The Sanguine Depths dungeon is located in Revendreth toward the north-center edge of the map.

This is where all the anima siphoned from all other zones of the Shadowlands is collected, then redirected toward The Maw to empower the Jailer.

Below you can read the transcript of all dialogue text broadcast during the dungeon.

Something remarkable about this dungeon is that players find the second Naaru in the Shadowlands. Z’tali is a light naaru held prisoner by Grand Proctor Beryllia for research.

The other naaru in the Shadowlands is a void-based naaru held prisoner by one of the ethereal-like consortium guys at the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus.

According to Ion Hazzikostas, at BlizzCon 2019, the Arbiter has existed since time immemorial. They pre-date the Titans. So to see two naarus imprisoned here, who we know are born from the Light, and specifically Xe’ra is said to be a creation of Elune makes you wonder exactly how the Shadowlands fits in within the Warcraft universe.

If this is where souls of mortals end up with, what are naaru who aren’t alive or death doing in this realm?

A shadow/void naaru might makes sense, but here is a light-based naaru as well. How can they be overpowered so easily by beings of the Shadowlands?

SANGUINE DEPTHS: Delve into the Sanguine Depths and rescue your ally.

Regal Mistdancer: Hold off the devourers! Do not give them an inch! These creatures must not enter the depths!

General Draven: Our target lies deep within the prison. Let none stand in your way.

Executor Tarvold: Let us begin. You will confess, one way or another. The sinners… still… await…

Grand Proctor Beryillia: How dare you interrupt my research! My patience is wearing thin!

Z’rali: The Light shines… even here!

Grand Proctor Beryillia: So much… left… to discover…

General Draven: Quickly, mortals! Escape with Z’rali!

General Kaal stands as one of Sire Denathrius’s main generals overseeing his operations in Revendreth. Strong, agile and full of guile. General Kaal uses her agility and anima-infused nature to eliminate all who would stand against her master.

General Kaal: So this is the prize you seek. It will never leave this prison! Stubborn rebels. You will meet your end! That prisoner belongs to the Master. You will not take it!

General Kaal: Surrender the prisoner! Bleed for your crimes.

Note: The prisoner is the naaru Z’rali.

General Kaal: You lack the strength of stone. I will cast you down! Enough! Your suffering will be a testament to the Master’s wrath.

General Draven: Not this day, Kaal! Go, mortals! I will hold her off!

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