The Vol’jin Questline starts with Rokhan at Dazar’alor by the Scouting Map. Zalazane has escaped Bwonsamdi and returned to the Echo Isles to enact his vengeance.

Shortly after his defeat, you are entrusted with the ashes of Vol’jin to honor him by bringing the Urn to Atal’Dazar. Princess Talanji offered to have Vol’jin join the Kings and Queens resting place.

However, Bwonsamdi refuses to have Vol’jin’s ashes rest in Atal’Dazar, and shortly after discovers that his spirit isn’t within the Urn. Something is afoot.

Through a ritual, Princess Talanji summons Vol’jin’s spirit to learn why his spirit is lost. G’huun is behind the unrest of many spirits. Vol’jin requests you to drive his glaive through G’huun’s corpse to show the bloodied glaive before the people of Zuldazar. Thus, exalting Princess Talanji as the true leader of the Zandalari.

1. Zalazane Returns5. Honoring A True Leader
2. Broken Bargain6. Vol'jin, Son of Sen'jin
3. The Glaive of Vol'jin7. Atal'Dazar: Ashes Of A Warchief
4. Vengeance For Vol'jin8. You Owe Me A Spirit
1. The Lost Spirit3. Justice For The Fallen
2. Spirit Call4. The True Leader of Zandalar

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