to you, and bless you with the Gift of N’Zoth.

This can be a permanent buff, or optionally — you can go to Queen Talanji (Horde) or Brother Pike (Alliance) to get the curse cleansed. At that point, you are given a toy named Gift of N’Zoth that gives you the buff and appearance for 1 hour. The toy is placed in your Toy Collection Tab.


1. Azsharan Medallion
2. Orders from Azshara
3. Every Little Death Helps
4. Unintended Consequences
5. The Pirate's Treasure
6. The Tempest Crown
7. Twist the Knife(Scenario / Cutscene)
8. His Eye Upon You
9. Crucible of Storms: Relics of Shadow
10. The Black Blade

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