After the Maldraxxus forces assaulted Bastion, the kyrian send you to Oribos to report about the thwarted invasion. You are asked to visit Maldraxxus to learn why their forces meant to defend the Shadowlands are now instead attacking allies.

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Champion of Pain
Upon entering Maldraxxus, you were immediately thrust into a grand melee. Left with no other options, you were forced to prove yourself in combat against myriad foes.

Your victory in the arena drew the attention of the margraves, leaders of the three remaining Maldraxxi houses. As they argued with one another, you learned that the House of Rituals and the House of Constructs orchestrated the attack on Bastion. Shortly after, the Theater of Pain erupted into all-out war.

Baroness Draka of the House of the Chosen pulled you from the chaos of the arena. The two of you were shot out of the sky en route to the House of the Chosen.
1. If You Want Peace
2. To Die by the Sword
3. An Opportunistic Strike
4. Champion the Cause
5. Land of Opportunity
6. Arms for the Poor
7. Walk Among Death
8. Trench Warfare
9. Memory of Honor
10. The House of the Chosen
House of the Chosen
As Draka led you to the House of the Chosen, she told you of how the House of Plagues and the House of Eyes have fallen in the absence of the Primus, the missing leader of all Maldraxxus. Upon arriving at the Chosen's stronghold, you met Margrave Krexus and learned that the remaining houses are embroiled in civil war. Order must be restored for the sake of the Shadowlands.

After assisting with the Chosen's preparations for war, you underwent a rite of initiation wherein you crossed a pool of molten slag to reach an ancient stone. It shattered upon your touch and revealed an unfinished blade forged by the Primus. You also heard his voice speak to you of a key for the worthy.

You brought the blade to Bonesmith Heirmir, a former apprentice to the Primus. She finished forging the weapon and one of the runes etched upon it began to glow. Krexus suggested that the five runes on the blade represent the qualities favored by the Primus in all his soldiers: ambition, guile, might, insight, and the relentless pursuit of victory. He also noted that the runes match those on the door to the Seat of the Primus, a sealed fortress said to contain the Primus's greatest armaments.

On Krexus's orders, you brought the runeblade to the Seat of the Primus and witnessed the Rune of Ambition transfer its power to the door. Though Draka was eager to empower the other runes, Baron Vyraz insisted that opening the door would do little good if the Chosen did not win the war. Outnumbered two to one, it was clear that the House of the Chosen would need new allies to even the battlefield.
1. The First Act of War
2. The Hills Have Eyes
3. Maintaining Order
4. Never Enough
5. Through the Fire and Flames
6. Forging a Champion
7. Ossein Enchantment
8. Thick Skin
9. The Blade of the Primus
10. The Path to Glory
11. Meet the Margrave
12. The Seat of the Primus
Matron of Spies
Draka tasked you with securing support from the remnants of the House of Eyes, to which she once belonged. You sought out Baroness Vashj, Draka's former colleague and rival. Though she was loathe to ally with Draka, Vashj ageed to join your cause if you would assist her in claiming revenge against Mor'Bitan, the lich responsible for the fall of her house.

You captured Mor'Bitan's lieutenant, Mephiles, and delivered him to Vashj. She extracted his memories and learned of a secret ritual being prepared nearby -- one that Mor'Bitan himself would emerge.

Having successfully sabotaged the ritual, you and Vashj lured Mor'Bitan into the open and slayed him. Your use of deception and subterfuge to achieve your goal resonated with the runeblade, empowering the Rune of Guile.
1. A Common Peril
2. Glorious Pursuits
3. Prey Upon Them
4. War is Deception
5. Entangling Web
6. Tainted Cores
7. Vaunted Vengeance
8. Seek Your Mark
9. Straight to the Heart
10. Her Rightful Place
House of Plagues
As you searched for survivors from the House of Plagues, you met Plague Deviser Marileth. Driven mad by the fallout of the house's destruction, he mistook you for his apprentice and enlisted your aid with conducting his experiments.

Once you helped Marileth create another slime for his collection, he mentioned finishing a potion for Margrave Stradama. As the rest of Maldraxxus thought she had been lost in the explosion, you were unsure if she truly survived the fall of her house or if Marileth was sharing one of his many delusions.

