A couple of days ago, Nightswifty posted instructions on how the Secret Finding Discord Community discovered a mind-boggling riddle that leads to looting the Riddler’s Mind-Worm mount. This new riddle harkens back to the scale of Kosumoth the Hungering’s, and shows a trend that we might see more in the future. Whether in Legion, or beyond. Muffinus posted in Twitter: “Until next time.” along with a DC Comics Batman’s Riddler image, and changed his twitter header to an image of players mounting the Riddler’s Mind-Worm. A sign that more are coming.

I will put together some of the steps to hunt for the pieces needed to earn the mount, in a way that is easy to understand, and showing you can do this sparing some time. Read the guide below.

Riddler Mind-worm Mount Guide

The first page is located in Dalaran (the Broken Isles), at the first floor of the Legerdemain Lounge. Go inside the Inn, and to the right of Ol' Toomba is a bookcase with scrolls and books. On the second shelf, click the large paper named "Page 9."

From Legerdemain Lounge, head to the center of Dalaran to teleport to the Chamber of the Guardian. Go down the hallway toward the portal room and teleport to Karazhan. From Karazhan, fly west toward the Twilight Grove in Duskwood.

Once in the Twilight Grove, to the right side of the Emerald Dream portal is a moonwell. Click "Page 78" -- located on the bench. The page reads: "... first of lords to fall..."

Coordinates: 49.24, 33.95 TomTom: /way 49 33

After picking page 78, the next clue "first of lords to fall" refers to Ragnaros. Take the hearthstone to Dalaran, and teleport to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. (Optional: If you want to save the Dalaran hearthstone for later, you may still have the Garrison Hearthstone which you can use to head to Ashran for Orgrimmar/Stormwind. Or your guild cloak: "Wrap of Unity.")

Once in Orgrimmar/Stormwind, take the portal to Mount Hyjal.

In the Mount Hyjal map, go to Sulfuron Spire -- and enter the Firelands Raid dungeon (coordinates: 47.75, 77.94). You will have to defeat all the Firelands raid bosses to reach Ragnaros. If you haven't been to this raid before, kill a bunch of stuff in the Molten Fields until Shannox spawns. Once all bosses are dead, in the back of Baleroc you can find this Magma Orb to enable the bridge toward Ragnaros.

In Sulfuron Keep, to the left side of Ragnaros you will find page 161 on the edge of the platform. It reads: "... the wind, the eye..."

Scroll up and click Tab 4 to continue.
Once done with Ragnaros, head back to Orgrimmar/Stormwind. Now take the portal to Uldum. Fly to the end of the Vir'naal River Delta -- just southeast of The Lost Temple of Tol'vir dungeon. Page 655 is located at coordinates: 70.46, 79.06 (Uldum). The page reads: "... the plume, the tomb, a scarab moon..."

From Uldum, teleport to Dalaran. Take the portal to Vale of Eternal Bloosoms (Pandaria). Go to the Mogu'shan Palace (coordinates: 72.16, 44.52) and enter the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

First, make sure to kill all the Aqueous Defender, Tormented Initiate and Fallen Pool Tender in the room. Otherwise, you can't advance through the dungeon. The door won't open until they are dead, even if you kill Immersus. Killing Immersus solo is annoying, but kill as many Sha puddle around the room as you can, then hit Immersus. Rinse and repeat until the encounter ends with Immersus turning friendly. If you did everything stated above, then you will read a message that says: "A soft hum ceases as the corruption creating new Puddles ebbs away with the death of the final Aqueous Defender."

Head upstairs, opposite way you zoned in from, and step on the bright light-beam. If you step on the beam and a two-legs button doesn't appear onscreen in the bottom-center, zone out and zone in again. It may be buggy.

Kill Rook Stonetoe, He Softfoot, and Sun Tenderheart in the Scarred Vale. Open the map, and kill the sha named Zeal. The magic barrier barring the mine entrance opens up.

