UPDATE: There is a new DBM update that removes the Rhonin dialogue. Download it at curse.

Those of you annoyed to no end with Rhonin’s lengthy dialogue anytime entering upon the world after teleporting or login into the game, well that was your Deadly Boss Mod (DBM).

Open your World of Warcraft folder: \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\DBM-Core

In the line of code found in the DBM-Core.lua you can find the following text (open with Notepad):

local soundFiles = {
local function playDelay(self, count)

function DBM:AprilFools()
local currentMapId = GetPlayerMapAreaID("player")
if not currentMapId then
currentMapId = GetCurrentMapAreaID()
self:Schedule(120 + math.random(0, 300) , self.AprilFools, self)
if currentMapId ~= 1014 then return end--Legion Dalaran
playDelay(self, 1)
self:Schedule(5, playDelay, self, 2)
self:Schedule(10, playDelay, self, 3)
self:Schedule(15.5, playDelay, self, 4)
self:Schedule(24.5, playDelay, self, 5)
self:Schedule(28, playDelay, self, 6)
self:Schedule(37.5, playDelay, self, 7)
self:Schedule(50.5, playDelay, self, 8)
local weekday, month, day, year = CalendarGetDate()--Must be called after PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD
if month == 4 and day == 1 then--April 1st
self:Schedule(180 + math.random(0, 300) , self.AprilFools, self)


According to tomshe in the following Reddit thread, there are two known ways to disable this april’s fool code. Either disable the addon (which is not recommended if you plan to raid throughout the course of the day), or edit the DBM-Core.lua file after searching for “april” — then delete the line of code seen above. It’s recommended to copy the file before editing it, in case something goes wrong.