Battle for Azeroth Beta build 26788 introduced the initial questline that depicts the community effort to gather resources in preparation to the War Front: Stromgarde. After the intro, there are three chapters in the War Front: Stromgarde storyline achievement: Faldir’s Cove, Refuge Pointe, and Myzrael’s Tale.


The Alliance finds the first quest at Boralus Harbor south of the Tradewinds Market. There is an introduction questline that sends you to Arathi Highland to report at Stromgarde. Some systems seem broken or incomplete in this build. I assume that the Warfront Contribution quest works similar to how you click the table at Broken Shore to choose which building to build: Mage Tower, Command Center, or Nether Disruptor.

Instead of choosing a building, you might choose what type of contribution you wish to donate to the war effort: Gold, War Resources, or Crafted Equipment. During the first Alpha War Front test, I gathered a few screenshots. This one, I assume, is similar to what we will see in place at the table before we unlock the event for the week.


Initially, I didn’t see any buildings in Stromgarde. After I completed the first 11 quests, and returned, Stromgarde now has lots of buildings.


Below you can browse through all the available storyline quest (videos), and the Arathi level 122 rare elites map. Among the Rare elites, some of the loot I have seen so far: Witherbark Direwing, Tiny Grimoire, and Syndicate Mask.

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