In the Shadowlands Alpha it is quite difficult to get to Icecrown as any new level 50 characters spawn in at the Vestibule of Eternity in Bastion with no way to leave Shadowlands (at least for now).

There is no character copy either. So the only way to get to Icecrown is by leveling up a new character in the new Exile’s Reach Isle level 1-10 experience, then reaching Stormwind to take the boat to Borean Tundra.

Luckily, level 10 players have the Dalaran flightpath enabled — there are two flight points enabled in Northrend from Borean Tundra (if you are Alliance): Dalaran and Valgarde Port (Howling Fjord).

Sadly, umm… the Violet Stand Crystal at The Violet Gate requires level 25 to teleport down to Crystalsong Forest… so… the only way down at level 10+ is climbing to the wall at this location in Krasus’ Landing and skydiving — if you get my drift.

Don’t waste your time cheating your way to Icecrown as a ghost with the flying mount. Resurrecting in Icecrown (at the Argent Tournament Grounds) just teleports you back to Crystalsong Forest.

Resurrect in Crystalsong Forest and ride your 60% speed mount toward Icecrown — by heading north of the Forlorn Woods through the Argent Vanguard.

Of course, you will have to get used to the corpse run through Icecrown’s Scourgeholme, because at level 10+ you are pretty much an aggro magnet… kekekek!

So here we go: the shattered sky of Icecrown reflects the actions of Sylvanas after splitting the Crown of Domination in two halves — after forcefully removing it off Bolvar the Lich King’s head — as seen in the Shadowlands cinematic.

This is how the shattered sky of Icecrown looks like right now in the Shadowlands Alpha servers. In this first Alpha build, you can only see it while standing within the Icecrown Citadel. You can’t see it anywhere else in Icecrown.

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