The Dragonflight 10.2.7 Patch introduced the Harbinger Questline as an intro to the upcoming The War Within expansion. Khadgar requests aid from Alleria Windrunner to investigate who the Harbinger is and to retrieve the Dark Heart, if she can.

In the same Patch, the Primalist: Sins of the Sister questline (to give it a unofficial name) puts Malfurion in a pickle having to decide whether to allow a fellow female druid to bury her Primalist sister in the Barrow Den or far away from Amirdrassil. In this questline, Blizzard Entertainment gives you the choice to suggest Malfurion to support her, deny her, or to allow Malfurion to choose by himself.

In the “Be Yourself” questline, Chromie wants you to convince Emberthal to choose a visage. This questline will take you all around the Dragon Isles in search of feedback from different races.