After opening the Seat of the Primus, you discover the message of the Primus who warns what the Jailor is planning to do. You deliver the message to Oribos. Tal-nara, the Honored Voice of the Arbiter, sends you to Ardenweald to inform the White Queen. All the Ancient Ones need to rally together against the coming darkness.

shadowlands intro questlineBastion Questline
Maldraxxus QuestlineArdenweald Questline
Revendreth Questline


Welcome to Ardenweald
Though you journeyed to Ardenweald to deliver an important message from the Primus of Maldraxxus to the Winter Queen, you learned that her unwavering focus on combatting the anima drought would make it difficult for you to gain a royal audience.

Upon learning that the Queen would soon visit the grove of Tirna Vaal, Lady Moonberry tasked you with assisting the fae with preparing for her arrival in the hope of speaking with her.
1. Journey To Ardenweald
2. I Moustache You to Lend a Hand
3. First on the Agenda
4. Wildseed Rescue
5. We Can't Save Them All
6. Souls of the Forest
7. Keep to the Path
Aiding Tirna Vaal
You assisted Choofa, a soul in the form of a squirrel, by rescuing his captured friends in the Spirit Glen and restoring their animal forms. You discovered the chaotic spriggans who were terrorizing them had been emboldened by a dark "Ancient One."

In the Tranquil Pools, you helped Dreamweaver, a faerie who watches over slumbering nature spirits, tend to the grove's wildseeds and track down their missing caretakers. You also formed a bond with one special wildseed after soothing its spirit's nightmares. It almost seemed as if the spirit knew you...
1. Spirits of the Glen
2. They Need to Calm Down
3. Nothing Left To Give
4. Mizik the Haughty
5. Souls Come Home
6. Dreamweaver
7. Shooing Wildlife
8. Tending to Wildseeds
9. Belly Full of Fae
10. Hungry for Animacones
11. One Special Spirit
Waning Grove
Heartwood Grove, recently chosen to sacrifice its anima to sustain the other groves, fell victim to a sudden, malicious attack. Night fae who once called the grove home donned strange masks and turned on their former friends.

You helped rescue Niya, a young sylvar, and attempted to recover the anima from the stolen heart of the grove... but it was destroyed before your very eyes.
1. Preparing for the Winter Queen
2. Ride to Heartwood Grove
3. The End o Former Friends
4. Recovering Wildseeds
5. Heart of the Grove
6. Recovering the Animacones
7. Survivors of Heartwood Grove
8. The Sacrifices We Must Make
9. Recovering the Heart
10. Heartless
11. Audience with the Winter Queen
Glitterfall Heights
Unable to meet with the Winter Queen during her brief visit to Tirna Vaal, you resolved to aid the forest in order to lessen her mounting burdens and secure her attention.

To that end, you lent your strength to the Wild Hunt at Glitterfall Basin. You rescued Ara'lon, a sylvar huntsman, and fought alongside Korayn, a fierce vorkai hunt-captain, to destroy the strange creatures known as the Blighted -- night fae transformed by the dark magic of the masks.

When you returned to Tirna Vaal, you found that your bonded wildseed's nightmares had grown worse. It needed to be moved somewhere better equipped to care for it.
1. Call of the Hunt
2. The Missing Hunters
3. Extreme Recycling
4. Totem Eclipse
5. Big Problem, Little Vorkai
6. I Know Your Face
7. Return to Tirna Vaal
8. Nightmares Manifest
This is the Way
You and Niya escorted the dreaming wildseed toward Hibernal Hollow, but the road was blocked due to a massive Drust attack. You fought alongside Ara'lon and the Wild Hunt to drive them back.

