The Storm’s Fury event was introduced in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.0.5. The event takes place in Thaldraszus, at the Primalist Future — which can be accessed via a portal at The Temporal Conflux.

The Storm’s Fury event requires all players to work together in capturing and holding 4 Portals that are spreadout throughout the Primalist Future. Kill Primalists and Elementals that spawn at certain intervals. Pull them if they don’t march toward the Portals.

The Primalist Future

Storm’s Fury Event: Portals

As enemies are killed near the portal, a progress bar displays how long until that portal is sealed. The goal is to kill enemies until each portal’s progress bar vertical line goes all the way to your left.

Once the four portals are closed, the Primalist boss will spawn and drops a Glowing Primalist Cache that may contain Essence of the Storm x 6, Elemental Overflow (approx. 60+)

Brendormi (Field Primal Researcher) vendor

Brendormi sells Rings and Trinkets item level 389, a mount, battle pet and a toy. The currency required to purchase from her are Essence of the Storm (which drops from the Storm’s Fury event boss), and Elemental Overflow (which drops from any enemies within an Elemental Storm in the Dragon Isles). The Glowing Primalist Cache contains Storm Sigil x 2, Essence of the Storm x 9, and Dragon Isles Supplies x 75.

How to start the Storm’s Fury Event Questline

These are videos of the questline that I uploaded to YouTube. Here you can see what happens during the Storm’s Fury event.

Storm Warning
Resisting the Storm
Coalesced Storm Remnants (Enemies during the Storm's Fury event have a chance to drop "Coalesced Storm Remnants" which starts this quest)

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