Nazjatar Rare Elites Map has several Rare Elites throughout the zone that behave similar to what we experienced in Argus. Sometimes they show up in the zone map, and as you get closer to them the mini-map will make a ping sound and animation.

The numbers in the map correspond to the number in the list below the image. Clicking the name of the Rare Elite will open a YouTube video.

Note: TomTom coordinates available in the videos (launch the video by clicking the rare elite’s name).

Some of these Nazjatar rare elites drop pets, a few spawn only when a world quest to slay them is up, and some have extremely high respawn timers. A few of these rare elites spawn in multiple different locations, but don’t worry. I have marked the locations I encountered. For example, Sandclaw Stoneshell (which drops a pet) spawns in at least 7 locations throughout Zin-Azshari.

8.2 Nazjatar Rare Elites Map

8.2 Nazjatar Rare Elites Map

8.2 NAZJATAR RARE ELITES = Solo | = Group
1. Chasm-Haunter (underwater cave)
2. Prince Vortran
3. Caverndark Terror (Inside the Chitterspine Grotto.)
4. Daggertooth Terror (Fish)
5. Garnetscale (Turtle)
6. Sandclaw Stoneshell (Crab with multiple spawn locations)
7. Shiz'narasz the Consumer (Worm with multiple spawn locations)
8. Eldanar
9. Elderspawn Nalaada
10. Alga The Eyeless
11. Scale Matriarch Gratinax
12. Shassera (Cave) 63.17 11.94
13. Needlespine
14. Ulmath, the Soulbinder(World Boss)
15. Allseer Oma'kil
16. Voice in the Deeps
17. Toxigore the Alpha
18. Soundless Atop a coral. Requires Flying, or Goblin Glider Kit from the top of nearby mountain.
19. Elder Unu
20. Shalan'ali Stormtongue
21. Siltstalker the Packmother
22. Qalina, Spear of Ice
23. Prince Typhonus
24. Wekemara (World Boss)
25. Deepglider (rare respawn)
26. Slitherblade Azanz (World Quest)
27. Blindlight (World Quest)
28. Amethyst Spireshell (rare spawn)
29. Mirecrawler (rare spawn)
30. Scale Matriarch Vynara (rare spawn)
31. Iridescent Glimmershell (rare spawn)
32. Kyx'zhul the Deepspeaker (world quest)
33. Sandcastle
34. Shirakess Starseeker (world quest)
35. Glacier Mage Zhiela (world quest)
36. Scale Matriarch Zodia
37. Undana Frostbarb (world quest)
38. King Gakula
39. Kassar, Wielder of Dark Blades (world quest)
40. Zoko, Her Iron Defender (world quest)
41. Oronu

NAGA COMMANDERS (spawn every 2 hours)
A. Theurmagist Nitara
B. Incantatrix Vazina
C. Commander Minzera
D. Shadowbinder Athissa
E. Warlord Zalzjar

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