These are the initial Shadowlands intro quests that start with a summons from Darion Mograine in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Darion opens a Death Gate to grant you access to the Frozen Throne, where Bolvar Fordragon prepares a ritual to open a gateway into The Maw in order to rescue the kidnapped leaders of the Alliance and the Horde — recently taken by winged Forsworn following Sylvanas’ orders. You must navigate The Maw, rescue the leaders and search for the means to escape The Maw.

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Revendreth Questline

Shadowlands Intro Questline: Into The Maw

into the maw
1. Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons
2. Through the Shattered Sky
3. A Fractured Blade
4. Mawsworn Menace
5. Ruiner's End
6. Fear to Tread
7. On Blackened Wings
8. A Flight From Darkness
9. A Moment's Respite
10. Field Seance
11. Speaking to the Dead
12. Soul in Hand
13. The Lion's Cage
14. The Afflictor's Key
15. An Undeserved Fate
16. From the Mouths of Madness
17. By and Down the River
18. Wounds Beyond Flesh
19. A Good Axe
20. Draw Out the Darkness
21. The Path to Salvation
22. Stand as One

Want to check out the Alpha test version of the Shadowlands Intro Questline? Go to this page. No cutscenes or cinematics appeared in that version.

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