In the Chamber of Purification, talk to Norushen and kill the Amalgam of Corruption so he opens the way to the Vault of Y'Shaarj.

This corner is too dark, and it is easy to miss the page at first glance. Hover your mouse over. I applied a brightness filter to mark it in the image below. The page 845 is found here. It reads: "... in snow, sand, and stone..." Teleport back to Dalaran, afterwards.

Scroll up and click Tab 6 to continue.
In Dalaran (Broken Isles), go to the Chamber of the Guardian. Take the portal to Caverns of Time.

Go down into Caverns of Time, and enter the Well of Eternity dungeon.

Kill the Felguard to open the way. Then talk to Illidan Stormrage twice, and follow him. Destroy the Portal Energy Focus crystals. Slay Peroth'arn, then go upstairs to fight Queen Azshara. Kill all 6 elves, and mount one of the Bronze drakes that spawn. At this point, no need to kill anything else. As soon as the Bronze drake lands, near Malfurion and Tyrande, move to the Well of Eternity on your left. Page 1127 is on the stair. It reads: "... behold the battle, unblinking..."

Scroll up and click Tab 7 to continue.
Teleport to Dalaran. Take the portal to Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Pandaria). Fly north to Kun-Lai Summit. Head toward the Shado-Pan Monastery.

There are two massive tiger statues at the entrance to the Shado-Pan Monastery. You require a flying mount to reach the frontal legs of the tiger statue (the leftmost statue). This is outdoors. Not in the dungeon. Page 2351 reads: "... bejeweled watcher..."

Scroll up and click Tab 8 to continue.
Because the previous on in Shado-Pan Monastery was outdoors, your Dalaran hearthstone is on cooldown. Take either the Shal'aran hearthstone, Garrison Hearthstone, or any other teleportation item. Or head back to Vale of the Eternal Blossoms to head back to Orgrimmar/Stormwind. There, take the portal to Uldum.

Fly to the Halls of Origination (outdoor). Land by the massive Obsidian statues on the eastern side of Halls of Origination (coordinates: 76.41, 53.65). Page 5555 reads: "...ray of sunrise..."

The page is located at the base of the second statue (from south to north).

Use the hearthstone to return to Dalaran. If you are Horde take the portal to Karazhan at the Chamber of the Guardian. If you are Alliance take the portal to Stormwind. Fly to Westfall for the final step.

Go to the coast, northwest of the Raging Chasm, at coordinates 31.03, 26.80. There you will find a small treasure chest. Click it to loot the Riddler's Mind-Worm mount.

The original post by Nightswifty may be found here in imgur.

Nightswifty: All credit goes to the Secret Finding Discord Community!


Special thanks to:

The moderators for their hard work over the last few days!

Feld for finding the page near the moonwell in Duskwood "...first of lords to fall..."

Voltage and Satela for finding the Firelands page "...the wind, the eye..."

Aranail (Bumper) for finding the first page from Uldum "...the plume, the tomb, a scarab moon..."

Doomsday for finding the page near Sha of Pride "...in snow, sand, and stone..."

Eternity for finding the Well of Eternity page "...behold the battle, unblinking..."

Sternregen for finding the page near Shado-Pan Monestary "...bejeweled watcher..."

Trollmeister for finding the last page of the riddle in Uldum "...ray of sunrise..."
If we go back to analyzing the page numbers in the exact order the pages needed to be clicked for the mount chest to become enabled, we find something quite interesting. These are the numbers of each page, in the sequence clicked, separated by a hyphen.

Pages: 9-78-161-655-845-1127-2351-5555

There are actually two UPC codes here, mixed up.

The first one is ISBN-13: 978-161655845 which corresponds to World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1.

The second one is ISBN-10: 1616558466 which corresponds to World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2.

Personally, I am not sure if there is a relevant connection with what I will say next, but the Chronicle book was published by Dark Horse. The location in Westfall where you loot the mount from, has a sunken ship with a horse emblem on its sail. Coincidence?