Dreamweaver attempted a ritual to sooth the wildseed upon your arrival in Hibernal Hollow, but its nightmares were still too powerful. You realized that you needed more anima for the ritual.
1. The Way to Hibernal Hollow
2. Soothing Song
3. Remnants of the Wild Hunt
4. Toppling the Brute
5. Ride of the Wild Hunt
6. Passage to Hibernal Hollow
7. Infusing the Wildseed
The Fallen Tree
Niya and Ara'lon accompanied you to Tirna Noch, Ara'lon's former grove, now withered after its anima was reclaimed. You found that the Drust had seized control of the area and had stockpiled their stolen anima in the desiccated heart of the grove. Though you were able to take back the anima and escape the grove, the Drust began mustering for a counterattack.
1. Echoes of Tirna Noch(Part 1: Shadowlands Afterlives: Ardenweald)
2. Take What You Can
3. Read the Roots
4. Mementos
5. He's Drust in the Way
6. Go for the Heart
7. Sparkles Rain From Above
TIP: Before you start Echoes of Tirna Noch -- make sure to complete the non-Story quests (normal quests shown below). Unsure if fixed, but in Beta a Story quest phases Hibernal Hollow, rendering the normal quests invisible in a different phase. Better be safe than sorry, as I can't confirm the bug was fixed in Live servers.
Blooming Villains
Forest Refugees
Visions of the Dreamer
By infusing the anima from Tirna Noch into the dreamshrines surrounding Hibernal Hollow, you experienced the memories of the spirit inside the wildseed. At the climax of the ritual, you relived the moment of her death. The spirit was none other than Ysera, the slain Dragon Aspect of Dreams.
1. For the Sake of Spirit
2. Despoilers
3. The Restless Dreamer
4. Caring for the Caretakers
5. Visions of the Dreamer: Origins
6. Visions of the Dreamer: The Betrayal
7. End of the Dream
Awaken the Dreamer
The White Queen transfers anima to into the wildseed to awaken Ysera, now bound to Ardenweald. The White Queen reveals the Heart of the Forest is what has kept The Maw sealed from escape for eons. The waning anima of Ardenweald has weakened the Heart of the Forest, allowing The Jailor's forces to escape The Maw. Return to Oribos to inform Tal-Inara, the Honored Voice.
1. The Forest Has Eyes
2. The Droman's Call
3. Missing!
4. Enemies at the Gates
5. Battle for Hibernal Hollow
6. Dying Dreams
7. Awaken the Dreamer
8. The Court of Winter
9. The Queen's Request


These quests are not part of the core Ardenweald story questline. However, most of these are part of the Sojourner of Ardenweald Achievement. Try to complete them in the same order per area. It seems quests are unlocked after you completed the achievement progress for each area. It was designed as a linear progression of questlines.

1. Forest DisappearancesStarts in Tirna Vaal -- /way 64.3 35.1
2. Cult of Personality
3. A Desperate SolutionItem on the ground, found during this achievement questine -- /way 72.1 33.8
4. Mysterious Masks
5. The Crumbling Village
6. Cut the Roots
7. Take the Power
8. Swollen Anima Seed
9. Unknown Assailants
An Ominous Stone
1. In Need of Gorm GrisStarts in Tirna Vaal -- /way 62.6 36.1
2. Nothing Goes to Waste
3. Collection Day
4. Delivery for Guardian Kota
5. The Absent-Minded Artisan
6. Finish What He Started
7. Burrows Away
8. One Big Problem
9. Queen of the Underground
10. When a Gorm Eats a god
When a Gorm Eats a god
1. The Grove of CreationStarts in Tirna Vaal -- /way 62.8 36.1
2. Trouble in the Banks
3. Breaking a Few Eggs
4. Tending to the Tenders
5. Supplies Needed: Amber GreaseStarts from a Muddy Scroll on the ground in Bank of Life -- /way 46.9 27.6
6. Unsafe Workplace
7. Supplies Needed: More Husks!Starts from a Discarded Scroll on the ground in Bank of Life -- /way 47.5 26.4
8. What a Buzzkill
9. Gifts of the Forest
10. Tied Totem Toter
11. Well, Tell the Lady
Trouble at the Gormling Corral
1. Ages-Echoing WisdomStarts in Glitterfall Basin -- /way 51.1 33.8
2 Spirit-Gathering Labor
3. The Sweat of Our Brow
4. Craftsman Needs No Tools
5. The Games We Play
6. Outplayed
7. Idle Hands
Tricky Spriggans
1. Tirna Scithe: A Warning SilenceUnlocks around level 57-60 -- /way 48.4 50.5 (Dungeon)
1. Silk ShortageUnlocks around Renown 4 with Night Fae Covenant -- /way 59.6 32.7
2. Tough As Silk
3. The Shattered Harp
4. A Song for Silkstriders
5. Save Ol' Gertie
6. Thread of Hope
7. Silk For Ardenweald
Thread of Hope
1. If not available at your level, try at 60 -- /way 53.4 58.7
2. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
3. Beneath the Mask
Wicked Plan

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