The Dwarf Heritage Armor questline starts in Stormwind City at the Stormwind Embassy (54.57,18.18) — given by an Explorer League dwarf named Digger Golad. The requirement to start the quest is to be Exalted with Ironforge and to be level 120.

The discovery of an Ancient Tablet leads you to the Madoran’s Study deep in Old Iron Forge. There you recover the broken fragments of Madoran’s Armor. A blacksmith now residing in Loch Modan informs Brann Bronzebeard that the ancient dwarves were able to forge that armor by transforming into their former stone form for longer periods of time than modern dwarves can achieve.

Brann forms a plan and leads you to Ulduar in Northrend to ask Ignis the Furnace Master to help forge a new armor from the old fragments. An Earthen assists with a ritual for your transformation into stone to forge the armor.

NOTE: In the PTR 8.1 you can complete the questline, but the Transmog item reward and the Achievement are not available in build 28048.

1. Keep your Feet on the Ground7. Interest Yah in a Pint?
2. Something Valuable. Perhaps?8. Recruiting the Furnace Master
3. Ancient Armor, Ancient Mystery9. Earthen Blessing
4. Watch Yer Back10. Forging the Armor
5. Madoran's Study11. Legacy of the Bronzebeard
6. Shards of the Past


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