After escaping The Maw, you land in Oribos, the Eternal City. The Arbiter’s guardians worry that the Banished One’s prison might be weakening if you were able to escape The Maw and breach into Oribos. After explaining that winged enemies kidnapped the leaders of your realm, the guardians think you might further investigate a lead to the kidnappers in Bastion. A gate is opened from Oribos to grant you access to Bastion.

shadowlands intro questlineBastion Questline
Maldraxxus QuestlineArdenweald Questline
Revendreth Questline
1. Stranger in an Even Stranger Land
2. No Place for the Living
3. Audience with the Arbiter
4. Tether to Home
5. A Doorway through the Veil
6. The Eternal City
7. Understanding the Shadowlands
8. The Path to Bastion
9. Seek the Ascended

Shadowlands: Bastion Questline

As you arrived in Bastion you met Kleia, who helped you make contact with the ascended Kalisthene. In order to gain an audience with the Archon, you were instructed to follow the path of the kyrian as if you were an aspirant. After saving Kleia's soulbind, Pelagos, from a meditation gone awry, you made your way to Aspirant's Crucible.
1. Welcome to Eternity
2. Pardon our Dust
3. A Fate Most Noble
4. Trouble in Paradise
5. Walk the Path, Aspirant
6. A Soulbind in Need
7. The Things that Haunt us
In the Crucible you viewed your deeds in life and trained alongside kyrian aspirants, helping fight against the anima drought in the process. After confronting your own burdens from life, you successfully earned the favor of Kalisthene -- and access to a portion of Bastion's power.
1. The Aspirant's Crucible
2. A Life of Service
3. A Forge Gone Cold
4. The Cycle of Anima: Etherwyrms
5. The Cycle of Anima: Flower Power
6. The Cycle of Anima: Drought Conditions
7. Light the Forge, Forgelite
8. The Work of One's Hands
9. The True Crucible Awaits
10. Assessing Your Strength
11. Assessing Your Stamina
12. Assessing Your Spirit
13. The Chamber of First Reflection
14. The First Cleansing
15. The Archon's Answer
16. All an Aspirant Can Do
Pelagos joined you in the nearby Temple of Purity, where the number of kyrian falling into a darkened state has increased dramatically during the anima drought. Although you tried to save all you could, the fallen have organized into a group known as the Forsworn. The Forsworn launched a surprise attack on the Temple of Purity, and you helped push it back. In your confrontation with Lysonia, the leader of the assault, you were able to obtain a fragment of her essence with the Paragon of Purity's aid.
1. The Temple of Purity
2. A Temple in Need
3. On the Edge of a Revelation
4. A Wayward Disciple?
5. Step Back from that Ledge, My Friend
6. A Once Sweet Sound
7. Dangerous Discourse
8. An Inspired Moral Inventory
9. The Hand of Purification
10. The Enemy You Know
11. The Hand of Doubt
12. Purity's Prerogative
You took Lysonia's fragment to the Mnemonic Locus, where you learned more about the origins of the Forsworn. Forgelite Prime Mikanikos helped you uncover an incoming second Forsworn attack somewhere in Bastion.
1. Chasing a Memory
2. Directions Not Included
3. The Prime's Directive
4. The Mnemonic Locus
5. What's in a Memory?
6. Lysonia's Truth
7. I MADE You!
8. Mnemis, at your Service
9. The Vault of the Archon
10. A Paragon's Reflection
11. Leave it to Mnemis
12. Hostile Recollection(Optional: Bonus Quest)
1. Go in Service
2. Your Personal Assistant
In order to warn the Archon of the imminent attack you traveled to Hero's Rest. You were granted a steward companion of your choosing, who then helped you activate the beacon to summon Polemarch Adrestes, herald of the Archon. You entered Elysian Hold, home of the ascended, and finally met with the Archon. She asked you to inspect the wards protecting Bastion's five temples. While inspecting the wards, you came upon a Forsworn Uther the Lightbringer. Uther disabled the ward for the Temple of Courage, leaving it vulnerable to attack.
1. Steward at Work
2. On Swift Wings
3. Kyrestia, the Firstborne
4. The Wards of Bastion
As you, Kleia, and Pelagos flew to meet Mikanikos at the Temple of Courage, you saw a Maldraxxian Necropolis enter the sky above and begin sieging the area. You helped push back the Maldraxxus assault, but at the loss of the Hand of Courage, Thanikos. Xandria, the Paragon of Courage, chased after the Harvester and his allies deeper within the Necrotic Wake. You were tasked both with aiding her, and informing Oribos of Maldraxxus's betrayal.
1. Imminent Danger
2. Now or Never
3. Rip and Tear
4. Stay Scrappy
5. Fight Another Day
6. Double Tap
7. Clear as Crystal
8. The Final Countdown
9. A Time for Courage
10. Necrotic Wake: A Paragon's Plight(Dungeon)
A Land of Strife
11. Follow the Path
12. The Arbiter's Will
13. A Land of Strife


These quests are not part of the “The Path to Ascension” Bastion story achievement. The quests are organized by location within the Bastion zone to make it easier to find.

The Old Ways (Series)
1. The Old Ways
2. A Gift for an Acolyte
3. More than a Gift
Wanted Scroll
1. WANTED: Altered Sentinel
1. Suggested Reading/way 55.3 83.3
1. Garden in Turmoil/way 52.3 61.4
2. Disturbing the Peace
3. Distractions for Kala
4. A Test of Courage
5. Tough Love
1. In Agthia's Memory/way 46.9 63.4
2. Agthia's Path
3. Warriors of the Void
4. On Wounded Wings
5. Wicked Gateways
6. Shadow's Fall
1. WANTED: Gorgebeak
2. WANTED: Darkwing
1. A Friendly Rivalry/way 57.4 54.2
2. Phalynx Malfunction/way 54.8 41.1
3. Resource Drain
4. We Can Rebuild Him
5. Combat Drills
6. Laser Location
7. Superior Programming
8. Tactical Formation
9. Antiquated Methodology
10. Part of the Pride
11. All Natural Chews
12. Larion at Large
13. With Larion and Lance
14. Providing for the Pack
15. On Larion Wings
16. Pride or Unit

For the Shadowlands Alpha version of the Bastion Questline — visit this page.

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