Dragonflight 10.1.7 introduced the continuation to the Tyr saga with the Reforging the Tyr’s Guard questline. Travard invites you to the Azure Span to meet the new Tyr’s Guard recruits in training. After graduation, the Tyr’s Guard meets with Eternus to infiltrate Suramar to retrieve the stolen Tyr’s Disc from Queen Elisande.

1. A Dislocated Disc
2. We have the Technology
3. Reforging the Tyr's Guard
4. Walking the Path of Tyr
5. An Exemplar of Order: Talthis
6. An Exemplar of Sacrifice: Nolaki
7. An Exemplar of Compassion: Valunei
8. An Exemplar of Justice: Hadwin
9. For Tyr!
10. First Steps
11. Tyrangulation
12. The Final Beacon
13. Dislocated Disc Located