Alpha testers informed WoWHead about a new toy discovered in Shadowlands Alpha.

The Scroll of Aeons is obtained at the Aspirant’s Crucible in the Bastion zone.

You will find a dish of fruit (similar to a mango) on a table at the Aspirant’s Crucible – 54.36 82.60 (DCoords + TomTom addon). It is intereactive. So go ahead and loot the fruit.

The Purian item will be in your inventory. It is a soulbound item once looted, and the text says: “Place in a tribute bowl in Aspirant’s Crucible.”

The first tribute bowl is located at 56.12 83.03 below a Kyrian statue.

The second tribute bowl is located at 54.42 83.82 at this location.

Immediately, you will see onscreen the following text: “As the tribute is placed you hear a burst of energy nerby.”

As you move your camera back to the road, you will notice a trail of arcane energy being drawn. You must follow the trail. It is hard to see it against a light blue ground, but it’s there.

The trail leads you to a scroll located at 53.53 80.41 (left of the waterfall) as seen in this image.

After clicking the scroll, you will loot the Scroll of Aeons. The toy will appear in your Toy Box by pressing the Collections button (SHIFT-P). The Tooltip says: “Use: Echo the appearance of a newly arrived soul. (1 hour cooldown).”

The toy gives you a ghostly translucent appearance.

As seen in my video, first I applied several toys’s effects. Then I clicked the Scroll of Aeons. I kept the other effects when applied. You can also disable other effects, and the remaining effects will keep the translucent effect of Scroll of Aeons.

Originally seen at WoWHead.

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