This The Waking Shores Questline page contains gameplay videos of all the zone story quests and optional quests.

In order to fully enjoy the Dragonriding, I recommend to go through the core story quests. You should complete those until the story takes you to the Ruby Life Pools. There, Alexstrasza introduces you to the Dragonriding questline. Stop questing, and collect all 48 Dragon Glyphs to unlock the entire Dragonriding talent tree. Thereafter, you may resume questing where you left off.

The Waking Shores Questline



These quests are not part of the zone story questline. They are side quests you find around the zone. Some are tied to a storyline achievement.

EARTHMENDER GOVRUM -- /way 37.1 56.0
Shaky Grounds
KILDRUMEH -- /way 59.9 76.0 -- (Requires completion of Chapter 3: In Defense of Life)
Ruby Life Pools: Primalist Invasion
EARTHCALLER YEVAA -- /way 37.4 71.7
Rings to Bind Them
The Earthen Ward
Island in a Storm
(Requires Level 70 and completion of Chapter 4: Wrathion's Gambit)
Ancient Obsidian Charm Item Starts a Quest - drops from Cindershard Hulk (earth elemental elite)
Clearing the Vault: Shas'ith
Disarming Behavior
Eager to Please
Feeding the Fire
Flamecarved Bone Item Starts a Quest - drops from Qalashi Djaradin
Forging the Answer
Make a Statement
Neltharus: Secrets Within
Securing Our Legacy
Shaking Our Foundations
The Tools of One's Trade
Tomes of Trust
Bar Their Efforts
Dragon Eyes
Feeding the Fire
Forgotten Dragon Crest
Hands-Off Operation
Honor Our Fallen
Wyrm Food
Untold Regrets
Pain Management
The Bitter End (Level 70)
Life After Life (Level 70)
VERITISTRASZ -- /way 57.8 66.7
Stay a While
HAEPHESTA -- /way 57.9 68.2
Artisan's Courier
A Gift to Miguel
To Give One's Heart
Professionally Equipped
LILLISTRASZA -- /way 59.9 70.3
Friend on the Mend
Let's Get Quacking achievement
NOTE: These quests are part of the Let's Get Quacking achievement. Each of these quests is available once per week. This achievement takes 5 weeks to complete.
A Quack for Help
A Quack in Time
A Shoulder to Quack On
Quack for your Life
Quacking Out For a Hero


Dragon Isles ArtifactsRenown 2 You have begun your adventures with the Dragonscale Expedition!
Multiple Dragon Isles ArtifactsRenown 2 Expedition Scout Packs: You may now find Expedition Scout packs around the Dragon Isles. Speak with Pathfinder Jeb in the Dragonscale Basecamp for more details.
Basic Climbing Gear
Smoke Over the Mountain
Climb Every Mountain
Renown 6 (Unlocks Climbing Questline and Climbing World Quests)
Dormant Discovery
This Old Stone
Nightborne Know-How
Curiosity is Key
Power Procurement
A Gateway to Somewhere
An Ancient Awakening
Renown 7Unlocks Waygates
A Climber's CallingRequires completing Story campaign of Thaldraszus (Just Don't Ask Me to Spell It Achievement)This Dragonscale Expedition renown feature is unlocked when you complete the three chapters of the Thaldraszus story campaign. Doc Nanners spawned instantly after unlocking the "Just don't ask me to spell it" achievement. I was Renown 7 at the moment, but it didn't seem to be tied to reaching a specific renown as its description isn't in any of the renown tooltips.
A Cataloger's ParadiseRenown 8Unlocks Photography Questline and Photography World Quests
Continued Waygate Exploration
Waygate: Rusza'thar Reach
Waygate: Vakthros
Waygate: Eon's Fringe
Waygate: Shady Sanctuary
Waygate: Skytop Observatory
Waygate: Morqut Islet
Renown 8Unlocks a second Waygate
Wayfinder's CompassRenown 9Unlocks Toy
The Basecamp PetsRenown 11You may acquire the Gray Marmoni and Black Skitterbug battle pets from Grapap Whiskers at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
New Dragonscale EquipmentRenown 12You may acquire a pair of useful combat Expedition gloves (Item level 376) from Pathfinder Jeb at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
Renowned Explorer's ArmorRenown 14You may acquire cosmetic Dragonscale Expedition Ensembles from pathfinder Jeb at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
Deeper Mysteries of the Dragon Isles DrakesRenown 15Drakewatcher Manuscripts II: You may acquire three new Drakewatcher Manuscripts for your Renewed Proto-Drake (Spiked Club Tail, Swept Horns, Harrier Pattern) from Rae'ana at the Dragonscale Basecamp).
Unlocking Magical TreasuresRenown 16Magical Treasure Chests: You may now find magical treasure chests in the caves and ruins of the Dragon Isles. Speak with Rae'ana in the Dragonscale Basecamp for more information.
Researching in ComfortRenown 17Researching in Comfort: You may acquire the toys Soft Purple Pillow, Skinny Reliquary Pillow, and Small Triangular Pillow from Rae'na at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
New Dragonscale EquipmentRenown 18Expedition Equipment II: You may acquire a pair of useful leg armor (item level 389) from Pathfinder Jeb at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
One of Us NowRenown 19Unlock the Dragonscale Expedition Tabard from Cataloger Jakes at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
Banners of the United FactionsRenown 19You may acquire the banners for both the Reliquary and Explorer's League (now that they are united in the Dragonscale Expedition) from Cataloger Jakes at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
Demolition AccessRenown 20Explosive Archaeology: You may acquire Expedition Explosives from Pathfinder Jeb at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
Rumors of the Jeweled WhelplingsRenown 21Jeweled Whelpling Treasure Maps: You may acquire special Treasure Maps from Boss Magor at the Dragonscale Basecamp. These maps lead to Jeweled Whelpling materials and jewelcrafting patterns.
Quack-E Quack ModulatorRenown 21Quack-E Quack Modulator: You may acquire the Quack-E Voice Modulator, a crucial component of a Quack-E mechanical companion, from Pathfinder Jeb at the Dragonscale Basecamp.
Titled StoryRenown 25Intrepid Explorer: You may now use the well-earned title "Intrepid Explorer."
Renowned with the Dragonscale ExpeditionRenown 25A Heroic Reward: Speak to Cataloger Jakes in the Dragonscale Basecamp to receive a Primal Infusion. This can eb used as an optional reagent to increase a crafted item's level to 395 or higher.
Skitterfly RidingRenown 25Skitterflying: You may acquire two skitterfly mounts (Tamed Skitterfly, Azure Skitterfly) from Granpap Whiskers at the Dragonscale Basecamp.


To Dragonsbane Keep (Unlocks at Renown 5)