Waycrest Manor Dungeon

Waycrest Manor is the residence of Lord and Lady Waycrest. Among the most influential families of Kul Tiras, alongside the Proudmoore, the Stormsong, and the Ashven. Lady Meredith Waycrest succumbed to greed and corruption and sought a pact with the Drust spirits. The price was collected, and the Waycrest have been transformed. The citizens of Drustvar are now either sacrifice to the Drust, or indoctrinated into ways of the Heartsbane Coven.



Whichever Sister has Focusing Iris gains energy, and if they reach their maximum, they cast Dire Ritual. Inflicting enough damage makes a sister drop the iris, and another sister will pick it up.

  • Only the sister who has [Focusing Iris] needs to be tanked, as the others remain stationary.

  • Players affected by [Soul Manipulation] need to be damaged in order to break the spell.

  • Each sister has their own attack against you that can be interrupted. Interrupt as many as you can to reduce your incoming damage.


The Soulbound Goliath starts with Soul Harvest, which increases all damage done, and increases further as the fight progress. Using Wildfire to make sure the boss does not gain too much of a damage increase is vital to surviving this fight.

  • Destroy [Soul Thorns] as quick possible to free the impaled party member.

  • The Soulbound Goliath's damage increases over time, so be prepared to use your personal cooldowns accordingly.
  • [Soul Harvest] increases the boss's damage done, so increase your healing output as the fight progresses.

  • [Soul Thorns] deals high Physical damage, so be prepared to single target heal the impaled player.

  • [Crush] is a major hit against a single target, while [Burning Brush] deals damage to everybody.
  • [Crush] deals heavy damage, so be prepared.

  • [Soul Harvest] increases the boss's damage over time, so save larger defensive cooldowns for later.

  • Move the boss into [Wildfire] to reduce its damage increase.


Raal the Gluttonous is a heavy hitter, working to first hinder the movement of his enemies before crushing them with Tenderize. Additionally, Raal the Gluttonous calls in servants, which he consumes to increase his own strength.

  • If [Tenderize] is going to hit you, use any personal cooldowns you have.

  • Avoid [Rotten Expulsion], both if it is cast in your direction and what is left over on the ground.

  • Slow down and eliminate Wasting Servants summoned by [Call Servant]
  • .
  • [Tenderize] deals a high amount of damage, so prioritize party members it hits.

  • Avoid [Rotten Expulsion], both when cast and the patches left behind.


Lord Waycrest engages the party directly, with Lady Waycrest assisting by using her organ to attack. When Lord Waycrest is defeated, Lady Waycrest casts Vitality Transfer to bring him back at the cost of her own life. At 10% health, Lady Waycrest joins the fight actively.


Gorak Tul uses his magics to inflict ever increasing pain against his opponents, both through Darkened Lightning and Death Lens. Additionally, he will call in Deathtouched Slavers from within his realm. These additions to the fight can not be killed by any traditional means, and can be resurrected by Dread Essence. Alchemical Fire can be used to burn their corpses away to prevent their resurrection.

  • Damage from [Death Lens] can be split between party members by intercepting the beam between Gorak Tul and the target.

  • Avoid being hit by [Darkened Lightning] by staying spread apart.

  • Use [Alchemical Fire] to destroy Deathtouched Slaver's corpses.
  • Damage from [Death Lens] can be spread to other players by intercepting the beam, lowering the single target healing needed in favor of group healing.

  • Avoid being hit by [Darkened Lightning] by staying spread apart.

  • Use [Alchemical Fire] to destroy Deathtouched Slaver's corpses.
  • Make sure to pick up any Deathtouched Slavers summoned by Gorak Tul.

  • Damage from [Death Lens] can be split between party members by intercepting the beam between Gorak Tul and the target.

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