Azerite-Infused Elementals Invasion in Silithus: The Wound

The recent Battle for Azeroth build finally flagged all characters to access Silithus: The Wound. There is an ongoing flow of Azerite-Infused Elementals assaulting the Earthern Ring and the Cenarion Circle where Magni used to be located at.

There is one of those Magni discs on the ground, but can’t be interacted with, which leads me to think there will be a quest to unlock access to it to teleport to the underground Titan facility where Magni gave us the Heart of Azeroth.

Reputation Emissaries in Battle for Azeroth

This guide shows you where to find Reputation Emissaries and what they sell. You earn reputation by completing quests, but the big source of reputation comes from completing World Quests (75 reputation per World Quest). Ten world quests = 750 reputation.

In order to unlock World Quests, you need to complete the War Campaign and obtain the Foothold Achievement of each zone (of the opposite faction’s continent).

I have added videos of the Main Story Quests and War Campaign quests for Zandalar (Horde) and Kul Tiras (Alliance).

At the end of the War Campaign, you unlock World Quests and get a Flight Master’s Whistle. Like in Legion, completing 4 Emissary World Quests rewards 1500 reputation.

Some of the Reputation Emissaries out there sell items that can be unlocked at Honored, Revered, and Exalted.

Groundhog Day: Most Bizarre Bug in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth?

I have been a beta tester in each World of Warcraft expansion since 2004. A Technical Alpha tester in Legion and BFA too. This is by far the most insidious bug I have encountered since the Blood of Hakkar epidemic bug. A fan called this the Groundhog Day bug.

I reported the bug, in-game, a couple of times to explain what happened. However, to understand the entire thing you should be familiar with Sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek.

There was a Star Trek: Generations episode titled Cause and Effect, where the crew is stuck in a loop for 17 days. Or the episode Time Squared.

In this particular World of Warcraft world quest, you click the Dormant Ravager to control it. It becomes a vehicle or disguise that you control with three unique abilities. The objective is to kill 25 minions located inside a nearby mining cave. That’s how things go in a normal day.

Ruins of Lordaeron Plagued. Forsaken Refugees in Orgrimmar

The latest Battle for Azeroth patch introduced the aftermath of The Battle for Lordaeron. In the outdoor world, you can now see the path of destruction of the Alliance from the beach marching forward toward Ruins of Lordaeron.

The whole path is scorched, and still on fire. The Ruins of Lordaeron is a desert. After Sylvanas destroyed the Plague tanks to impede the Alliance’s march into the courtyard, the entire place is plagued. Hear me well. Ruins of Lordaeron is radioactive. The moment you fly above, or anywhere past the walls, you will fall to the ground. Within 3 seconds, you go from full health to dead.

The Sewer entrance has been demolished, and no one can access Undercity.

The Tirisfal-bound Zeppelin has been retired. In place, the goblins have a portal that take the player outside Ruins of Lordaeron.

On the east side of the gates, by the road, you can find Zidormi (the bronze dragon). She allows you to travel in time to switch to the old Ruins of Lordaeron and back to the present.

The entire Orgrimmar now harbors Forsaken refugees. Every corner has a bunch of them. An orc child and his father talk about the misfortune of the Night Elves. Check out the video.

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Battle for Azeroth’s Mission Table is Chock-Full of Lore Development

Since its introduction in Warlords of Draenor, the mission table has been one of the most contentious features in the game. In fact, for both Legion and Battle for Azeroth, developers have mentioned in interviews that they heavily considered scrapping the system only to keep it around anyway. But in Battle for Azeroth, the mission table has a greater purpose, one that at least to lore fanatics, will be invaluable. Recent datamining from WoWhead and MMO-Champion revealed the text for most of level 120 missions, and instead of just being based around stuff we did while leveling, these missions reveal how the war is progressing in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. It’s essentially a way to keep the old world’s stories updated without having to do a Cataclysm-style revamp. Read on past the jump to see what these new missions reveal, some of the stuff happening in EK and Kalimdor is pretty out there!

Battle for Azeroth PvP Talents, PvE Talents, and War Mode

These videos show the PvP Talents, and PvE Talents for each Class and each specialization (spec).