This list will contain all the Ardenweald world quests available in the Shadowlands expansion, and upcoming major content builds. World Quests are unlocked shortly after you have chosen a Covenant faction at level 60 (requires completing the Revendreth story questline up to The Master of Lies).

A Matter of Stealth
A Night in the Woods
A Thorn in Their Side
Drust Between You and Me
Flight School: Up nd Away!
Glittering Gritty Goodness(Only Night Fae Covenant)
Our Heart Will Go On
Pest Removal
Pupa Trooper
Rotbriar Trouble
Shaking 'Shrooms
Spriggan Riot
Spriggan Size Me!
Squish and Burn
Swarm Defense (Kaithe Overlook)
Swarm Defense (Tirna Scithe)
To Serve Spriggan
Tough Crowd
Trouble at the Gormling Corral
Wild Hunt Offensive
Who Devours the Devourers
Wrath of Aliothe
A Call to Bastion
Aiding Maldraxxus
Challenges in Bastion
Challenges in Maldraxxus
Rare Resources
Return Lost Souls
Storm the Maw
Training in Maldraxxus
Troubles at Home
Hyphae Patrol: Eventide Grove
Hyphae Patrol: Gossamer Cliffs
Hyphae Patrol: The Stalks
Into the Unknown (Bagoom)
Into the Unknown (The Root Cellar)
Into the Unknown (Young Matriarch)

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