As explained by Ion Hazzikostas, Incursions are like the Legion Invasion world quests, which interrupt the normal flow of daily world quests with a special event that lasts less than 24 hours.

The Incursion is an invasion world quests hub where instead of demons, Horde soldiers attack Kul Tiras, or Alliance soldiers attack Zandalar. It is the next chapter of the War Effort. At the end of the Incursion, you get a Achievement progress for “ON THE FRONTLINES” (Alliance) or “FRONTLINE WARRIOR” (Horde).

You can choose any 4 Incursion world quests to complete the main quest. Doing the remaining Incursion world quests available in the zone, after those four, is optional.

On the Frontlines achievement
| Tirigarde Sound
1. A Sound Defense (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)8. Bombs Away
2. Siege Engineer Krackleboom9. Togoth Cruelarm
3. Gate Crashers10. Not Too Sober Citizens Brigade
4. Eastpoint Encounter11. Bombing Ballistae
5. Where the Eagles Prey12. First Mate Malone
6. Mechinations13. Bilgewater Bash Brothers
7. First Sergeant Steelfang14. Zagg Brokeneye
| Vol'dun
1. Many Fine Heroes (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)7. Jin'tago
2. Scrambled Bots
3. Wet Work: Blood in the Sand
4. Battle Bots
5. Rocket Hop
6. Wolfleader Skraug
| Stormsong Valley
1. Ale Intent8. Mortar Master Zapfritz
2. Azerfight!9. Salvage the Supplies
3. Dinomancer Zakuru10. Shadow Hunter Mutumba
4. Furious Fracas11. Storm's Rage (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)
5. Gale's Unrest12. Shell Outs
6. Gurin Stonebinder13. Unfriendly Skies
7. Hold the Highland
| Zuldazar
Bilestomper No Bridge Too Dire
Crater n' Barrel Ritual Rampage (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)
Dino Time! Scout Captain Grizzleknob
Down With the Death Captains!
Gravity Matters
| Drustvar
1. A Drust Cause (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)6. Packmaster Swiftarrow
2. Brought to Light7. Engineer Bolthold
3. Fungal Infestation8. Tend the Wounded
4. Muk'luk9. Brought to the Light
5. Apothecary Jerrod10. Duchess Fallensong
| Nazmir
1. March on the Marsh (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)7. Barreling Through
2. Azerite Assault8. Cleansing Tide
3. Plague Master Herbert9. Shadow Hunter Vol'tris
4. Untapped Potential10. Arcanist Quintril
5. Stormcaller Morka11. Pterror of the Horde
6. Wet Work: Gloomwater Span
| Tiragarde Sound
1. Artillery Master Goodwin9. Hartford Sternbach
2. Blight and Sound10. Impulsive Propulsion
3. Breaching Boralus11. Look Out Below!
4. Captain Greensails12. Mistweaver Nian
5. Counter-Sabotage13. Strong Arm John
6. Explosive Relief14. The Ambassador
7. Eastpoint Emergency15. Wet Works: Bridgeport
8. Fogsail for a Day
| Stormsong Valley
1. Azerfight!8. Nalaess Featherseeker
2. Shells Out9. Owynn Graddock
3. Emergency Extrication10. Smoke the Supplies
4. Firewarden Viton Darkflare11. Tidesage Clarissa
5. Horde of Heroes (Complete 4 Incursions WQ)12. Voidmaster Evenshade
6. Knight-Captain Joesiph13. Wet Work: Fort Knight
7. Mine Your Business
| Vol'dun
1. Azerite Altercation7. Isolated Victory (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)
2. Battle Bots8. Ormin Rocketbop
3. Bombs Away9. The Hills have Spies
4. Desert Crawl10. Vulpera for a Day
5. Fury of the Earth11. Evezon the Eternal
6. Grand Marshal Fury
| Zuldazar
Azerite Transport They Love Iron
Crate n' Barrel Hard Landing
Dinohunter Wildbeard Blinky Gizmospark
Get on the Payload Wrath of the Ravasaur
Portal Keeper Ramuul
Receding Treeline
Shores of Zuldazar (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)
Short for an Orc
| Drustvar
1. Azerite Caravan7. Lights Out
2. Bird's-Eye View8. Maddok the Sniper
3. Elemental Azerite9. Magister Crystalynn
4. Fungal Infestation10. Medical Emergency
5. In Every Dark Corner (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)11. Plowing the Field
6. Inquisitor Erik12. Wet Work: Arom's Stand
| Nazmir
1. Azerite Assault8. Romp in the Swamp (Complete 4 Incursion WQ)
2. Azerite Transport9. Siegeotron
3. Brewmaster Lin10. Skirmish at the Span
4. Classic Gnomish Engineering11. The Blightest Touch
5. It's Raining Mana12. This Gang of Mine
6. Overgrown Ancient13. Thomas Vandergrief
7. Self Guided Tour14. Lightforged Warframe


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