The first Afterlives animated short focuses on Uther the Lightbringer in Bastion.

We see as Arthas kills Uther. Shortly after, Uther’s spirit is welcomed in Bastion as a Kyrian aspirant. His training reveals Uther’s soul was wounded by Arthas’ Frostmourne blade.

We also see how exactly one of the Paragons betrayed the Kyrian to form the Forsworn.

We also see the last seconds of Arthas in Icecrown, and what happened after his death.

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As I said recently, Blizzard Entertainment announces their participation in gamescom within 5 days before the event. Today, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the Shadowlands’ Afterlives animated series will debut during the gamescom Opening Night Live stream on August 27 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT.


Join us during the gamescom Opening Night Live stream to watch the first of a new four-part animated series, Afterlives, offering you a window into the ancient and powerful Covenants that rule over the four new zones in Shadowlands.

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Your Covenant Daily Quests now appear in the Map allowing you to find out from any location they are available.

The Night Fae daily quest “Training in Bastion” sends you to complete 4 World Quests in Bastion with your trainee. You are rewarded a Tribute of the Grove Wardens (Treasure chest).

There is another one titled Challenges in Maldraxxus where you have to complete any of three challenges to be rewarded a Tribute of the Wild Hunt.

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Blizzard Entertainment emailed a thank you letter to all Shadowlands Alpha Testers, and I am surprised to say that they have included a personalized overall infographic stats of some of the top activities we participated in.

There is a lot of info here. I submited 168 bug reports, and completed 2908 quests. Well, I did play Exile’s Reach with all the classes, and then a few extra runs. The Shadowlands Intro Questline at least 3 times. Played both Alliance and Horde. Still, geez… that’s a lot of quests.

It feels like a diploma, and I hope those who participated feel appreciated by Blizzard Entertainment. “Tear to my eye. My genius has been recognized!” — Junkrat

Click the image and open in a new Tab for the full image (it is 4001px tall). Use the scrollbar thereafter and zoom in/out as needed by pressing the CTRL and + or – keys.

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The Night Fae Campaign explores the lore of Ardenweald and the White Queen, their purpose, and extends to the Night Warrior and the fate of the Bwonsamdi/Mueh’zala conflict.

Note: Keep in mind this is from Beta 35282. I won’t be able to add the entire campaign because a full character wipe is coming at the end of July 2020. Click the video title to launch YouTube. Once there, click the gear icon to select 1080HD and Fullscreen.


Bwonsamdi asks for your help to investigate Loa seeds. You discover that Mueh’zala has been extracting the spirits of the Loa from the seeds long before their time to emerge to infuse them with bad mojo. Inform the White Queen and request her army forces to halt Mueh’zala’s minions.

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