After nigh a year away from Battle for Azeroth due to Shadowlands Alpha and Beta, I have been catching up with BFA tasks such as unlocking flying, going through 8.2-8.3 content.

I recently recorded a short questline that seems unique to Horde players. Not sure if the Alliance has a variation.

Lillian Voss sends the player to spy upon a meeting between Jaina Proudmoore and Calia Menethil. Jaina’s eldest brother, Derek, is there.

Upon returning, Lillian travels to Tirisfal Glades to welcome Calia and Derek. Here, Lillian Voss requests Calia to guide the new Forsaken night elf members who were risen by Sylvanas in Darkshore.

You can see the undead night elf marching behind Calia and Derek. Looking at the map, the road they march through leads to Deathknell.

In the Shadowlands pre-patch questline, we know that Lillian Voss is the interim representative of the Forsaken at the new Council of the Horde.

Calia, however, accompanies Lillian Voss in these Council meetings. That along with this questline — suggests that eventually Calia Menethil will be the permanent representative of the Forsaken — which hasn’t happened yet.

The question is whether the new Forsaken will rebuild a new city somewhere, or cleanse Undercity.

Another lingering question… now that we know that not all the Forsaken night elves perished during the Warfront: Darkshore nor through the Saurfang rebellion; and that Calia has accepted to help them transition like Derek did… is Blizzard signaling a new Allied race or a upcoming Undead customization? Better yet, will the Undead customization allow for them to choose Alliance or Horde factions? Can there be a Tauren/Troll/Blood Elf/Goblin/Orc/Vulpera/Zandalari/Mag’har/Nightborne/Highmountain undead, or a Dwarf/Gnome/Worgen/Draenei/Pandaren/Dark Iron/Kul Tiran/Mechagnome/Void Elf/Lightforged undead?

Let me simplify it for you: Can there be an Alliance undead and Horde undead customization?

1. Sense of Obligation
2. The Hidden Need

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