After completing the Level 60-70 Story Campaign, with Alexstrasza chasing Raszageth to the gates of the Vault of the Incarnates, the Story Campaign switches to “Dragonflight” which contains 9 chapters:

  • The Mother Oathstone
  • Dragon Isles Emissary
  • The Chieftain’s Duty
  • A Mystery, Sealed
  • The Silver Purpose
  • In the Halls of Titans
  • Garden of Secrets
  • The Dreamer
  • The Spark of Ingenuity

After hearing a brief update on Tyrhold, you and Alexstrasza travelled to Tyrhold. Alexstrasza was unable to reactivate the Mother Oathstone, a failure which greatly pleased the lurking Raszageth.

While Alexstrasza and Raszageth fought, you faced off against the empowered protodrake Ezrigeth. After emerging victorious, Nozdormu arrived and advised we would need to act quickly to stop Raszageth from freeing the other Incarnates.

To Tyrhold
Aspect Power
Red Dawn
Vault of the Incarnates: Fury of the Storm-Eater
Together We Are Unstoppable

Unlocks at Valdrakken Accord Renown 12

Alexstrasza and the other dragon leaders shared an ancient artifact with you that Keeper Tyr gave them long ago. Though it was long dormant it now pulsed with magical energy. You took the artifact to Tyrhold where you unlocked the mystery behind why it emanated such power.

The Silver Purpose achievement
Ally of Dragons
The Gift of Silver
The Legacy of Tyrhold
The Magic Within
A Spark of Discovery
Memories of the Past
Parting Instructions
Hard Lock Life
An Infusion of Materials
The Silver Purpose

Unlocks at Dragonscale Expedition Renown 13

Naleidea Rivergleam of the Dragonscale Expedition has a new expedition for you to embark on.

The Dragonscale Expedition discovered a mysterious sealed titan door in Thaldraszus. After traveling there with Naleidea and Toddy and exploring the area, you were no closer to figuring out how to open it. Naleidea advised you to travel to Valdrakken and speak with Koranos, to see if he has any information on the sealed facility

Koranos advised you to seek out watcher logs in Valdrakken. The logs revealed the potential location of three stones that could, when combined, unlock the sealed titan door.

While you were discovering this information, Sarkareth, leader of the Sundered Flame, attacked you and stole the logs.

Upon returning to naleidea and Toddy, you were tasked with hunting down and retrieving the three stones before Sarkareth and the Sundered Flame could claim them.

With the three stones of Tyr collected, unsealing the Titan Facility was within reach. Naleidea and Toddy asked you to meet them back at the Dragonscale Basecamp to discuss the next steps.

Back at the Basecamp, Toddy came up with a plan to set up the facility entrance and open the door. However, she said she'd need some time to complete it. Continue working with the Dragonscale Expedition and Toddy will call for you when she's prepared.

A New Mystery
The Sealed Door
Investigate the Door
Speak to Koranos
The Ruins of Szar Skeleth
The Insight of Tyr
The Fractured Flame
The Abandoned Outpost
The Vigilance of Tyr
The City of the Dead
The Judgment of Tyr
Next Steps

Unlocked at Iskaara Tuskarr Renown 11

You were informed that Murik in Iskaara wanted to speak to you regarding a tuskarr tribe in The Waking Shores.

After speaking to Murik, you learned that the Uktulut tribe mysteriously fell out of contact with Iskaara in recent weeks. You were tasked with attempting to make contact with them.

The standoffish Uktulut tribe rebuffed you and refused to let you speak to their chieftain. To prove yourself worthy of their time, you slayed a powerful Qalashi leader at Scalecracker Keep and brought back proof.

You learned that Tutaqan -- the chieftain and huntmaster of the Uktulut tribe -- has been purposefully withdrawing his guards and refusing to let his hunters venture far. Tutaqan dismissed your victory over the Qalashi and retreated to the ottuk holt, leaving you to help the villagers yourself.

You salvaged lost trading goods from the shallow river and brought them back to Crafter Kuliqa. She began making weapons for Uktulut's hunters and let you test one of the prototypes.

You also helped gather fish from the river for Elder Unujaak. You learned tht the nearby Qalashi presence has been steadily heating the river, threatening the Uktulut tribe's main food source.

After noticing your good deeds, Tutaqan revealed that he had been neglecting his duties because his hunting companion, an ottuk named Ipko, had recently gone missing along with several others.

You helped the chieftain search for Ipko near the Qalashi's territory and found her slain. You returned her body to Tutaqan.

You assisted Tutaqan and Elder Unujaak in performing a ritual to safeguard Ipko's passage to the ancestors. Distraught with grief, Tutaqan left shortly after.

Encouraged by Elder Unujaak, you found Tutaqan at the overlook above the village and offered to help him. He confided in you that he knows he must find a new hunting ottuk and take his place as a leader again but that his grief is preventing him from doing it alone.

You brought several of Uktulut's trained ottuks to Tutaqan to help him find a new hunting companion. After meeting one that displayed a sense of duty that Tutaqan found inspiring, he accepted the ottuk as his companion and named it Qipi.

Someone in the village sounded Tutaqan's hunting horn. You ventured down from the overlook to investigate and learned that the Qalashi, incensed by your earlier victory, had advanced west to boil the river upstream and finish off the tribe more quickly.

Fighting alongside Tutaqan and Qipi, you slayed Zhurtan the Riverboiler, the Qalashi leader responsible for Uktulut's troubles. You returned to the village victorious.

Tutaqan pledged to protect the village once more, promising that trade would resume with Iskaara and Uktulut would never endure these troubles again.

A Lost Tribe
Sudden Isolation
Pressing Matters
Worst Impressions
Troubled Waters
Salvaging Supplies
Encroaching Heat
Testing the Tuskarrsenal
All But One
In Mourning
The Only Way past is Through
Calling the Hunting Party
While the Iron is Hot

Unlocks at Valdrakken Accord Renown 19

A drakonid emissary named Rymek arrived at the Emerald Gardens and earned the trust of the green dragonflight. Through an act of betrayal, he revealed himself as a Primalist., invading the Emerald Dream to search for the nascent World Tree.

Garden of Secrets achievement
Emerald Summons
A Day in the Groves
Seeds for the Future
Wake the Ancients
Gerithrus's Research
Emerald Tears
A Frenzied Defender
Anchors to Life
To Somnikus
Guarded Appreciation
The Chittering Rocks (My bad. Did not record. In this quest, you kill some frost spiders burrowed within Ancient Bough's soil)
So Close
And Yet So Far

Unlocks at Valdrakken Accord Renown 19. Requires completing "Garden of Secrets."

Now that Malfurion Stormrage has taken Ysera's place in Ardenweald, the former green Aspect has returned to the Emerald Dream. We have reuinited the green dragonflight and defeated Rymek. Growing in power, Merithra now leads as the new Dreamer.

The Dreamer achievement
Rallying Nature's Allies
Across the Weald
The Price
Storm's Rest
Step Into the Life
Thin the Veil
Our Full Strength
Reunited, Once Again
The Emerald Dragonflight
We'll Cross That Bridge
Winter's Fall
The Dreamer
Like Mother, Like Daughter

Unlocks at Dragonscale Expedition Renown 24

Unusual Suspects

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