WoW Classic esports returns this October with the Fall Conquest! The WoW Classic Fall Conquest will take place over three weeks from October 3-18 within the 15v15 Arathi Basin. With $12,000 (USD) in total prizing, teams in North America and Europe will battle for their share of each region’s $6,000 (USD) prize pool!

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If your socks got blown by NVIDIA’s announcement of the next GEFORCE RTX — you better hold back your checkbook for a couple of months before making the jump.

AMD has deployed two teasers for the upcoming RADEON RX 6000 Series graphic cards featuring RDNA2. The first teaser revealed a three cooler fans design and the two 8-pin connectors mean this is among the top more expensive and powerful graphic cards.

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The War Campaign Finale took place in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.2.5.

From the Horde perspective, the quest starts at Port of Zandalar (/way 50.13 95.85). Lor’themar Theron gives the quest titled The Eve of Battle.

There are a series of cutscenes and cinematics that tell the story of how the Alliance and the Horde banded together to rally against Warchief Sylvanas in Orgrimmar.

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The first Afterlives animated short focuses on Uther the Lightbringer in Bastion.

We see as Arthas kills Uther. Shortly after, Uther’s spirit is welcomed in Bastion as a Kyrian aspirant. His training reveals Uther’s soul was wounded by Arthas’ Frostmourne blade.

We also see how exactly one of the Paragons betrayed the Kyrian to form the Forsworn.

We also see the last seconds of Arthas in Icecrown, and what happened after his death.

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