Yesterday, I had the chance to play on an event server for the initial build of the upcoming Shadowlands beta, featuring The Maw and the venthyr covenant. I’ve decided to split up the many pictures I took into multiple articles based on theme. First up, let’s take a look at The Maw.

Unlike the other Shadowlands zones, players enter The Maw by jumping into the flow of souls at the center of Oribos. There are no flight paths or inns in The Maw, this is the only way to get in.

You arrive at the only safe area in The Maw. There’s a friendly broker and a portal back to Oribos. That’s it. Everything everywhere else wants you dead.

Entering certain subzones gives you a debuff. Aside from the one pictured below, another subzone populated by Mawsworn kyrians gave me a debuff that increased all damage done to me by fifty percent.

And here’s the entrance portal to Torghast:

With those mechanics out of the way, here’s a ton of pretty images:

1. The Maw2. Venthyr Covenant3. Odds and Ends4. Interview with Hazzikostas

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