This page contains all the Zaralek Cavern World Quests that reward reputation with the Loamm, the Dragonscale Expedition or Valdrakken Accord — or Flightstones, and gear. Some reward Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest Fragments x 4.

A Veritable Dumping Ground
All That Glitter
Crystal Catastrophe!
Crystal Cracker
Dragonrider Racing - Brimstone Scramble
Dragonrider Racing - Caldera Cruise
Dragonrider Racing - Shimmering Slalom
Dragonrider Racing - Sulfur Sprint
Ending their Watch
Fire Resistance Gear
Guanite Gambit
Hungry Hungry Hydra
Like Moths to a Flame
Mortar Warfare
Niffen Nabber
No Mushroom For Ever
Restless Torment
Rolling Shadow
Seismic Ceremony
Shadowflame Snuffer
Shrooming for a Living
Slime Ranching
Strike the Colors
Superheading Acquisition
We Have Returned
Zaqali Elders
Zealous Defenses