The Trading Post provides a variety of items such as appearance cosmetics, battle pets, and mounts which are traded for a new type of currency: Trader’s Tender. This currency is earned by completing a series of achievements. During the intro quest “Tour the Trading Post” — players are gifted 1500 Trader’s Tender from the Collector’s Cache (located next to Zen’kala).

The Trading Post is located near the Warboard in the Valley of Strength (Orgrimmar); and near The Stockade dungeon building (Stormwind). The quest pops onscreen when you enter Valdrakken, and possibly in other locations.

The Trading Post

Text from some of the NPCs and posters share some insights into the Trading Post:

Gothal (Stable Keeper): “The Trading Post gets fresh goods every month. The mounts that are stabled here can be purchased this month! Next month we will have a new selection of good to display and for you to purchase.”

Zaa’je: “Whoa! These outfits and weapons are somethin’ else! Every month Zen’shiri Trading Post gets new stuff and displays them here.”

Trading Post Poster: Welcome to the Zen’shiri Trading Post! Every month our goods and your activities and activity points are refreshed. Make sure to check the Collector’s Cache to collect any tender that you have earned.

  • Goods: Every month we get a new shipment of goods to trade with brave adventurers. You can see many examples of the goods we have to offer on display around the trading post. If you’ve got the tender, we’ve got the latest fashions, faithful companions, and steadfast mounts!
  • Activities: Every month a new selection of activities will be available to the bravest adventurers. We’ve done our best to make sure whatever types of adventures you like to do, you’ll find an activity for it. You may also see that some of the activities are based on a theme! Open the Traveler’s Log in the Adventure Guide to find this months’ activities.
  • Purchasing: Purchasing from the Trading Post could not be simpler, provided you have accrued enough tender. If you see an item you like but you don’t have enouogh tender you can “freeze” it. A frozen item will not rotate out when we get our new monthly shipment. We will hold it for you as long as you like!

Random Achievements: Traveler’s Log

Every month, there will be a themed achievement roster log that rewards you with Traveler’s Tender currency to spend at the Trading Post. This Traveler’s Log can be found at the Adventure Guide. This is an example of the Traveler’s Log listed on February 2023. Theme: February: Caring and Sharing. Complete 10 of any of these achievements per month.

Complete 30 quests.
Complete the Optional Waking Shores Storylines.
Complete 15 World Quests.
Complete Grand Hunts with the Maruuk Centaur. (2/2)
Earn Reputation Throughout the Dragon Isles. (4000/4000)
Complete a PvP World Quest in the Dragon Isles. (1/1)
Defeat Special Creatures During Primalist Storms. (2/2)
Defeat a Dragon Isles World Boss (Basrikron, Bazual, Liskanoth, Strunuaan)
Harpoon a Fish with a Friend (1/1)
Defeat 25 Raid Bosses.
Complete 15 Mythic+ Dungeons.
Complete 5 Mythic+ Dungeons.
Defeat 50 Dungeon Bosses.
Defeat Dragon Isles Master Tamers with Dragonkin Pets. (Bakhushek, Haniko, Setimothes, Patchu)
Earn 7500 Honor.
Fulfill Crafting Orders. (10/10)
Kill 10 Dragonflight Raid Bosses.
Win 10 Non-Skirmish Arena Matches.
Win 15 Pet Battles.
Win 5 Battlegrounds.
Complete Group Dragon Riding Races. (4/4 Group Races)
Defeat 25 Dungeon Bosses in a Cross-Faction Group.
Hatching of the Hyppogryphs: Get a Hatchling to Perch on You. (On Feb 23: 1/1 Frayfeather Hatchling)
Hatching of the Hyppogryphs: Obtain and use a Spectral Feather. (On Feb 23: 1/1 Spectral Feather used)
Love is in the Air: Complete "Bonbon Blitz." (Feb 6-20)
Love is in the Air: Have a Romantic Picnic in the Ohn'ahran Plains. (Feb 6-20)
Love is in the Air: Kill Apothecary Hummel. (Feb 6-20)
Love is in the Air: Present a Lovely Charm Bracelet. (Feb 6-20)
Love is in the Air: Use Peddlefeet's Hearthstone in the Dragon Isles. (Feb 6-20)
Complete Weekly Gathering Quests. (Weekly profession quests can be obtained within the Artisan's Market in Valdrakken. 2/2 Weekly gathering quests completed)
Earn 5000 gold from auctions in the Auction House.
Fish Up items in the Dragon Isles. (50 items fished up)
Loot War Supply Chests in the Dragon Isles. (5/5)
Use Happy Pet Snacks. (5/5)
Complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep.
Darkmoon Faire: Set Out a Big Berry Pie. (Feb 5-11)
Eat a Chocolate Cake Slice, Lovely Cake Slice, and Berrie Pie Slice.
Harpoon a Lunker with 5 Friends. (1/1)
Imbibe Zanzil's Slow Poison.
Participate in the Tuskarr Community Feast. (10/10 Tasks Completed)
Resurrect Players (10/10)
Show Some Love to Fallen Dragons. (Emote /love at 2 of the specified fallen dragons inside of their raids: Onyxia, Malygos, Sindragosa, Deathwing)
Show Some Love to the Dragon Aspects (Emote /love at the Dragon Aspects in Valdrakken: Alexstraszza, Kalecgos, Nozdormu))
Show Some Love to the Trading Post. (Emote /love at the Trading Post merchants and their wares: Trading Post Traders loved, Trading Post mannequin loved, Trading Post mount loved, Trading Post pet loved)
Use the Buddy System While Climbing. (10/10)

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