Marileth spoke true about Margrave Stradama. She survived the destruction of the House of Plagues, but was transformed into a being of slime and bone. Though her mind was twisted and ravaged just as Marileth's, the potion you helped concoct for her granted both of them a brief moment of lucidity. As a result of helping to clear their minds, the Rune of Insight ignited upon your blade.
1. The House of Plagues
2. Bug Bites
3. Spores Galore
4. Slime, Anyone?
5. Applied Science
6. Hazardous Waste Collection
7. Plague is Thicker Than Water
8. By Any Other Name
9. Fit For a Margrave
10. Fathomless Power
House of Constructs
You reported to Baron Vyraz at the Spearhead, where a fierce battle raged between the House of Constructs and the House of the Chosen.

With the assistance of Secutor Mevix, you pushed back the Constructs' forces and secured a forward position. Vyraz ordered you to continue the momentum and launch a direct assault on the House of Constructs, despite Mevix's protest that more reinforcements were required.

The outcome of the attempted siege was disastrous, leaving you and Mevix as the only two survivors. You were both captured by Margrave Gharmal, who left you to rot with the other bodies collected from the battlefield. As you emerged from a pile of corpses, you met a wounded kyrian aspirant who had survived the earlier assault on Bastion.

By taking control of an experimental construct made of kyrian flesh, you wreacked havoc upon the House of Constructs and slew Baron Halls. After you escaped with Mevix, Thales, and the others you had rescued, your overwhelming display of power awakened the Rune of Might upon your blade.
1. Baron of the Chosen
2. Lead By Example
3. Take the High Ground
4. First Time? You Have to Fight!
5. Offensive Behavior
6. Army of One
7. Archon Save Us
8. The Ones in Charge
9. Give Them a Hand
10. A Deadly Distraction
11. A Burden Worth Bearing
12. Breaking Down Barriers
13. Two of Them, Two of Us
14. In The Flesh
15. Front and Center
Ritual for the Damned
In your absence, the House of the Chosen suffered a fierce counterattack from the House of Constructs. Though your allies were able to hold their ground, Vyraz was wounded and Krexus was slain. Without their margrave, the Chosen stand little chance of victory. Vyraz sent you to Oribos on a desperate gambit to rescue the house's missing baron from the Maw.

Highlord Bolvar gave you an amulet used by the Four Hoursemen to help you track down Daron Mograine, who may know how to find the missing Maldraxxi baron. After freeing the death knight, you were saved from an ambush by a broker named Ve'nari.

Ve'nari knew of whom you sought and was willing to trade the knowledge of his location for your amulet. She then led you to Perdition Hold and the captive baron -- who was revealed to be Alexandros Mograine, the Ashbringer. After breaking his bonds, you brought both him and Darion back to Oribos.
1. Among the Chosen
2. The Maw
3. Seeking the Baron
4. The Hunt for the Baron
5. A Cooling Trail
6. The Brand Holds the Key
7. Hope Never Dies
8. Delving Deeper
9. A Bond Beyond Death
10. Wake of Ashes
11. Maw Walker
12. A Soul Saved
The Empty Throne
Alexandros Mograine revealed that Vyraz is a traitor, that it was he who cast Mograine into the Maw, and he who must have slain Krexus. As Draka returned to the Seat of the Primus, you accompanied Mograine to the House of the Chosen in order to expose and confront Vyraz.

Returning from the Maw with Mograine to face Vyraz in battle earned you the Rune of the Relentless, completing the key to unlock the Seat of the Primus. Though your fight with Vyraz was interrupted, the allies you gathered at the Seat held the line against the traitorous Maldraxxi forces until you could open the door. The power of the Primus cut a swath of destruction through your foes, forcing them to retreat.

Within the Seat, you discovered a dire warning from the Primus. The Jailer has called upon ancient allies in his bid to escape the Maw, and the Eternal Ones must unite against him. You returned to Oribos with the message in hand, ready to deliver it to the other realms.
1. In Death We Are Truly Tested
2. The Door to the Unknown
3. Words of the Primus
4. Request of the Highlord
5. A Glimpse into Darkness


1. Broker Business/way 38.1 31.2
2. Read Between the Lines
3. Repeat After Me
4. Kill Them, Of Course
5. Slaylines
6. Secrets Among the Shelves
7. Archival Protection
8. Trust Fall
9. A Complete Set
Archival Protection
1. Take the Bull by the Horns/way 46.8 48.6
2. Smack and Grab
3. Stabbing Wasteward
Wasteland Work
1. Ani-Matter Animator/way 26.3 42.7
1. A Plague On Your House/way 58 72
2. Pool of Potions
3. Plaguefall: Knee Deep In It(Dungeon)
4. Callous Concoctions
5. Theater of Pain: Help Wanted
Mixing Monstrosities
1. WANTED: Appraiser Vix/way 54.2 47.5
2. Bet On Yourself/way 53.6 47.4

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